Once upon a SALAD…

Last week, I spent my days watching Once Upon a Time. I didn’t really feel watching them on TV every time the show plays because I don’t want to wait for another days or weeks for the next episode, leaving me hanging – wondering what happens next. What I am doing is I am waiting for the full season to finish and download it. I already finished season one and tonight, I’ll be watching season two. After I watch season two, I know I’ll be waiting for months before season three comes… but it’s fine. I have another TV series to watch, anyway.

So, once upon a time… I was in the vegetable section of a supermarket to look for something to cook. Lettuce caught my attention and I realized that although I love lettuce, I have not tried it except for sandwich. While I was standing in front of the vegetables, I was thinking what I want to cook… or to eat. I didn’t know what came into my mind but I’ve thought of making a SALAD. Eating salad is really not my thing.  Though I love to eat, salad is not likely one of the foods that I thought of eating. But, guess what? I am proud to say that I took the lettuce with carrots, cucumber and tomatoes to make myself a salad. I don’t know from which side of my brain did the recipe came from but here is my simple salad. 🙂

ImageOh, what is that cucumber into small pieces?! Well, that depends on how you want to slice your veggies. You can also put as much as you want. As for mine, I really didn’t measure the veggies. Add 1 to 2 tbsp. of olive oil plus salt and pepper to taste. Don’t forget to squeeze juice of lemon.


I finished this salad all by myself and I made the same a week after. 😀 And before I forget… thanks to my beautiful bowl. 


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