A book that broke my heart…

I’ve read this book a year ago and was not planning to tell a story about it… maybe because it was a year ago?!

But some thoughts on books have to be shared…

I was sitting on my bed, staring at my books on the shelf. A book that I’ve finished reading over a year ago caught my attention. It’s not mother’s day and it’s not my mom’s birthday, but I just wanna share my thoughts on this book.

Last year, I was chatting with my brother (who also loves reading) on Facebook and asked him what books should I include on the list and he gave me tons of book titles. Then he said “If you want something heartbreaking, read this book (giving me the title of the book).” When I’ve read the title of the book, I wanted to move out from my chair and go to the bookstore to the buy one. Anyway, I had the book few weeks after our talk. When ready, I finally decided to read the book.


Please Look After Mom is a story about a mother who had gone missing when she went out of town with her husband to meet one of their children. The mother was 69 years old and not familiar with the place. When the children were searching for their mother, they have remembered all the things that their mother did for them. What’s good about this book is that you can see the views from all her children as well as her husband; they all have something to say about their mom. It’s been years and as what I’ve understood, they have not found their mom nor knew what happened to her.

I cried when I was reading the book especially when I was reading this (one of her children was telling the story):

Mom’s eyes held yours for a moment. “I don’t like or dislike the kitchen. I cooked because I had to. I had to stay in the kitchen so you could all eat and go to school. How could you only do what you like? There are things you have to do whether you like it or not.” Mom’s expression asked, “What kind of question is that?” And then she murmured, “If you only do what you like, who’s going to do what you don’t like?”

As a daughter or son, we sometimes don’t understand the “rules” of our moms and let’s not deny that some of us even sees their mom as their enemies if their wishes were not granted by her or if she is becoming very strict. But we are not fully aware that moms do things that they think is best for us.

After reading the book, I asked myself…

“How well did I know my mother’s sacrifices for all of us?”

I may not have witnessed all her heartaches and may not have known her pain but I know, in my heart, she had done everything she thought was best.

Note: If I would reread ONLY one book, it would be this one.


4 thoughts on “A book that broke my heart…

  1. I think I should read that book. All those things said in that paragraph are very, very true. Mothers sacrifice a lot for their children and sometimes the children never see or notice until much later in life, especially if they become mothers, themselves or something drastic happens to their mother. I am a mum of four children so I know. Thank you for sharing this. Have a wonderful day.

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