Thank you, 2013!

2013 went really good, Alhamdulillah (Praise God). Well… it was not near to perfect at all, but it was great. (I don’t think anyone had perfect all-year round… I meant no flaws at all? Uhm, maybe some?)

As for me, 2013 was one superb year. I started my blog last year in April (though I was not sure how it will turn out) and I received wonderful and heart-warming comments. I also felt that the community (which I call now my family) is so welcoming. I stared my blog with less self-confidence (in cooking & baking), but as my days go by (and with all your praises and appreciation), I finally believed in myself and thought that if others can do it, why can’t I? So, making this blog helped me a lot, learned a lot and I’ve got myself a new family – that’s all of you, my dear friends. By the month of June, I created my Instagram account and gained new family, too.

Apart from gaining self-confidence, I also gained pounds (a lot). I enjoyed my kitchen adventures more (I also enjoyed eating more) and got myself some kitchen toys (just few?).  And a few books, too. (Out of topic). As I gained pounds, I also received negative comments. But, it came to my realization that I should’ve not listened to people telling how badly I needed to lose weight. Though I know that I. AM. NOT. THAT. FAT!! I mean my height still matches with weight. And as long as you’re happy, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with being ‘chubby’ (that’s better) – like it’s the worst sin of a woman.

“I will decide on losing weight if I feel it’s enough!” – that’s what I always tell people when the comments get annoying. The time came… Later last year, I felt it – I decided to start an almost healthy diet. So I ended the year feeling good.

2013 was not always about my battle with my weight. Of course, I also do have other life aside from a kitchen princess. But that will not be so important to chat about.

Moving on… 2013 was also a heart-wrenching year as I have lost two very important women in my life (may they rest in peace). And there was Paul Walker (seriously?). What? A fan have the right to be sad! But, life is like that. As my father always says -“Everyone has their own appointed time.”

Okay! So let’s not end this with heart-breaking topics or something of that sort as I wanted to share with you the top ten posts:

1) Posted on 10/26/2013 but this Tiramisu Cupcakes post is on the top. Hmm, I don’t doubt it… These cupcakes were incredibly appetizing!


2) Another recipe that is worth the try – Dynamite Shrimps. (All my recipes are worth the try, of course! Silly me!) I should say that I would love to make this over and over again. (Craving now!)


3) Ahh! This is another favorite of mine – these Filipino Cheese Cupcakes are great for snack… and also perfect for kid’s lunch boxes.


4) Well, one of the classic muffins – Chocolate Chip Muffins – made its way to number four spot. So perfect with coffee, tea or milk… or just anything you want to pair with.


5) Yay! I am so happy that my favorite spread is here – Egg Sandwich Spread. I want to make one right now! (Ooopss! The diet, please!)

6) I’m rooting for my version of Filipino Spaghetti as this is one of my top favorite dishes. As I always say ‘I would not trade this for any pasta in the world.’ I am glad it’s on sixth place. Also, check out the one with white sauce – so heavenly.


7) These Chocolate Espresso Scones are just perfect for breakfast! Also, this is the first photo that has been accepted on TasteSpotting. (View my gallery here.)

8) Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies are my first cookies (after those unappetizing cookies). These cookies are so delicious when paired with milk.


9) The good thing about this? You make this ahead of time. Also, this can be made and nicely packed and be given as a gift when you want to visit a loved. Try our Filipino Meatloaf and you’ll love it.


10) This Chocolate Almond Cake is incredibly addictive. I must say that this is one of my favorite cakes. This is 100% worth your time and effort. Almond Cake

And we’re done for now!

I would like everyone to know that you are one of the reasons why my 2013 was amazing! I hope your 2013 was great, too. Let us all welcome 2014 with positive thoughts and SMILE.

Have a prosperous and blessed year ahead!

Lots of love and appreciation – Jhuls


10 thoughts on “Thank you, 2013!

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words! And you are one of the reason why I am so proud of myself now more than ever! Looking forward to your new yummy posts, too! 😉 xx

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