Sugar-glazed Donuts for FF#19 (and a book review)

Another meeting with the Yeast Beast…

My last meeting with the beast was the time when I made this Focaccia bread  as an entry for FFC#1. We felt a little awkward being with each other as we have not seen each other for months after having arguments. We then decided to make peace and agreed to see each other often so we feel comfortable with each other every time we meet. Thus, I decided to revisit the first recipe where I used yeast – Homemade Glazed Donuts, hoping it will be better than the first meeting. But something went wrong…


My friend who was with me the first time I made these donuts (and who was the one who activated the yeast) was also with me the second time.  We figured out to make the donuts again. This time, I activated the yeast myself… using a thermometer. Ha! Of course, I did! It’s wiser to use the thermometer considering that I am not an expert with the yeast. I mean, I know what’s warm and hot. But it’s better to use the thermometer. 😛 My friend must have been so proud of me when she saw the yeast activated beautifully. Then I told her ‘I used the thermometer!’, giving her my biggest grin. 😀 I decided to half the recipe so that means I should half the ingredients. I mixed all ingredients and noticed that the dough is a little wet.  I felt there’s something wrong…


So while I watch my friend (Yes, she did it! She seemed to be enjoying it so I let her do it. Besides, we don’t get to bond like that always) was kneading the dough, *something’s really wrong* I knew what was wrong – I put two eggs instead of one and I used large eggs! So what do you get when you were supposed to use one large egg instead of two? Nonetheless, she proceeded with the kneading.

I know you’d love to know how it turned out, so I am bringing these to FF#19.

thenotsocreativecook-SugarGlazed donuts

(For those who are not aware about FF (Fiesta Friday), it’s the most amazing party ever. And of course, how can you have an amazing party without the amazing host, Angie @The Novice Gardener. Please click here to know more.)

And tadaa… The result? The donuts were like Churros in donut form! 😀 They were deliciously crispy on the outside and airy inside. They were not as soft as the donuts you can find from famous donut shops but I just love the texture and they were amazingly delicious.

thenotsocreativecook-SugarGlazed donuts2

Of course, they were best when eaten the same day! I think I consumed more than my friend. 😀 I always do! I wonder what will happen if I used just one egg. Hmm… I will find that out because I will make these again. And I will make sure to make chocolate sauce this time!

Get the recipe of these homemade donuts


Along with these donuts, I am sharing you something. Well, it’s supposed to be a book review. However, since I don’t want to give spoilers, I decided to share my thoughts about the book.

My last book review was about the Divergent series and it was back in March of this year. After my heart was put back into pieces, I decided to move on by reading the ‘Wings Series’. The series is a story about Faeries… No! They are not like the winged creatures we used to know – the small, flying creatures. They are plants. Uh, what? Okay, let me try.


Laurel is a Faerie who has cells of a plant. (So, she’s a plant!?) She was sent to human world to protect Avalon’s gateway…. Ugh! You see, I could not completely write about it without spoiling the book (story).

But, I prepared something for you to read on.

(Book overview was taken from Amazon. Please do let me know if the image is not readable.)

Done reading it? Interesting, yes? I really loved the story. It was indeed not the ordinary faerie-tale and the story did not only focus on Laurel. On some stories, you’d find that the hero is only one person. But in this story, Laurel and her friends worked together to defeat the bad guys, and that’s one of the things I super love. The story will make you smile and cry. Most of all, it’s intriguing, remarkable, exciting and super amazing.

I hope you enjoy my treats for today’s FF. To our co-hosts and party people, ENJOY FF#19. 😀 Thank you, Angie! ❤

And I just found out that today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY! What a great timing for my post? 😀 So, Happy National Donut day!!! 😉


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