Chicken Teriyaki and Corn Rice Bowls

I love leftovers! There are times that when I cook something that’s not so near to successful, making leftover is the answer – the one which will make me smile and say ‘Hey! This dish from the leftover is better!’ There are times that the unsuccessful dish can be saved and some can’t. But, dishes made from leftovers don’t mean that you did not get any success at all; it means you aim for a new dish or just something. You see, we are cooks… so we do what we want with the leftovers – just reheat them or add some new ingredients to make it a new dish.

Sometimes, for example, leftover roasted chicken can be used for fried rice (my favorite), soup, or sauté and add some ingredients to make it as new one.  Also, it can be used for sandwiches or salads. See? There are numerous options. But, of course, it depends on the leftovers you have.

In my case, I have Chicken Teriyaki leftover. I found the original recipe little salty, so I said I made slight changes. Maybe because I used rice vinegar instead of mirin? Maybe. But, I guess I’ll never know. Going back to the leftover, I used it in a soup – good for two servings. I also used some in sandwich – with lettuce and cheese. I also used some for my rice. 😀 Well, you know me. 😛


First thing I did is I buttered a corn: heat small pan, put butter and add drained corn kernel corn; turned off the heat and set aside. On another pan, I sautéed chopped onion in a little oil, added some chopped carrots, buttered corn kernel, chicken teriyaki (cut into cubes) and some sliced spring onions. I put it over white rice and enjoyed every spoonful. 😀

How do you deal with leftovers? Share it with me and I would love to listen, errr… read them. 😉


26 thoughts on “Chicken Teriyaki and Corn Rice Bowls

  1. I love leftovers. I also use leftover vegetables in stew. My favorite way to use leftovers is the “leftover” bottom stems of asparagus spears. I cut away the dried out bottom inch, if they are uncooked I steam them until soft (you could boil them too) I then whirl them in the blender, barely covered with milk (2%) and sometimes a touch of fresh dill and garlic powder. Heat it up gently. Wow! What a taste of Springtime in a bowl.

    1. Better to use leftovers, right? Thanks a lot for stopping by at my blog. You have a lovely blog and I love that hot cocoa mix of yours – trying out that soon. 😉 Have a wonderful day! xx Jhuls

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