Oats and Black Tea Fruit Smoothie

I am not talking about the movie. I am talking about a real Hunger Games.

I have to remind myself every single time that losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself. But, there are times that I am so upset that I have not lost any pound in a week. Then again, I have to slap my face to be reminded that I have to change the term ‘losing weight’ to ‘eating healthy’

This month is supposed to be the last month of this diet thing. For the second month, I lost 3kg. I struggled more as I cut the carbs off during the weekdays (at least most of the weekdays) and less than a cup on weekends. I can’t completely cut it on my diet as I still crave for it from time to time.

And yes, on the first day of 2014, I ate more compared with the last days. (Not too much!) Uhm, I don’t call it a cheat day but I felt a little guilty. I did not overeat but still – I am guilty, your honor! (How was your year starting, btw?) So, I gained the 1kg back. (Sigh!) But, that’s fine. I’ll just extend this diet thing until the end of February. (Whew!)


The things that keep me going are smoothies (and fruits). I’ve learned that black tea and green tea are good for weight loss. Sometimes, I drink a cup or two in a day and there are times that I put a bag (I mean the powder only inside the bag!) of black tea or green tea in my smoothie. Yes! Yes! If others put protein powder, I put tea. 😀 I am not sure if they have the same effect when you drink it. The reason why I put it? It’s because I am just lazy to make a cup of tea. Also, this idea came from my sweet and lovely friend on Instagram, Maria Ro. (Click here if you want to check out my Intsagram account, too.)

This can be done with any combination of smoothie. And I also add oats to some of my smoothies.


This time, I just put Raspberries, Grapes and Strawberries, plus oats, black tea and non-fat milk. 😉 And yes, ice cubes.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!


24 thoughts on “Oats and Black Tea Fruit Smoothie

    1. I have to remove the term diet from my mind, or else I would not eat any single thing if I would feel that I was not losing any pound. Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day! 😉

  1. Thats a great idea putting tea in your smoothie, must try that. It is hard being healthy this time of the year, now I’m back at work I’m going to stick to being healthy(ish) during the week and allowing treats at weekend, keeps me motivated!

    1. I wish I could allow treats every weekends. But sadly, I cannot as I gain weight very fast. So a bite or slice will definitely make me happy at weekends. 😉 Happy for you for the treats. 😀

    1. Thank you, Dimple. It seems I really have to extend my diet. But, it’s fine – I am enjoying it and eating good doesn’t make me feel guilty at the end of the day. I would love to know about your diet, too. I hope we’ll see an update here? Enjoy the week, Dimple. xx

  2. Smoothies are what I turn to as well! I’m not one for dieting at all, I just try and eat a balance – so I have oat and berry smoothies a few times a week for breakfast. Love them! Never tried adding tea, maybe i’ll give that a go.

    1. Me, too! I will try deleting the word ‘diet’. I also drink my smoothie almost everyday and eat good food throughout the day. I hope you will love them. For some, they find it weird. Haha! But I really loved it. 😀 Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day!

      1. Diet just makes me go umm no because cheesecake exists in the world haha. Makes it sound like a hard process. Have an extra lovely day yourself 🙂

        1. Hahaha! I did eat a slice of vanilla cake on the first day of new year. 😀 I was craving for a chocolate cake (with very delicious frosting) but I tried my best not to bake ‘coz I know I’ll end up eating the whole cake. Haha! I haven’t eaten a slice of chocolate cake yet so I know I will be eating one in a few days. 😀 xx

          1. I rang in the new year with a chocolate cookie and prawns. For your reference, they clash horribly haha but I figured i’d start the year off right!
            Enjoy your eventual chocolate cake 😀 x

    1. Haha! When my friend told me about it, I found it weird. And when I tried it, I loved it – it gives a different taste to my usual smoothies. I also find my smoothies sweet even I don’t add any sweetener, so the tea balances the sweetness. I hope you’ll like it. 😀 Have a lovely day, Ada! xx

    1. Yay! Thank you! Please let me know if you have followed me (in case you’re not using the same username) so I can follow you back. I would love to see you on Instagram, too! 😀 Have a lovely day. xx

  3. Doesn’t seems like the worst diet ( the smoothie 😉 ) I read recently that citrus fruit keeps the good stuff in green & white tea when it cools down.Not sure if it’s fact or fiction but it’s worth a try 🙂 good luck with the diet 😦

    1. Thank you for the info. I think I would meet with Google to ask about that. 😀 I am glad that recently, I started to drink hot tea everyday. I also think it’s more effective that way. 😉 Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Your smoothies look delicious and very healthy, Jhuls! It is very hard to cut carbs, I know I struggle with that. The green tea will definitely help. It’s supposed to boost your metabolism and the antioxidants are a plus. I admire you for staying committed, good luck!

    1. If you’d ask me what meal I can eat everyday, I would say carbs – definitely rice and pasta. So how can I live without carbs? But, at least I have done a good job by not eating carbs during the weekdays. Though I sometimes eat when there are leftovers, it’s better to eat than to throw them away. Thank you, Haley! I hope you have a wonderful day! xx

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