Katniss, Augustus and Hazel Grace

Weeks ago, I was thinking what to read between Mockingjay and The Fault in our Stars. Then I decided to read both. If I remember it correctly, I finished the first book two weeks ago and the latter yesterday.

Image from Tumblr
Image from Tumblr

Mockingjay: I thought I will be happy that finally, the three books were already out of my list. But, I was not. Maybe because 1) I will miss the “scenes” and 2) one of my favorite characters died. Although these characters don’t really exist in the real life, like they’re not your friends or someone you know, but as a book lover, you feel sad when something bad happens in the book you read. Worst, one of your favorite characters dies and you can’t get over it. I am so excited for the Catching Fire but can I stand watching the Mockingjay? It’s just so sad that someone good has to die. Anyway, Mockingjay will be shown I think next year, so, I still have time to move on and be in pain again.

Image from Tumblr
Image from Tumblr

The Fault in Our Stars: Augustus Waters has been waiting for me to meet him and Hazel Grace. Last week, I finally did. I was supposed to finish the book in a day or two but I have some errands to do. I enjoyed the book as much as I enjoyed my brownies and my coffee. The book is light, funny and romantic. Once I stop reading to do something, I kept thinking what will happen next. At first, when I read the summary of the book few months ago, I thought it was a “heavy drama” or something like that. So, it took time for me to decide to read it or not. I was happy I finally did. When I finished the book, I asked myself:

If I could choose how to die, what would I choose? To die with illness to have a chance to say goodbye to the people I love or die unprepared without saying goodbye?

Maybe, I’ll choose the first one.

People we love don’t really die. Although their presence can’t be felt anymore, their memories will always stay in our hearts. They move in a place where they can’t feel any pain anymore (and it is better for them) and soon when the time is right, we will be reunited with them.


5 thoughts on “Katniss, Augustus and Hazel Grace

        1. Yes! My HG books stayed with me for years but was not decided to read Mockingjay until the showing of Catching Fire. You advised me to read it, so I did. But I was glad I did. It was a bit sad, though. Oh! Augustus Waters!! *cries too* 😦

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