Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #4

(Originally posted on May 31, 2014)

Yesterday’s FF was so much fun as I had the chance to visit more guests. I was stuck at home with nothing much to do – lucky me! Going back to FF, I was so happy to see some of the few people I invited for FF and happy to see those who came back. 😀  Today is another story – I did some errands just after lunch time and I just finished most of them. And now it’s time to do my WP duties.

It’s my pleasure to introduce these bloggers today…


My Skinny Sweettooth – Like this lovely lady, I was so upset with the mind and body not agreeing together. But I am happy for her that now, both are on the same tune. She loves to experiment on foods and I love how she takes the trial and error very lightly. She has many amazing recipes and that includes these Easy Baked Doughnuts.

Clean Eats Charlotte  – Meet Charlotte! Her aim is to inspire others to a healthy and happy lifestyle. She has great recipes that are full of healthy goodness. If you are conscious about your health, these Vegan Coconut Cookies will not hurt you.

Parmesan and Chocolate – Aside from her love for food, one of the aspects that she loves relating to food is food publishing. She loves to be surrounded by food magazines and cookbooks. (There are so many interesting things about her that you’d better see it for yourself.)  What really caught my attention was the series she called ‘The Perfect Burger’ series starting with this Perfect Bun.

The Little Blue Mixer – Meet Anna! If I am not mistaken, her blog is all about what she calls ‘The Baking Challenge’. She was given a baking book where she intends to challenge herself by baking the recipes found in the said book. She also loves to work out to… what? To eat ice cream? Hmm, fair enough. 😀 And as a huge fan of brownies, of course, these bars of Fudgy Saucepan Brownies are a sure hit!

Sugar Sweet Runner – Meet Morgan! She runs towards her sweet dreams – and that would be yummy sweet treats, I suppose. 😀 This lovely girl is also a vegetarian. But being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy this super delicious King of Chocolate Cake.

Hope you visit these blogs! Have a fabulous weekend to everyone! 🙂


28 thoughts on “Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #4

  1. Brilliant idea Jhuls…..hmmmm, did I get an introduction from you when I just joined about a month ago? If not, (I’m sitting here sulking in the corner)….just joking, have already met some amazing folks thanks to FF and thanks to Selma for telling me all about it. I think it is a great way to get an introduction to something we all enjoy blogging about. Welcome new bloggers!

      1. Jhuls, I don’t wish to crowd your post with my own question. But for some reason, I posted yesterday on the topic of gardens, and I did not see it appear on the Reader, and nobody has seen it either I don’t think. I’m new to this whole thing, so not sure what went amiss? Any advice? Thx.

        1. No problem at all, Loretta! You can flood me with all the questions you have in mind, let’s just hope I could answer them. 😀

          Okay, according to my experience, in the ‘Reader’ you are only able to see the ‘BLOGS YOU FOLLOW’. I don’t know how to explain it – let’s set an example:

          You publish a post with a tag ‘garden’. To be able to see your post on your reader, you need to add ‘garden’ on the ‘Tags/Explore’ section (located on the right side when you are on the ‘Reader’ tab). When you click ‘garden’ you are only able to see all posts that used the tag ‘garden’.

          Whew! I am so bad at explaining things, Loretta. But, I hope this helps. 😐

          1. Thanks Jhuls….yes I am following my own blog LOL!! But I do get what you’re saying. I’ve tagged too, it just didn’t show up, and I’m just getting the hang of “Reader” – I didn’t know about Reader till now :). Do you have a private email addy? Don’t wish to ask dumb questions on here :))Thanks a ton.

  2. This is such a great series Jhuls!! I love it! It’s always so great to meet ‘new’ bloggers that I haven’t come across before. I keep thinking that I should join FF but I haven’t yet… out of pure laziness and natural irregularity with my posting. Maybe one day 😉

    1. Thank you, Laura! I am happy to introduce ‘new’ bloggers and welcome them to the blogging world.
      And about FF, I hope your laziness will leave you for some time so you could join us. 😉

      …but I really hope you could join us. This Friday, maybe? 😀

  3. I wish I could be stuck at home with nothing to do. That would be great. I’ve visited all the bloggers you listed here. Kindly ensure that you have the links open in a new window. That makes it easier to toggle between two blogs. Have a good night!

    1. The previous weeks were so exhausting, Liz, so I badly needed at least one day. It was only half-day, actually. But, half-day is better than nothing. 😀

      Thank you, Liz! I appreciate it you visiting the blogs. Have a great day! ❤

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out, Jhuls! 🙂 Also, Fiesta Friday sounds pretty nifty, I will have to start checking that out!

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