Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #6


The Primitive Palate – The person behind this amazing blog is Sarah. Together with her husband, Alex, who is the person behind the lens, I could say that this blog is full of love. 😀 Sarah also loves taking photos and she loves to write, aside from her love for cooking. From Sarah’s words:  “The recipes on The Primitive Palate are mostly all developed by myself.  I cook through trial and error, testing recipe after recipe to find the perfect result to share with others.  My readers will only get the best of the best.” Looking for Paleo Frozen Desserts? Or maybe Paleo and Gluten-free breakfast ideas? Sarah covers that. 😉

Kitchen Sanctuary – Another amazing blog that’s full of love as Nicky and her husband, Chris, work together for share wonderful recipes and photos. Nicky is a food magazine and recipe book addict, but she also creates her own as well. In her own words: “I’m a firm believer in sitting the family down at the table as often as possible for a nice home cooked meal and a catch-up on the day.” Ahh! Nothing compares to home cooked meals. And Nicky, my mouth is watering seeing this super delicious Sticky Orange Chicken.

At Burning Degrees – “Somewhere between then and now, I became deeply passionate about food. Not the ingredients themselves so much as the magical way they have of bringing us together. Food leaps the gap when there are differences between family members, distance between friends, and centuries between cultures.” -Lindsey. I just love these words. Aside her amazing recipes, Lindsey writes beautifully that you will really focus on them. She also loves taking on exploratory food features and restaurant reviews. Back to the recipes, please check this amazingly delicious Elote Spring Rolls. It is undeniable that the photos tell you everything about the food.

One Bowl Brownies – Justyna started baking couple of years now and finally had the chance to start her blog. She offers many amazing desserts/snacks. Justyna said in one of her posts “To be honest, I’ve never been a fan. All that frying didn’t seem very tempting. But once I’ve discovered the idea of baking them, I was sold.” I was surprised, but I know what she meant with regards to the frying thing. If you are not a fan of donuts, these Baked Brown Butter Donuts will turn you in.

Two for the Moon – “A foodie (she) and a politico (he) meet and fall in love. He gets a job in D.C. and moves. They plan trips, skype, and IM. He proposes; she says yes. They plan a dream wedding and she moves to D.C. The prologue closes and the story begins.” Awww!! Another lovely story! (Okay, let’s get down to business!) This amazing blogger shares so much delicious and stunning recipes. When I opened her blog and saw these Sesame Parmesan Breadsticks, my reactions was “Whoa! These are so good, yet so easy to make!” You will react the same when you see the rest of her creations!

I think I need to get myself a donut pan. 😀 Think! Think! Think!

Have a wonderful week to everyone. I hope you take time to visit these blogs… spread the love!


23 thoughts on “Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #6

  1. Thanks for all of the “new to me” blogger introductions, Jhuls! I’ve visited and followed all of these great sites. I think you know I love these posts! Your loving, caring and sharing personality shines through in them. ❤

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for checking these blogs out, Nancy. And thank you so much for your sweet words. ❤ I hope you have a nice and safe weekend.

  2. Jhuls, YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON for doing this!!!!! What a great thing to do for the community!!!! I am SO GLAD I met you because you are truly amazing. I have visited most of them already, and would love to discover more blogs through your post 🙂

    1. Aww… Thank you so much for this message, Pang. And most of all, thank you so much for checking these blogs out. I hope you have a wonderful time. 🙂

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