AWARD: September 2013

It’s been five months and two days since I started my blog and I am very much happy with the feedbacks, likes and comments made. I enjoy every conversation I have and I love commenting on other’s posts. I love to chat and I don’t mind chatting with you the whole day or I don’t mind waking up in the middle of the night to reply comments. Yes, I do that! That’s how I love this family.  We might not be related or might not see each other, but I consider everyone as my family. 🙂 It feels so amazing the people you actually ‘meet’ in the cyber world could actually inspire you a lot to be who wanted to be and encourage you to follow your desires.


Anyway, let’s go to the post. It’s just that… I AM SO HAPPY!! 😀

I would like to thank Dimple of shivaaydelights for passing me this very beautiful award and for considering me as one of her family members. I am so honored. 

For the questions:

What is your favourite quote?
It is not length of life, but depth of life. (Ssssh! I just searched it a while ago; I cannot think of one.)

Who is your favourite author?
Asking me who’s my favourite author is like asking me what is my favourite food; so I don’t think I could name one. But I can name some like Rick Riordan, Tahereh Mafi and Mitch Albom.

What song has a lot of sentimental value for you?
No One Else Comes Close by Joe.

If you had to name one essential beauty product, what would it be?
I don’t usually use beauty products except for facial cleanser. I am not fond of putting anything on my face.

Do you prefer the countryside or city?
Country side is perfect. I can imagine the beautiful view from the kitchen window.

What is the saddest film you have ever watched?
I have watched many, but for now it will be My Sister’s Keeper.

If your house was on fire, what three items would you save?
I always dreamed of me on a situation like the world is going to end, fire, and earthquake… and there’s one thing I always bring with me – my prayer mat/rug. So, I would say my prayer mat/rug, my mobile and my bag (that includes everything inside).

What is your favourite season of the year and why?
In the Philippines, we don’t have any season other than hot and cold. So, I prefer cold (but not rainy, please!).

If you could do any job in the world what would it be?
I want to be an Assistant Chef in a restaurant that serves international foods.

Everyone has something that comforts them when they are ill, what is it that makes you feel better?
Mmm, how do you define ill? When my migraine attacks (that’s the only thing that makes me sick), I would love to go to a bookshop and be surrounded by books or you can bring me to a HUGE grocery store where I can spend hours checking everything they have or you can bring me out to dine. Or… you can just give me a box of brownies and a coffee-flavored ice cream (or anything but not sweet). Too many, huh?

For the WordPress Family award, I nominate the following blogs:











These people are amazing that they always find time to drop good comments and really find time to get in touch. I would like to mention Liz of myfavouritepastime and thank her for not missing to visit my blog when I visit hers. She is my top commenter, by the way. 😀 Also, to Fae of fae-magazine for offering her assistance if I needed help and for the comments she had made that always make my day; to Rabbit of rabbitcancook for recognizing me and gave me the first award.

Thank you, thank you to everyone. Your likes, comments and thoughts are much appreciated. And I am glad to be a part of this beautiful family.

So, to participate, I will be asking the same questions above, copy the logo of the WordPress Family Award and link back to the one who nominated you. Nominate other family members and notify them on their blogs. 

I always love receiving awards and passing them to others. So I hope you enjoy this award as much as I did. 

14 thoughts on “AWARD: September 2013

  1. Oh Jhuls, what a lovely post, heartfelt and fun comments and kind reference about Liz, Rabbit and me. Thank you very much.
    Congratulations on the well deserved award, and indeed we are WordPress Family! 😀

  2. Congratulations on receiving this award, LOL, I have just seen that I’m the top commenter…I would love to be “The Chef”, not the assistant so perhaps we should start a restaurant together? Enjoy your weekend and thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate. Best wishes!

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