For the love of books: October 2013

It’s time for a book post again.

Photo from Pinterest.
Photo from Pinterest.

Sadly, I just read two books for the month of October as I’ve been lazy busy with other stuffs. I was expecting to read at least five books but shame on me I just finished two. Even the baking seems to got out of the way. What happened? Oh! Yes! I got a little sick. But don’t worry, my dear friends, that was just a Flu.

For the first book, I will not give my own summary. Instead, I will give the one I took from Amazon. I just don’t want to spoil the beauty of the story.

Fallen Angels by Tara Hyland

“Franny Healey grew up in post-war rural Ireland. Addicted to the glamorous films of the day, she determined to do whatever it took to one day be a film star herself; immortal, adored. When she fell pregnant at seventeen, Franny faced an awful choice: leave behind the family she loved, or suffer the life she never wanted. Seven years later, Franny faces another devastating choice. Now living in the East End, she has a good friend in Annie, and a beautiful little daughter, Cara. When, one night, she is spotted by a Hollywood producer, and finally given the chance to go to Hollywood and become a star, Franny has to choose between her daughter and her dream. She chooses Hollywood. It’s a choice that brings Franny all the things she ever wanted – stardom, excitement, love. But just three years after her marriage to multi-millionaire Maximilian Stanhope, the film actress Frances Fitzgerald, nee Franny Healey, is reported to have died in mysterious circumstances. Abandoned by her mother, packed off to live with her grandmother, Cara endures a tough childhood. Kept secret from the Irish authorities, she is sent, on her granny’s death, to a Church-run orphanage – a harsh institution, which not all the children are lucky enough to survive. Cara does survive, and returns to the East End. From there she carves a career as a hard-hitting investigative journalist, exposing corruption and injustice. But there’s one story even Cara is afraid to touch: the mystery of what really happened to her mother. It’s a story that will take Cara half-way across the world, to LA – to retrace her mother’s footsteps, in the hope of finding answers to the questions that have haunted her all her life.”
Photo from Pinterest.
Photo from Pinterest.

The book was BEYOND AMAZING. The story is a mysterious family drama. Okay, you might think it’s boring but let me say that I never got bored. Here’s the thing: Imagine a girl in a bed holding a book and trying to do every comfortable position to read, has not eaten that much and has spent all her time from early afternoon until 2:00 AM just to finish this book… And what happened was, my arms hurt, as well as my body.

Now, could you say that I don’t love the book? (Giggle.) The book was well-written. I so adored the author, Tara Hyland.


The second book…

The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James

(Click the title above for the overview.)

The book was ‘okay’. Okay-good or okay-bad? Hmmm… I’ll be quite honest. The book was ‘okay-good’ in a sense that – some parts were good and romantically written. The part which I didn’t like was – I cannot fully imagine how ‘ugly’ the Duchess was. It was mention in the book that she looked like a boy. Some physical features were not well elaborated. I did not get lost in the book but I love how the ‘ugly’ Duchess need not to change anything in her appearance just to be loved by someone. I still did finish the book in two days time.


I was expecting to finish another book this month but the font was so small and I always feel sleepy the past few days. Some said, the ending was not that good for the readers. But, I will still finish the book and let you know.

Again, thank you so much for lending me your time. Have a great day, everyone!


4 thoughts on “For the love of books: October 2013

  1. It’s great how you’ve made time to read 2 books in one month! I tend to go for months without reading a book.
    Both books sound interesting, especially the first one! I love reading mystery novels, will look into this one 🙂

    1. I feel so upset that I’ve read only 2 books. For the month of September, I finished the Percy Jackson series. Anyway, please read the first book and let me know. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. xx

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