Dragon’s Loyalty Award 1-2-3

Like I said… I’ve been a little busy the past few days that I have not read even a page or two. Now, I am trying to find a spot for my books. And since I started to go on a diet, I have not cooked and baked much. So I am trying to bake new yummies to post. Thinking of something to bake or cook still takes time. I have to use the soon to be expired chocolate chips and other ingredients (thankful that it’s not much), while the other side of my brain wants something else – the ones on the list. In other words, I am having a battle with myself.

That’s why the passing of the awards took a little longer than usual.  I am so grateful to be nominated by the lovely people: Ada of morefoodpls on 11/26, Shalini of  taleoftwotomatoes on 11/29 and Fae of  fae-magazine on 12/02. I really appreciate the nomination and for every comments and likes. 🙂


So here I am now for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. To start with, here’s 7 random things about me:

  1. Aside from cooking and baking, I’d also love to sew. I love making curtains, pillowcases, bed sheets and pajamas. Ummm, just only basic sewing. That means, very simple outputs.
  2. I can sew the above stuffs without sewing machine. I once made a curtain like this this with ribbons up like this this. Well, those were not mine but those were exactly what I did.
  3. I love my chocolates a little melted than the usual texture, you know… hard. Sometimes, I put it on a hot surface to melt it a little and eat it right away. 😀
  4. I mostly make a schedule for books to be read and the time I needed. And when I don’t finish the book(s) in the given time, I feel so disappointed and arrange my chores again.
  5. I cry over flowers. I just love flowers!!
  6. I talk to things…:D One day, I was in a footwear shop and I saw nice slippers but I cannot buy it ‘coz it’s not scheduled to be bought. In other words, it’s not included in my expenses for the month. So I talked to the slippers and said ‘Stay right there; I’ll come back for you.’ And then the customer attendant looked at me (maybe she thinks I am crazy) and I smiled at her and left the shop. Hahaha! Seriously, I. AM. NOT. CRAZY.
  7. And lastly, (I thought I will never share this)… I am scared of cockroaches!! I always scream to my death and my sister really wants to ‘kill’ me for waking her up every time I see a cockroach in the middle of the night.

I still have to squeeze my brain to remember stuffs… so I remembered how crazy funny I am… 😀

Okay, for the rules:

  1.  You must link the person who has nominated you.
  2. You must share 7 things other bloggers may not know about you.
  3. Nominate up to 15 people.
  4. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

 And here are my nominees:


Happy blogging and thank you for the support! xx Jhuls


22 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award 1-2-3

  1. You’re 7 things are great! It is so impressive that on top of being a talented chef/baker, you also sew and manage to read (and finish) books. Thank you for the nomination!

  2. Jhuls, my congratulations for this well-deserved award my dear! 😉 And wow, thanks so much for the nomination, I feel really honored! I will try to get to it as soon as I can 😉 Loved reading the 7 random facts about you! 😉 I agree with the chocolate – the softer the better!! yum!

    1. Not yet, Fae. I am on a three-months diet to lose such weight. So this will be up until end of January. I don’t think I can really get it but I will try my best. Thank you for asking, Fae. It means a lot. xx And thanks again for the award. Hope you’re having a lovely day! 😉

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination Jhuls! Means a lot when other bloggers respect and like your blog. I love following your blog and the creative ideas you post! Keep it up!

  4. You cracked me up. Did you come back for the dear slippers? I think everyone does have those moments when they either talk to themselves or talk to things or pets. It’s quite normal. I usually give myself instructions aloud or praise myself aloud. So don’t worry you’re quite normal.
    Congratulations on being nominated. Have a fabulous week! Liz

    1. Hahaha! Yes! I did, Liz! But I wasn’t lucky enough – the pair’s gone. But I bought another one… you know, just not to be completely sad. Glad to know that I am a normal person. 😀 Thank you, Liz. Have a fabulous week to you, too. xx

        1. I had one large banana for dinner and a glass of fresh carrot & orange juice, Liz. I am on a diet, so no heavy food for dinner. 😀 I also had a good sleep last night. Thank you, Liz. Hope you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea when you wake up and have a lovely day. Sending hugs….

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