For the love of books: August 2013

As always, I have been doing a sort of book review lately or let me just say ‘sharing my thoughts on books’ and I have decided to make it monthly since I am not reading that much due to some work that I have. For my new supporters, I would like to let you know that I also love books, just in case you have not visited the page The cook, the kitchen and the bookshelf. So you’ll be reading my thoughts on the books I have read for the month.




Forbidden is a book about Angels and Nephilim, which I understood that they are half-human and half-angel. Claire is a girl who has been tired of moving from one place to another with her mom. They have not stayed in a place longer than two years. At Emerson Academy where Claire is studying at, she has her good friends and she like it there. Also at Emerson, she met Alec, who is an Angel or he prefer to be called a Grigori. As expected they fell in love with each other but as the title says ‘Forbidden’, their love is indeed forbidden as Alec, an angel, is not allowed to love someone like Claire who has a human blood but later on, she realized that she has also an angel blood which makes her a Nephila.

I found the book awesome. The twist in the story made me so eager to turn one page to another. It was like I was reading three books at the same time – Twilight, Shatter Me and Mortal Instruments. Why? (1) The first time Claire and Alec met was in school, just the same as Twilight and they can’t be together, just like Bella and Edward; (2) Claire has a power of touch like Juliette in Shatter Me, but not like they have the same power; and (3) Angels, Nephilim can also be found in the book The Mortal Instruments. This is one of the books I cannot put down. I have finished almost 400 pages in ten hours – four hours day one and six hours on day two. If I have no work to do during that time, I would have finished the entire book for one day. I just wished that the book will have its sequel because I believe that there should be more of Alec and Claire.


Divergent by Veronica Roth

Photo from Tumblr
Photo from Tumblr

I was so thrilled to see the first official teaser trailer of Divergent and that got me more excited about the movie. The book has been on my list and I was happy to read it, finally.  

Divergent is a book about a society in the future in which they are divided to five factions according to their personality. When teenagers reach the age of 16, they undergo aptitude test and will finally choose in which faction they think they belong. Tris is a teenage girl who has undergone the aptitude test and found out that she cannot fit into any one of the factions which makes her a Divergent – possesses more than one personality and her life is endangered. On the Choosing Ceremony, she chose to be on the Dauntless faction in which bravery is their utmost personality and that made her leave her parents on the Abnegation (Selfless) faction as her brother joined another faction – Erudite (Intelligence). She has undergone many mental and physical tests together with the other initiates and met her love interest, Four, or also known as Tobias. They worked out together to get away from the Dauntless compound and fight people who have been attacking them. At the end of the book, they found a place to stay and will plan/prepare for the future conflicts.

I found the book AMAZING and I can’t even imagine the author coming up to a story like this. How talented she is? And now the movie will be out on big screen next year!! Yes, next year and I still have to wait for it!! I’ve been speechless on how to describe or give my thoughts on the book! All I know is I love the book so much and I will be reading the next book in the next few days!

The Divergent Official Featurette also made me crazy the past few days! Ugh! I am really excited to see this movie.

I admit that I am not really good in doing a review but you could check out the links above to view a better review.

Thanks for spending time with me today! 🙂


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