Book review: Earthbound #1 by Aprilynne Pike

After being so attached with the Percy Jackson series, I decided to go on with my life and read another book. It took a little time, but I am glad that I’ve managed to let go for a while. 😀

Today is about a book by Aprilynne Pike

Tavia Michaels is the sole-survivor of a plane crash that killed her parents and everyone on that plane. She was then taken care of by her (step) Aunt Reese and Uncle Jay. From time to time, Tavia visits a therapist, Elizabeth, to help her recover from physical and mental injuries. Tavia was kept away from media and from the place where she grew up; leaving her friends and other relatives – this is to keep the media away from being intrigued by how come she survived on that plane. On the new place, she found herself a new best friend – Benson. On one weird day, Tavia discovered that she can ‘make’ Chap Sticks that disappear after five minutes. This was witnessed by Benson but he did not seem to be that shocked.


On another random day, Tavia saw one guy she’s sure she hasn’t seen at all. But, there’s a part of her that tells her that there’s something about this guy – a connection. Out of curiosity, Tavia came to meet the guy when he asked her to talk. The only thing this guy, Quinn Avery, told her was he has something to show her. She did not quite understand and being so honest with Benson, she spilled out about Quinn. Benson felt that Quinn’s a stalker, but Tavia did not feel like it. Another weird thing is, other than Quinn, another guy is stalking her – a bad guy. Being someone who can ‘make’ Chap Sticks (that disappear after five minutes), being stalked by some bad guy and being feeling so connected with a guy she barely knew, Tavia is in one creepy situation.

One day, after feeling weird and everything, she decided to come home. She overheard her Aunt Reese talking to a lady named Liz – Elizabeth – the therapist. She felt something’s not right as her Aunt and Uncle never called her that name. And speaking of not right – something that’s not really right… she heard about ‘Tavia in danger’ and ‘keeping her alive’. Well, who would not feel scared? She decided to tell Benson about what happened. Together, they ran away… to Camden – the place where Quinn asked her to go.

Weird things happened, stuffs were discovered, and memories slowly came back… She finally remembered that she is an Earthbound – someone who can create things out of thin air and someone who can fight the Reduciata, an evil group who manipulates the global events to destroy the world. At eighteen, she doesn’t know what to do, but she felt that there’s more of her than just a normal person. She feels. She knows. Being betrayed by Benson – her best friend and now love (Oh! Yes! They realized that they love each other.), Tavia needs to make a choice: to fight the evil group and save the world, or make her free will and find the love of her own.

Thoughts on the book?

The book seemed really intriguing to me when I read the overview. It was not planned at all, but I immediately bought the book. (Who says buying a book needs planning, btw?) Most of the chapters left me mystified, which led me to turn one chapter to another. I may not have understood the first few chapters of the book (Of course, the author will not reveal the most interesting part at the beginning!), but I love this book.

What is it about finding her true love has something to do with saving the world? I hope that will be in the next book – to be released on July 2014.

I guess many readers will be confused as I was… but, this is what will lead you to keep asking for more. I repeat, I love the book and soon, everything will become clearer. I can’t wait to read the next one.


I tried to make this review shorter, but I just can’t manage. 😀

Thanks for reading! 😉 Have a fabulous week to everyone. xx Jhuls

P.S. About the betrayal of her best friend Benson, Tavia found out that Benson is a member of the Reduciata – the group that’s also responsible for the plane crash.

More about the book: Earthbound

P.S. (Again? Really?): That cake looks yum! If you have not seen the cake post yet, here it is. 😉


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