Quintet Of Radiance Award

I was really surprised when I received this Quintet of Radiance Award from Mrs. Choux on May 8. This award includes The Versatile Blogger Award, Sunshine Award, Most Influential Blogger Award, Inner Peace Award and Awesome Blog Content Award.


So how would you expect me to react? 😀 Receiving one award is super cool, how about five? I felt like I just won an Oscar award. Best actress, maybe? Nah! Best eater? Mmm, possible. 😀

I am so grateful to Mrs. Choux for passing these wonderful awards to me – I could not even think how come I deserve all of these. Thank you! Thank you, Mrs. Choux. Now, if you still don’t know Mrs. Choux, better to hop on her blog and check it out. 😉

The rules include to describe yourself using the first letter of the Alphabet, but I don’t think I could post this if I’d completely follow the rules (sorry for being naughty this time) so I decided to write anything that has something to with me (Yeah! Who else?) 😀

Here we go…

A – Art of the Devil. The Art of the Devil is a 2004 Thai horror movie and one of my favorite horror movies. Just thinking about the movie makes me wanna cover my eyes again.

B – Books. So you know by now that I LOVE LOVE books.

C – Civil Engineering was the first course I’d like to take when I was in College, but when I saw some of my friends enrolling for Business Administration, I instantly left the CE building and enrolled myself in BA.

D – Durian. I really didn’t like eating this ‘smelly’ fruit. I love the Durian shakes or any Durian candies/sweets, but please, don’t let me eat the fruit. For those who have no idea about it, this fruit can be found in the Philippines (and other Asian countries or Asian section of the local grocery stores for non-Asian countries, if I am not mistaken)

E – Expressive. I am a very expressive person. So when I am mad or have the attitude of ‘I don’t feel like talking to you’, I will never look at your eyes. But, I am trying to avoid that for some time now as I don’t want to offend anybody.

F – Flowers. Or chocolate? FLOWERS!

G – Green Tea. I try to drink green tea at least thrice a day.

H – Hong Kong Disneyland. I’d really love love to go to HK Disneyland, but time still doesn’t allow me. Someday.

I – Ice cream. When I’m sad, give me an ice cream and you will finally see me smile.

J – Joy. I do my best to give joy to everyone.

K –  Kitchen. My second bedroom. 😀

L – Libra. Libra is my Zodiac Sign.

M – Mocha. I love anything Mocha.

N – Nuts. I love nuts – peanuts, most especially. Cashews. Almonds. Hazelnut.

O – Open-minded. So yeah! I think I am an open-minded person.

P – Percy Jackson. When I am tired and want to watch a movie, I’d always choose the Percy Jackson series. I just watched it again last weekend and I don’t know how many times I watched it.

Q – Question. I am a person who seems to question everything I see (or I hear), but I don’t usually burst them out.  Most of the time, they are non-sense questions.

R – Respect. If I could have the power to give this thing to everyone, I would.

S – Saw. I have seen all the ‘Saw’ movies from part one up to seven (except for the 3D). If I see them on TV showing again, I still watch them.

T – The Blood of Olympus. This is the final book from the ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series by Risk Riordan and I am so excited to have it.

U – Universal Studios. I was so happy when I finally saw the beautiful Universal Studios in Singapore, and I’d like to go back for more.

V – Vampires. I just saw the movie Vampire Academy and I love it. Need to read the book/series.

W – Wonder. The title of the new book I bought is Wonder by RJ Palacio.

X – Xydnee. My first cat was named Xydnee.

Y – Yeast. Maybe we could be good friends (or even best of friends) if we keep the communication open.

Z – Zombie. I really don’t enjoy watching movies with Zombies on it. I did not even dare to watch the trailer of World War Z as I know that there are zombies on the movie. When my friend told me to watch it, I told why I won’t watch it. She said that I would love it, and yeah, I liked it.

It is so difficult to choose among hundreds of amazing blogs. I appreciate all of you!!

Here are my nominations – CONGRATULATIONS!!

Deliciously Nell
Fae’s Twist & Tango
Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs
Cooking is my Sport 
The Novice Gardener 
Creating Beauty in the Kitchen
Shivaay Delights
Feasting with Friends
Selma’s Table
Kloe’s Kitchen
Foodie on Board
Ngan Made It 

The rules:

  1. Display the logo in a post.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back
  3. Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phrase.
  4. Nominate few Bloggers

42 thoughts on “Quintet Of Radiance Award

  1. Fun, and ya it would be one heck of a challenge to come up with an adjective for each of the letters in the alphabet = like what you did.

  2. First of all Jhuls… I am soooo happy you got this award! And I totally know why you did… You are wonderful, bringing laughter and smiles to all of us! Big congrats!!!
    Secondly, wow, thank you soooo much for giving this award to me!!
    I feel honored…truly I do!! Wow!
    And it was so fun reading your answers!
    The name of your first cat is really neat! So different! I love that you said your kitchen is your second bedroom!

    1. Awww! Thank you so much, Lori. Do you know that you always melt my heart when you are leaving sweet messages?? 😀 Again, thank you, Lori! I am so beyond happy that I met you. ❤

  3. Wow Jhuls!! Congratulations 5 times!! This is a really cool set of awards, and I think you deserve all of them…maybe you are a movie star in disguise, huh? And thank-you 5 times for nominating me! 🙂 I am very honoured that you would think of me for this award too. I am running a bit behind these days, but I will reply! 😀 Have a great week! Btw, how do you pronounce Xydnee, the cat?

  4. Congratulations Jhuls! It is like winning an Oscar! I had no idea you were such a “horror” fan – I can’t even be in the same room if a scary film is on! Thank you so much for my nomination too – xxx

    1. That was before, Selma, when I was watching sadistic horror films for almost every weekend. Now? Not that much. Well, I still watch horror films but not that often… Hmm, I think I need to go back watching again. 😀

      Thank you, Selma! I hope everything is fine with you!

  5. Wow Jhuls! I didn’t know you were such a fan of zombies and horror movies :p It is the complete opposite of myself xD I sh*t in my pants with those kind of movies so I avoid that by not watching them 😉

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