Book review: The Heroes of Olympus (Books 1 to 4)

On my last book post (which I have deleted), I have mentioned that I’ve managed to finish the first three books from The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. Well, three books in December and I finished the fourth book two weeks ago. But, I still can’t move on!


The Heroes of Olympus is a sequel to the Percy Jackson series. The Heroes of Olympus revolves around the seven heroes who might save both worlds (immortal and mortal). It also revolves around the ‘Prophecy of Seven‘:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call
To storm or fire, the world must fall
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

In the first book – The Lost Hero, Jason (demigod son of Jupiter, or Zeus in Greek form) woke up in a bus with no much memory. Together with him on the bus were Piper and Leo, also demigods – daughter of Aphrodite and son of Hephaestus respectively. Without their knowledge, they were being watched by a satyr who was assigned as their protector. The satyr was also asked to bring the three kids in Camp Half-Blood – a place for demigods and special people like them. So they were brought to the camp and there, they knew who they really are, though Jason was still in awe by how he was feeling that he does not belong to that group. In this book, Percy was also missing and it left Annabeth horribly worried.

The second book – The Son of Neptune, revolves on the other camp – Camp Jupiter. Percy was found with no memories at all expect the name Annabeth. He knew she was the love of her life. He had undergone fight with monsters and finally found Camp Jupiter where he stayed for not too long. Like Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter is also a place for demigods, but Camp Jupiter is a camp for demigods whose father or mother came from the Roman side of the gods. Percy met new friends, Hazel (daughter of Pluto, or Hades in Greek form) and Frank (son of Mars, also known as Ares in Greek form).  Later on, they have discovered that Jason might be in the same situation as Percy – lost memories – and might be alive and staying on the other camp.

The story continues with the third book – The Mark of Athena… Here, both camps finally met and of course, you can tell how incredibly happy Annabeth and Percy were. Oh, yes! Percy and Jason have their memories back. It was all Hera’s plan – the exchange of both heroes, the stealing of the memories – to have both camps meet and join forces to defeat the evil Gaia. In this book, Annabeth was given a quest to save a statue of Athena (that no one from the child of Athena made it alive). The statue was supposed to be an answer to re-unite the Romans and Greeks and later work together to fight the evil Titans. Just when they thought Annabeth has successfully defeated the goddess who was keeping the statue, Annabeth was about to be dragged down (with the help of the goddess, of course… very bad!). Annabeth and the rest of the heroes (who were at their fabulous flying ship, the Argo_II, and with the dragon figurehead… Amazing, isn’t it?) Oh! Where was I? Okay… Annabeth and the rest of the heroes agreed to save the statue first (which, btw, very very tall and heavy) and then, there it is… Annabeth was about to fall because there was this something like spider webs (from the goddess Arachne) on her foot (I think ankle). She asked Percy to let go of her hand. But, of course, Percy did not let go. So they fell together. It doesn’t matter if they die together, as long as they’re together. How sweet was that?

The story continues on the fourth book – The House of Hades – Annabeth and Percy in Tartarus, in search for The Doors of Death. Doors of Death should be closed to keep monsters from re-forming. Like, when demigods kill monsters, they should remain dead. The thing is, two Doors of Death should be closed – one for the mortals and other one for the immortals. On the other hand, the rest of the heroes of the prophecy of seven, including Nico di Angelo (son of Hades) were also on their way to close the other door. Well, of course, they succeeded… with help from Titans (surprising part) and some god/goddess.

Thoughts on the series?

Well, as I said, I love the Percy Jackson series and I love this more. It was just heart-breaking when the two Titans decided to help Percy and Annabeth. I literally had tears on my eyes – thinking if they had survived or not. It was not mentioned in the book, so I had no idea and I had a hard time sleeping that night. The series had really affected me and when I finished reading, I asked myself ‘What am I gonna do with my life now that I’m done with the series?’ I still kept on talking about Percy and the series even after days I finished reading. I was thinking of re-reading the Percy Jackson series, but I told myself ‘Hey! You still have other books to read!’ Well, I guess I am having a book hangover.

To sum up my feelings… all I can say is I AM IN-LOVE with the series!! I am in-love with how the author wrote the story. Uhm, I think I now have my favorite author. 😉

Percy…and there was this day when I was reading the fourth book – The House of Hades – while I was eating this yummy dessert. I noticed that my dessert bowl/plate (whatever) has purple and orange butterflies on them. Then, I remembered that purple is the color of Camp-Half Blood’s t-shirts and orange for Camp Jupiter… and I caught myself grinning. Haha! Doesn’t make sense to others, maybe… But, I always remember the two camps whenever I see these colors. 😀

P.S. The dessert is a favorite dessert in the Philippines. It’s called Fruit Salad – a mixture of fruit cocktail, condensed milk, cream (e.g. Nestle cream/all-purpose cream), sweet kernel corn, pineapple tidbits, grated or chopped cheddar cheese and evaporated milk. Well, at least this is my version (with additional cracker crumbs – I find it more delish!) Varieties of fresh fruits can also be used instead of the fruit cocktails in can.

For more information on the series: The Heroes of Olympus 

Thanks a lot for reading! xx


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    1. I am glad you are with me on this. 😉 I want to re-read the series from the start. I hope you let me know if you read this series. Thanks for stopping by!

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