Book review: Divergent Series

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Abnegation: selfless; Candor: honest; Dauntless: brave; Amity: peaceful; Erudite: intelligent

Those are the five factions in the Divergent series. Each person is divided according to their best traits. Some of them are in-born and some are transfers. Aptitude tests are given to teens (at the right age) to identify which faction do they really fit. Tris’s test result was complicated, which made her a Divergent, and instructed to keep it as a secret from everyone as being one is dangerous. Dangerous in what way? She has no idea. During Choosing Ceremony, she chose to join Dauntless. While her brother, Caleb, chose to join Erudite – which shocked her (a lot). Both of them chose different faction and that means, leaving their family. In the Dauntless compound, they were given initiations in order for them to ranked and know who will stay and who will be out of the ‘pack’, which, btw, will become factionless. (And according to Tris, it’s better to be dead than factionless.)

Initiations: 1- combat training, 2- simulation, 3- fear landscape

When the final initiation is finished – graduation time – the initiates and the rest of the member of Dauntless were injected attack simulation serum (I really forgot the exact term). It is for them to be controlled and attack the targets. Tris being a divergent, the serum did not take effect on her.

After the attack, many people died, including Tris’ parents.


In this book, most events were about on how to attack Jeanine Mathews – the Erudite representative. The serum used for the attack came from them and they want every evil doings to end. Tris has been captured and about to be executed in the Erudite compound if not for Peter – the one who almost got her killed. (Long story!) What shocked her was her brother, Caleb, helped Jeanine to capture Tris. They later found out that Jeanine attacked for information from Abnegation – information that should not be revealed.

At the end of this book, the information has been revealed and they have discovered that they are put inside the fence – they are intentionally placed inside that city. A video was played at the end of the book, saying that Divergents are needed to save the people outside the fence.


Tris and the rest of her friends decided to go outside the fence, to know what is outside. They have seen that there is life and their previous city (which is in Chicago) is kept for experiments. They now stay at the Bureau in which they found out that these people are the ones responsible for the serums used in Chicago and are responsible for the experiments. The Bureau insists that ‘genetically damaged’ people need to be healed for they can cause damage to the world. (I hope I get that right!) Tris, being a Divergent, is considered to be ‘genetically pure’. (Honestly, I had a hard time understanding these genetic stuffs.)

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On the later part of the book, Tris has learned that the Bureau is going to ‘reset’ the memory of everyone in Chicago. She and her pack agree to prevent the ‘reset’ and came up with a plan.  Without consulting Tobias, her love, (as he was on other mission) she made her choice – difficult but worth it.


Well, I really don’t know what to think of. I finished reading the last book Monday night, but my heart still aches. I think I cried that long that I slept with headache. I have mixed feelings. I can’t say that I am happy or I am sad. I am both.

The author made the series so interesting (and unique) that I don’t want to put down the book. Every time I put down the book to get some sleep, I always think of what’s gonna happen in the next chapters.


At some point, you will reflect on some lines. For me, the series is all about overcoming your fear, bravery and choices. Bravery is not all about physical combat or having to fight someone to show that you stand out. Bravery, sacrifice and selflessness – they are sometimes the same thing. But being coward doesn’t mean that you are not brave enough to face life’s challenges or you are not ready to fight – or you will not fight at all. It means, you are waiting for the right time when to fight back and show that you have overcome your fears and you are ready to be brave.

“Be brave.” – Dauntless

Note: If you love THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy, you will surely love this.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend, my dear friends! xx Jhuls


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  1. I would very much indeed love to follow this blog. But.
    Let me confess something to you: I find this theme almost impossible to read. “Forever”‘s mistakes, in my opinion, are (1) the fineness of the headers and (2) the smallness of the TNR in the content. Combine both these in one theme, and an oldie like me finds it just too hard on the eyes to read.
    If you ever decide to change your theme, I’ll be there will bells on! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the ‘confession’, Ma’am. And also for pointing out some ‘mistakes’. Unfortunately, I am not changing my theme for now as I have just changed it and I am still loving my theme. 🙂 But, I believe, you can sort of enlarge the screen from your side as that’s what I am doing when I find the font small or difficult to read. I appreciate every word you said and thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  2. Great review! 🙂 All seven of us who handles our blog (chasingpancakes) loves the Divergent Trilogy, and THG as well. We’re basically book lovers too, not just food enthusiasts. Hehe 🙂
    The end of Allegiant was heart breaking but still, I/we loved it. I hope you did too!

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