Tricky Tuesday #1: Common Kitchen Measurements

So I’ve said before that I am going to add some useful info – it might be related to kitchen or foods. I was planning to start immediately after my first blogiversary, but life really went crazy! I wanted to make a long list, but that has changed. Instead, I will be posting photos (such as below) from (I won’t deny) from my friend, Google. I might be posting photos taken by yours truly, but that might be impossible for the next weeks.

Moving on with the first ‘kitchen/food hack’, I am starting with the most common ‘problem’ in the kitchen when cooking or baking.


It might be useful to you, so go on and print this and stick it in your kitchen. 😉 I am using this when I need to convert something to something. (Something to something?)

Wishing everyone a lovely day/night! Enjoy the day and SMILE! 😀



23 thoughts on “Tricky Tuesday #1: Common Kitchen Measurements

  1. Jhuls…this is awesome. I am printing this, because I’m always googling to see what equals what…or how many of this is in that… very cool. I’m going to tape it to the inside of my cupboard door! It will be so useful. I’m going to share this on FB too. I hope that’s ok!! 🙂

  2. Blogiversary – great word – did you coin this or has it been around a while? (still a while away from my first blogiversary).

        1. I am ready, Sonal. I doubt that my second choice of dish will be successful, so I will move on to the third one. 😀 I will be making it over the weekend. And in case I will go back and make my second choice, I will do a guest post on your lovely blog again, if you don’t mind. 😀

          1. So you mean that if that second dish doesn’t work, then in July? ;). Lol girl :). Let me know. I would say, if a savory dish doesn’t work for you, bring me a dessert… I love cakes and cup cakes and crumbles and cookies..and eggs :).

          2. Nope! I have something ready and that’s the third one. I made that as an experiment before (I was trying to imitate my Mom’s cooking) and it was successful. I will try to make it over the weekend and do the guest post for you this month – no more postponing of the guest post. Haha! As for the desserts, I would love to do another guest post. 😉

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