Introducing ‘new’ Bloggers #12

Hello, dear friends! Glad to be back again to introduce another set of bloggers:

sayhelloImagine a Cake  – My first blogger is named Val. (Oh, your name is not Val? And you would not tell us from which place are you from?) Hmm, a mysterious blogger? Okay, that’s fine with me… And that would be fine for others, too. Val loves baking and I love how funny she is. She already made me smile while reading these stuffs about her  – just check them out. Also, check these Ultimate Nutella Oreo Muffins Val had shared. I am not a huge fan of Oreos, but these muffins are just too good to pass.

The Pastry Bites – For some others, they are into Italian, Asian or Chinese dishes… mostly. The Pastry Bites’ goal is to slowly introduce Mediterranean dishes to us. And it got me interested. I admit that I don’t know much about Greek dishes or Mediterranean and her blog might help me and others to know more about it.  And this Chocolate Baklava sounds really interesting as I’ve never heard of baklava with chocolate. Looks fantastic, yes?

Jessi’s Kitchen – Jessi was recently diagnosed with a form of autoimmune disorder and is learning new styles of cooking to accommodate the said diagnosis. I admire people who would be willing to leave all those naughty foods for their health… because there are people that they don’t seem to care about their health. I think you’d agree with me. Going back to Jessi, I just can’t stop staring at this Avocado, Lime and Coconut Smoothie – not only it looks and sounds really good and healthy, but these words really are something: “I’ve talked to my husband a lot about wanting food to be enjoyed and not just something we check off the list. I don’t want it to be another added stressor in our life.”

Nutmeg and Whiskey – No, I don’t do Whiskey. I don’t drink. I am talking about these two lovely bloggers. Nutmeg and Whiskey are siblings (are these your real name?) And I already loved them as I found them cute and funny. I just can’t quote some of the funny lines; maybe I’d end up copying everything from their blog. 😀 Want a sample? Just check this post about the dessert ‘Serradura’. I just love them both.

I know… I know they are only four bloggers; I am missing one more. It is because my dear friends, it’s already past midnight and my eyes are closing now. I will make it up next week. 🙂

I hope you find time to visit these blogs. In case you have missed the previous bloggers, you can still check them out here.

As always, thanks for being so supportive. ❤


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{Eid Eats 2014} Chicken Piaparan

Well, who would have thought that Eid Eats would also happen today? 😀

final eid eats

Eid Eats is an Eid virtual potluck party where you can share your yummy treats that you usually or are planning to prepare for the Eid holiday and is hosted by Sarah @ Flour and Spice and Asiya @ Chocolate and Chillies.


Glad to have been informed by Sarah before Ramadan about this party and got the chance to prepare earlier. I thought I will not be able to cook a new dish so I did prepare this so I would be ready anytime this party happens. I was scanning the Reader and found Sarah’s post and I flew to the computer to write. 😀

Eid at home is also a gathering of relatives. We prepare different kinds of foods, but mostly main dishes and loads of rice. 😀 We also prepare some sweet salads (not the healthy ones, I must say) as dessert and pasta. At times and when not too tired, we do make finger foods and sandwiches.


There are three main dishes that are always present during Eid – Beefsteak, this beef (which I really don’t know what its called) and the one we call Chicken Piaparan. Now, if you wonder what is Piaparan and try to ask Google about it, I don’t think it will give you something like a definition.

Chicken Piaparan is a dish where the main attraction is the Papar. Papar is the coconut part of the dish:


I grew up with this dish and cooked this with my Mom [multiple times], but I haven’t tried making this all by myself – not even when my Mom was still alive. Since she passed away, I have never eaten this dish. I always miss this dish every single day, but maybe I was just too scared to try – scared not to get it right or maybe scared to feel empty again.

When Sarah invited me for the Eid party and told me to bring something we prepare for Eid, I already knew what to bring. The only challenging thing was finding the right thing to substitute one of the crucial ingredients – palapa or other tribes call it sakurab (Click here to see what it looks like). Palapa [or sakurab] is a mixture of a root vegetable that I think belongs to the spring onion family (I really don’t know the English name), ginger, chilis, salt and others that I really could not remember. Gladly, I have managed to find substitute for palapa.

Now, let’s proceed to cooking this dish:



For the Palapa:

  • ½ cup white part of spring onion, sliced
  • ¼ cup chopped ginger
  • 2-3 bird’s eye chili (or add more if you want screaming spicy)

Other ingredients:

  • 500 g chicken, cut into pieces (skins removed)
  • 1 + 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 3 cloves + 3 cloves Garlic, crushed
  • 1 + 1 medium tomatoes, sliced
  • Bell pepper, sliced
  • Green part of spring onion
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 2 cups + 1 cup grated coconut*
  • 1 cup + 2 cups water
  • Salt to taste
  • Cooking oil


  1. Put the ingredients for palapa in a food processor and pulse for 1 or 2 seconds. (Not longer than that because you are not making a paste.) You can also use mortar and pestle for this or you can put them in a ziplock bag and pound. Set aside.
  2. Make the coconut cream and milk:
  • Prepare 3 bowls and strainer.
  • Bowl 1: put 2 cups of grated coconut and 1 cup water. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze until you get a very beautiful coconut cream.
  • Get Bowl 2, top with the strainer, pour the coconut cream and squeeze until the coconut is dry. Set aside. Take note to save the used grated coconut. (This is coconut cream – thicker one)
  • Now, you have the used grated coconut. Go back to Bowl 1 and put the used grated coconut and add 1 cup water and again, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze…
  • Get Bowl 3, top with the strainer, pour the coconut milk and squeeze until the coconut is dry. (This is coconut milk – the thinner one)
  • Now, you can throw the used grated coconut. Clearly, you have the coconut cream and milk in separate bowls. Set them aside.
  1. In a pot, heat cooking oil. Sauté half of the garlic, onion and tomatoes.
  2. Add in chicken pieces, cover and cook for 5 minutes, making sure to check them to prevent burning.
  3. Add turmeric powder and the coconut milk from Bowl 3; cover and cook for 15 minutes.
  4. Add the coconut cream from bowl 2 and let it boil.
  5. Turn off heat. Add half greens of the spring onion. Add salt and taste. Remove the chicken pieces from the ‘soup’. Set aside.
  6. In a pan, add oil; sauté the remaining garlic, onion and tomatoes.
  7. Add the removed chicken from soup; cook for another 2 minutes.
  8. Add the remaining 1 cup grated coconut (remember that you have 3 cups – you squeezed 2 cups and you have the remaining 1 cup). Add about ¼ cup of the soup and the bell pepper. (If desired, add more turmeric powder and salt.) Mix well and cook for another minute or until it gets almost dry. Add the remaining half of the greens of the spring onion.
  9. Serve with white rice.

*Freshly grated coconut must be used in making this dish!

The time I was cooking this, I had tears in my eyes – I really missed my Mom. And when I get to finally eat this together with rice, I missed her more. It’s 99% percent same with my Mom’s and I was really more than happy that I finally made this after all those years.

For some, this may sound complicated. I hope it’s not. But, I promise to provide visuals on the steps when I get to make this next time and I think that would be soon.


For my non-Muslims blogging friends and also for those who are not aware, Eid’l Fitr is the Feast of Breaking the Fast or marks the end of Ramadan. During this day, we gather at the Mosque and perform the Eid Prayer few minutes after the sunrise. After performing the Eid Prayer, some go back to their homes to eat and some celebrate out of town. For many families, this holiday is such a feast where you can find LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of foods on their table. For some, they also take this opportunity to visit some friends and relatives.

Apart from the Eid Eats, I am also taking this to Angie’s FF#26 so that FF crowd would get the chance to try this and will have a little idea what we (at home) prepare for the Eid.


Thank you, Sarah & Asiya for hosting the Eid Eats.

An early Eid Mubarak greetings to my fellow Muslims.


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{Guest Post @ Creating Beauty in the Kitchen} Mustard Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa

The first guest post I did for Sonal @ Simply Vegetarian 777 made my mind busy. Considering the fact that doing full vegetarian dishes is not that difficult because you can choose any veggies you prefer – no difficult requirements, I still did worry that things will not turn out well. I was beyond happy that it did and eating something vegan is not that bad. I did feel proud of myself. It almost made me fainted, but I made it.  😀

I was not expecting another invitation in the midst of a crazy week… and if I did, I thought I’d say ‘No’. 😐

When Lori invited me to do a guest post, I was in the middle of super crazy week. If I could remember it correctly, that was Wednesday (last week) and she needed the guest post entry to be emailed to her latest by Sunday. One thing you should know about me during Ramadan is I don’t cook new stuffs as I would not be able to taste it completely. I bake, yes. But not cooking, as cooking needs adjustments, especially when you are cooking something new. Before this guest post, I have cooked a new dish and it turned out good. But cooking a new dish with a ‘special requirement’ seems scary challenging.

Lori was so supportive that she even sent me which ingredients are on the naughty side and the nice ones. As expected, most of the things I consume are on the naughty side. 😀 So that really made me think [a lot]. I am so glad that my senses came back and checked recipes from Lori’s blog instead of asking my BFF, Google.

Please check my guest post for Lori and you’ll find out what I did with the two recipes I found. 😉


My heart was racing (I am not kidding) when I was making this. I always do when I get out of my comfort zone and cook something new and ‘unusual’. I am so happy that this turned out well and I couldn’t believe it that I made something low-glycemic! 😀 Um, not ready yet for the ‘no refined sugars’, Lori. One day.


Thank you so much for the invitation, Lori. Even though my hands were shaking and my heart was racing when I made this, I had fun. You made me more proud of myself and made me realize that I could make a dish minus all the ‘naughtiness’. 😀 I know you are having fun now. We await for your stories and we surely do miss you already.

If you have not bumped in into Lori yet, please do. Lori is so funny, supportive, bubbly, amazing… Um, do I have to say again that she loves making mess in the kitchen? 😀 For more low-glycemic, no refined sugars and mostly gluten-free recipes, please visit Lori @ Creating Beauty in the Kitchen.

PS: When the tummy is empty, the brain is empty… I’ll get back to responding your comments on my previous posts soon. Thank you dear friends! ❤

Introducing ‘new’ Bloggers #11

Glad to be back with these new set of bloggers:


CAPRISSERIE… and more ­- Caprice loves French baked goods, but I understood that she loves France in general especially the bakeries called Pâtisserie or boulangeri… so she made the blog with the combination of her name and her love for Pâtisserie. How cool is that? 😀 She also loves travelling, coffee, tea, sports and music. She also experienced living in Budapest without the kitchen gadgets, but that didn’t stop her from baking. I should tell you that she has also a talent in photography as her food photos are so enticing. One of my favorites? Brownie Sandwiches with Strawberries and Mascarpone. Wow! And who could resist this New York Cheesecake?

A Diet for Life – “Healthy food and healthy living is my passion and my ultimate goal is to help others achieve the happy and healthy life that so many desire.” Sammie Lyne is studying Bachelor of Health and Nutrition. She is very supportive to anyone who wants to change their eating habits and ready to share her knowledge with regards to healthy life. Her blog just started, but already posted healthy recipes like these Mesquite and Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies. (Follow Sammie on Instagram)

Food, Passion and Love – “…more than that a passionate foodie who strongly believes that good food, prepared with lots of love and passion and of course the perfect blend of ingredients, can bring a lot of love in the family, specially at the meeting point of the family-The Dining Table.” The dining table is indeed the meeting point of the family. Shannu just started her blog in March 2014. I could see (feel) how passionate she is when by the write ups she has behind all those gorgeous recipes. And I am craving for a beef something now, so my I had my eyes widened when I saw this Beef Chili. Yum! (Like Food, Passion and Love on Facebook)

Goodness Gracious Kitchen – “Food has the power to brighten your day, heal our bodies, transform us to somewhere else in this world and create friendship.” I so love this line. Grace was taught be her Mom to eat right from the start. On her blog, she started her blog to share her passion for wholefoods, not meaning to put a label in anything. Most of her recipes are plant-based, gluten, sugar and dairy-free. Want healthy pancakes? Why not try these Pancakes and the best ever chocolate sauce? And did I say I say that they are healthy? Yes, I did. (Follow Grace on Instagram)

NOISETTE – “This blog is my happy place where I can write about and share my biggest and most loved hobby: food. Cooking it, eating it and pressuring my friends into eating my creations too.” Another healthy blog to check out. Holly loves veggies and she just can’t get enough of them. She also loves to collect cookbooks. One of Holly’s recipe that caught my attention are these Banana Cheesecake Brownies. Well, I have heard of Cheesecake Brownies, but not with bananas. And these really sound good to me. (Follow Holly on Instagram)

I hope you find time to visit these new set of bloggers and show them some love. ❤

If you have new bloggers that you want me to include here, please pay me a visit on my email. 😉

PS: I know I am slower than a snail in responding to your comments, please bear with me. Things have been so crazy, crazy busy. Missing mingling with everyone.

I hope you all have a safe and fab week.

xx Jhuls



A ‘surprised’ special guest post by a dear friend on FF#25

This week has been super duper crazy busy – from workloads to annoying co-workers and boss. I always get home exhausted and all I wanted to do is bury my head under the pillow.

Second week of Ramadan is a little difficult than the first week – hunger gets stronger and stronger and my body always shouts for bed. I haven’t even cooked something that requires much effort. Yeah, I have cooked instant noodles, fried fish and eggs. Was I tired or lazy to cook something? Hmm, that makes me want to reflect now.

I have prepared something for today’s FF (which I made the last weekend), but the photos are still not ready. Yesterday, while at work, I was staring at the draft MS word doc I was working on to write my FF#25 post, but all I managed to write was:


…and nothing! I have all the funny moments on my head, but I cannot seem to write them down. I was also so exhausted to recall and write the recipe as I have not written the recipe of that yummy dish right after I made it. I told myself:

“Oh, my! I really couldn’t make it to FF#25. What to do? Just try to mingle, but there’s nothing I could bring – not even a short story, not even one egg.”

I was exchanging emails just few hours before I published this post with my dear friend, Lori @ Creating Beauty in the Kitchen, and I mentioned her how sad I am not able to bring something for FF and bless her, she made me so happy when she told me she has an idea and volunteered to do the guest post on my blog so I have something to share today. Lori even prepared all the things needed and even prepared all the links. Sweet! >3 She is indeed a beautiful lady (inside and out) creating beautiful things [and mess] in the kitchen – turning naughty foods to nice ones. 😉

If you haven’t bumped into Lori yet, well, you are missing some happiness. Lori is a cheerful, sweet, loving, thoughtful, bubbly (and all the good things) and messy cook. I love how she admits how a messy cook she is, and that’s what I really love about her. I am, too. We could make a cloud of flour in the kitchen or spill some milk on the floor. 😀 Oh, wait? Who would clean? Of course, we will. Lori never forgets to nominate me mostly when she receives an award even I am not that active for months. Oh, Lori! You are such a blessing to this community.

So, without further ado, let me bring you Lori and her yummy treats:


There is no way that I would let our lovely Jhuls miss out on a Fiesta Friday! She brings so much joy, laughter, encouragement, smiles, and brightness to us all…I think you would agree with me that FF wouldn’t be the same without her!

So this Fiesta Friday, one in which our dear friend has had a super busy week,  I have the privilage of doing this guest post for her and bringing something to the party on her behalf….so fun Jhuls!

All I can say is…..Jhuls is here….let the party begin!! 😀


I don’t know how it has been for you all, but it has certainly been hot here where we live, and I personally think heat requires the need for refreshment of some sort. A large glass of ice water, a dip in the lake, running through the sprinklers, and certainly a sweet cold treat or two! 🙂

So, for all of us who are hot and in need of refreshment this Fiesta Friday, I am bringing some yummy frozen pops to cool you off! And they are made with such good stuff that you can go ahead and take that second one that you have had your eye on! 😉 Go for it…Jhuls won’t mind! 😀 And if I were to tell you how delicious these are (boy, are they!), you might try to sneak a third! But that I think Jhuls would mind! 😉



Cinnamon Almond Chocolate Pudding Pops

*Created by Lori at Creating Beauty in the Kitchen



  • 1 can refrigerated thick coconut milk
  • 1 tsp pure almond extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • Honey (taste test and see how much you want)
  • 20 dark chocolate chips (would be much easier though to use a chocolate bar…chocolate chips just happened to be the only thing I had available at the time. 🙂 )


  • Combine the coconut milk, almond extract, cinnamon, and honey in a mixing bowl. Use a hand mixer to combine everything well.
  • Take 12 of the dark chocolate chips and shave them down (I used my orange zester), putting the shaved pieces into the pudding mixture. Mix thoroughly. (As you can imagine, if you have a chocolate bar this would be much easier!)
  • Make some more chocolate shavings with the rest of the chocolate chips and put some into the bottom of each opening in the popsicle mold.
  • Now pour the pudding mixture into each, almost to the top.
  • Put the rest of the chocolate shavings on the top of each pop.
  • Put in freezer and let sit until the pudding is firm enough to hold a stick. This will require you to check every so often.
  • Once they are firm enough, insert sticks into each one and let sit in the freezer overnight.

Happy Fiesta Friday to you all! So happy to get to partner with my lovely friend, Jhuls, for this week’s party! I know I can say on both mine and Jhuls behalves that we are super grateful to you Angie @ The Novice Gardener for being the brains behind this awesome bloggy get-together and for keeping it going each and every week! We are also so grateful to this week’s co-hosts! You all always make the party that much better!

Please feel free to hop on over to my blog if you don’t know me yet…always so fun to meet new people!

Hope you love these delicious pops Jhuls!! ❤



…and yes, I would mind if you’d (party people) sneak a third. 😀 Wow! These are so yum, Lori! A perfect treat for summer. I am so grateful to you for doing this for me. If not, I am not present at today’s FF and I would be crazy spinning around because I don’t have anything to share.

As always, thank you to Angie for everything!! We are all grateful to you, and to the co-hosts! ❤




Tricky Tuesday #6: Useful Food and Kitchen Tips

Below are some food and kitchen tips that might be useful to you [and me]. 😉

1) To keep cookies fresh, toss a piece of bread in the cookie jar. The cookies will extract moisture from the bread and retain their softness. Hmm, interesting. I also read something before with cake. 

2) Cut a cheesecake with a wet knife to ensure that the filling doesn’t stick to the knife’s edges and ruin presentation. This is also good when cutting brownies. 

3) To get the most digestive benefit from bananas, wait until they’re browned and spotted – the more spots, the better. Under-ripe or just ripe bananas can lead to constipation. Overripe bananas have developed their sugars and induce the complete opposite effect. From the start, I always thought that all bananas, ripe or unripe, are good for digestion. I used to eat bananas with little green on the skin. When I see black spots, they are always converted into banana muffins. One day, I was lazy to turn them into muffins so I put them in the blender with milk and oats. That’s when I realized that overripe bananas are really good for digestion. I always do that since then.

4) Is the salt in your shaker clumping? Put a few grains of rice into the shaker to absorb excess moisture.  You don’t have to worry about the grains of rice – as far as I know, salt shakers have small holes, so the grains would not fit into the hole. 😛

5) Adding a little bit of baking soda to dish water will help to remove pungent odors from utensils and dishes. I must try this myself.

6) Another way to spread icing more easily on a cake is to sprinkle the top with flour as soon as the cake is removed from the oven. I always struggle putting an icing on a cake. There’s nothing wrong if I try this the next time I bake a cake. And that will be soon. 😛

7) Store spices in a cool, dark place that is not above the stove. Humidity, light, and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor. I always keep my spices away from the heat [or oven] to prevent them from sticking together or from losing their flavor.

8) Added just a pinch too many of salt to your soup? A raw potato added to the soup white cooking absorbs the extra sodium. Toss a chunk in the pot and let it linger in there until the soup is appealing to your tastes. I don’t think I overdo the salt on my soups or any dish. I’ve always been afraid of salt. Um, if I overdo salt on scrambled eggs, what do I do?? 😀

9) Place dough in the freezer for a few minutes to prevent it from sticking to the rolling pin. 

10) Pour oil into a pan that has already been preheated. This will prevent sticking later on. Only add vegetables to a saucepan if they begin to sizzle upon impact. To check if the oil is hot enough to add vegetables, flick a few drops of water into the pan – if the oil makes a sizzling sound, it’s ready. Ha! This impatient girl is always not patient enough to wait for the oil to be preheated enough. 😛 I will try next time, okay?

Do you have anything to add? Or have you tried some of these? Please leave your comments below. 😉

xx Jhuls

Introducing ‘new’ Bloggers #10

So I am on #10 of this series.

Wohooo! I am so happy to tell you that I have already brought you 50 bloggers including these new bloggers:


The Blonde Girl Blog – Lisa is a self-confessed cookie monster – she pops them like potato chips. (I could relate with that when it comes to marshmallows.) I love her being a perfectionist “I’m a perfectionist….when it comes to mastering baking/cooking skills (Try….fail….and try again! And THEN – most importantly – write everything down! So that you don’t forget what’s worked and what hasn’t! Or how you’ve “tweaked” a recipe!)” (Oh, boy! I was trying to write the recipe of a dish I cooked last month to post it on the blog in the future, but I cannot remember everything. I will write down them first and adjust what needs to be adjusted. Thanks for this tip, Lisa.) There are lots of things I love about Lisa. I may have not interacted with her yet, but I love everything on her ‘About’ page. And I just love this Vegetarian Nachos Supreme – another way o enjoying Nachos. 😉

Malu Kaya Adventures – When I first stumbled upon this blog, I was trying to think what Malu Kaya means. Is that a name of the blogger? Then I found out that Malu Kaya means ‘shy coconut jam’ (according to her ‘About’ page). I thought, maybe this another amazing blogger is a shy-type person and loves coconut jam. 😀 Malu Kaya shares many amazing recipes. I just love these Chocolate Eclairs – it makes me want to lick my screen. 😛 And this Baked Penne! Oh my! I need to get myself some tomato sauce.

Abbi’s Baking Days – Abigail moved to London to study baking course. She finished the course and starting to put the things she has learned into reality. She loves cakes “I’m a pretty big cake-a-holic with a serious addiction to anything sweet…” And she has made the Gooeyest Chocolate Brownies which I need to make soon. But, take note that these bars of goodness are not suitable for the ones who are on diet. I am not. 😛

Gluten Free Treats – “When I was first diagnosed, I went through the usual stages of grief – pining for all my favourite treats that I could no longer indulge.” That’s when Mac (or I wanted to call him Uncle Mac) started to recreate those favorite treats into gluten free. I love reading his stories especially when it comes to her special needs daughter, Rachel. I love how they bond in the kitchen and I love the sound of Rachel being her sous chef. 😉 One of the cutest are these Gluten Free Egg Yolk Cakes, in which of course, Rachel did the decorations. [Uncle] Mac also made it to the last FF, so you might have met him already.

The Salted Cookie – Even without the ‘About’ page (Please tell me that I am not blind.), I instantly liked The Salted Cookie’s blog. I loved how she acted like a 4-year old child when she was in a cookware store. I loved how she wanted to freak out in that store seeing all the stuffs. Who wouldn’t, anyway? 😀 And from that store, she got donut pan (which I got very jealous) and made these gorgeous Browned Butter Glazed Cinnamon Donuts I am not a huge fan of cinnamon, but, gosh! Just look at them.

That’s all I have for you now, my dear friends. Thank you for being here again. I really appreciate you stopping by and checking out these awesome blogs.

Wishing everyone a wonderful time! ❤

xx Jhuls

{Guest Post @ Simply Vegetarian} Chopseuy

(This is a scheduled post; I will reply to you when fasting hours is up.)

Sonal is one of the most amazing good friends here in the blogging community. She creates wonderful, wonderful dishes and one of the things that I was really starstruck are these Aam Papad or Mango Fruit Leather Strips. The first thing I thought of? I would never be patient enough to wait for five hours. 😀 But did I read it correctly that she called me naughty?? Hmm! Am I? Am I? No worries, Sonal. I know I am… in a funny way, maybe? 😛

Now, let’s talk about  my guest post:

[I think] back in April, Sonal @ Simply Vegetarian 777 invited me to do a guest post. As far as I can remember, I immediately said ‘Yes’, as if I am a vegetarian who knows a lot of vegetarian dishes. I trusted myself enough to come up with something.

My friend used to bring me Falafels and I told her, they were delicious. Those Falafels have no strong taste and smell, so I liked it. Also, they were so light and so crunchy. They also go with a spicy sauce (not Tahini) and I love spicy – I really loved the sauce. Since the day I have eaten those, they stuck in my mind. So you would see me walking with a Falafel balloon over my head. 😀 Falafels were the first choice for my guest post. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out so well. What happened, you ask? (a) The cumin powder overpowered the Falafels. And cumin is not a very good friend of mine for now. (b) The recipe does not include baking powder, so I did not get the texture I wanted – lighter Falafels. No eggs, either. (c) The Falafels are dense and heavy. Imagine Falafel Rocks. 😀

Not that they were not delicious, but cumin and I have not gotten along so well up to this moment. So I saved half of the mixture, then I mixed one egg and baking powder and they were better. I did not take a photo because I don’t want to share something I don’t 100% like.

I did not try the second choice, so I proceeded with the third one. It was a vegetable soup, but the photo was taken by a person who has been in the kitchen for hours and baked two treats, cleaned up the mess. I was just too tired to take photos and I did not pay attention to the light.

So, what now? I promised Sonal that I will be emailing her on the month of June. She told me that she’d bug me on the end of May, and she did. I told her to move it on June. When I mentioned that my attempt was not successful, she then asked me if I would like to move it on July… I said ‘No.’ I know I’d come up with something else and I knew it was that vegetable soup. And the photo failed me. That’s when I started asking my dear BFF, Google. It gave me many recipes, but nothing caught my eye except for Ratatouille. I have not tried making it, but it seemed very easy. I came to my friend (not Google this time)

Me: You know what, I already have something for Sonal – Ratatouille, (showing her the recipe)

B: Um, that’s good, too. Vibrant colors and seems easy to do.

Me: Yeah! I don’t think I will fail this time. The Falafels failed me. The photo of the third one failed me. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time.

I was just listing the ingredients I need for the Ratatouille, and the same day…

B: (on a chat) Hey, why don’t you try Chop Suey?

Me: Ohhh! Yes!! Brilliant idea. Ok! Ok! That’s perfect for the guest post.

And here comes the Chop Suey:



Please see my guest post for Sonal to get the recipe. 😉 And I am bringing this to Angie’s place at The Novice Gardener. Thank you, Angie and to our co-hosts for today. ❤

 Along with this, I am also sharing you some photos I posted on my Instagram.

During the second week of Ramadan, I had the chance to revisit one of my recipes – Lemon and Herb Roasted Chicken. I was searching for recipes and I told myself ‘Hey, you have a blog. Why don’t you check your blog for recipes?’ 😀 I was just a little disappointed as I put too much lemon, so it was more like a lemony-much roasted chicken. 😛

photo (2)

…and I also made Sonal’s Hasselback Potatoes – oh! I loved it. I will be making some soon and take good photos.


…and sweet and sour meatballs –

photo (1)

…and I did have some fruits for smoothies –


Happy FF#24! 

(New to Fiesta? Click the image below for the guidelines.)


Enjoy the weekend and enjoy the party!!

xx Jhuls



Tricky Tuesday #5: Common Cooking Mistakes

There are times that we encounter mistakes when we cook or bake. Have we changed that? Or did we learn from our mistakes? Me? Not all the time. I kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over again, especially when more patience is needed. 😀 So what did I get with not following the ‘rules’ or not trying to correct my mistakes? Not so good results and a sad face all day!

From this day onwards, I will try to correct those mistakes. Take note – I will try; I will not promise to try… but I will try. 😀


1) You don’t read the entire recipe before you start cooking.

Of course, it is advisable to read the recipe before proceeding to cook or bake. This happened to me before. The next thing I know, my ingredients are not all available. Good thing is, I was not lazy to go out to buy the missing ones. It is better to check the ingredients first and prepare them before you start cooking or baking.

2) You overcrowd the pan.

I know that patience is virtue, but it is really not one of mine. When searing a beef of chicken, I used to overcrowd my pan because I am so impatient to do them in batches. The meat may look good on the outside or when you just look at them, but in fact, they are mostly soggy. It is always best to leave a breathing room in the pan to get good results.

3) You turn the food too often.

Hmm, I am so guilty. Not only I turn the food too often, I also open the cover more than often to check the soup or stew I am cooking. 😛 In case you are frying a chicken and you keep turning them too often, you will lose the breading. Or you will not develop a nice crust.

4) You put all the salt in the marinade or breading.

Ahh! This has been another problem of mine. I always notice that when I fry chicken, the chicken it self is tasteless (especially when using chicken breasts). I thought I was just afraid to put too much salt in the marinade or breading, but I guess I was not. In case of using marinade, you put all the salt in the marinade and when you throw the marinade, you throw the salt. According to my BFF, Google, it is best not to put all the required salt in the breading or marinade – let’s say use a little salt in the marinade, and then directly sprinkle the rest of slat required [or the majority of the salt] to the meat itself. As to breading, you can sprinkle the salt directly on the meat and coat with your breading.

5) Sunken chocolate chips.

Now, this trick has never been an issue to me. 😀 There are cases that when you bake a loaf or muffins with chocolate chips, blueberries [or other dried fruits], they go all the way down to the bottom. The solution is a dash of flour. (This is the first trick I have learned.) What to do? Just toss the chocolate chips or blueberries with about a tablespoon of flour before folding them in. Say, you put your chips (not Lays or Doritos – chocolate chips, for example) in a separate container, toss them with a tablespoon of flour and set them aside. You continue with the mixing the dry and wet ingredients; you now fold in the chips-flour mixture. When mixed well, then you are good to go. I promise you a loaf or muffin with chips or blueberries beautifully spread. Just look these Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins I made.

Have you encountered these things? I would love to hear your story. Do you have something that you would like to add? Please tell me. 🙂

xx Jhuls