For the love of books: November 2013

Before Go To Sleep 

I am more upset than last month as I have not finished the books I planned to read for November. Some things just got in the way and I have not finished immediately the book I started reading in October. I found it difficult to finish; I guess the book was not for me at all.


The story was about a woman named Christine Lucas. She is 40 years old. She has lost her memory due to an accident. Well, that’s what her ‘husband’ named Ben told her. When Christine sleeps, she forgets everything that happened in the previous day so she was convinced by a doctor named Dr. Nash to make a journal. She has retained some of her memories but during the first 20 years of her life. The journal contains the happenings in a day in her life and she reads it every time she wakes up. The same routine every day and sometimes, she meets Dr. Nash without the knowledge of her husband.

Fast forward… Christine discovered that Ben is not her real husband, she lost her memory not by car accident, but somebody attacked her and a lot of things that the pretending Ben kept from her.

On those years, she was kept from people she loved. The real Ben is alive and her son named Adam is also alive (the fake Ben told her that Christine did not have a child and later on, he told Christine that she had a child named Adam but he is dead). The real Ben and her son, Adam, showed up at the end of the story when Christine was rushed to the hospital because the fake Ben tried to kill her.

The story was intriguing but I just can’t seem to understand why does the real Ben and Adam have not showed up or have not even tried to make a contact with Christine? Where were they in the middle of the story? I mean while Christine is struggling to remember things and living with the fake husband, why weren’t the real Ben and the son showed up?

Well, it’s not like I don’t like the story at all. But, you now, as a reader, you have to look for answers. Or I guess, this book is not really for me. Or… maybe I have not understood some parts? I have read somewhere that this book will soon be a movie, which I am not sure of. But that will be great. Maybe that could enlighten me.

I have finished another book but it’s a part of a series so I will share my thoughts on the series in the next book post.

Thank you for spending time with me today.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone! 😉


8 thoughts on “For the love of books: November 2013

  1. I have mmmed and ahhed about whether I should invest some money in this book or not for quite some time! I find the blurb quite intriguing but as a general rule this is not a genre I gravitate towards.
    I came across so many positive reviews when this book first came about, but I’m still not totally convinced! I like a good enigma though…

    Lovely review! 🙂

    1. I, myself did not buy the book when it first came out. I’ve read Divergent on iPad and when Allegiant came out, a box set was available with the three books, so I grabbed my own. When I finished the three books, I was thankful that I bought the set. 😀

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