Introducing ‘new’ Bloggers #9

Hello, dear friends! Thank you for checking out the previous set of bloggers I have introduced to you. Today, I am bringing you another set. 😉 I am lucky to have found bloggers last week. 😀


Speak Lyfe – Haley has said goodbye to stress + hours of studying to embrace adulthood as she has graduated from College. I love these lines from her ‘About’ page: ‘I’m passionate with so many things, embrace all of life’s opportunities, and cherish every moment spent with the people I love. I’ve been dealt a small hand of challenges, but am so happy with where it’s gotten me in life. I lead a healthy lifestyle by staying active and taking care of my body.’ Hmm, can you sense that Haley is full of positivity? I love that. And since she leads a healthy lifestyle, she shares many amazing oatmeal recipes but this S’mores Oatmeal really caught my attention. I mean, c’mon… S’mores and oatmeal? I am sure to give that a try some time.

Sugar Coated Baking – Baking and cooking are just some of the things that make Lyne happier. She loves spending her time in reading food blogs and magazines. Also, she could bake and bake desserts in a week. (I wish I could do that, too!) From her words: ’This blog started as a baking blog but with time, we came to the conclusion that I was cooking for the same reasons as baking: because it is a source of happiness. Nothing makes me happier than making a meal from scratch and sharing it with my loved ones.’ I left a message on her ‘About’ page the recipes are so enticing. Can you tell me that these Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes are not tempting? Or how about this Chicken Burger with Apple and Mango Chutney? It’s okay to drool over them, you know. 😉

Nina’s Vegan Recipes – Nina loves art, but she also loves cooking. ‘My love for cooking came just last year, when I moved into a new apartment and faced the challenge of having to feed myself. Before that, I barely knew how to even boil water!’ She was not a vegan, but she is now. Her blog encourages us to eat right and shows us the importance of eating healthy. She has been living a happier life since she started being vegan. I love, love pasta so this recipe of Tomato Basil Creamy Gluten-Free Pasta and Sauce just makes me crave for pasta. And whoa! Check this Gluten Free Vegan Black Bean Fudge Brownie it looks so moist and oh so healthy, too.

 …and for the last two bloggers, I want to thank again Sarah @ Sarah’s Little Kitchen for bringing me two ‘new’ bloggers. Well, not exactly new to blogging as they have started blogging for years now and have more than 5,000 followers. In other words, they are new to Sarah and me. 😉

 I bring you Sarah’s ‘new’ found bloggers:

Allison Eats – I love her about page and especially this sentence: “Food has always been a big part of my life. Growing up with a foodie mom who has always impressed me with her cooking abilities has been a big inspiration.” Her latest post are the Strawberry Macarons, which look divine! I’m a sweet tooth so I always check the sweets! I have to say that Allison’s Cupcakes are looking great! The photographs are also very, very beautiful! Don’t worry, Allison doesn’t only make delicious sweets, she also makes healthy food. For example this fresh juice! I would love to share many other dishes with you but I’m afraid I would have to list all of her recipes then… (I have the same picks when I visited Allison’s blog, Sarah!) 

My second blogger isn’t a newbie either. Rosemary has been blogging since November 2010 and has over 5000 followers as well.

Cooking in Sens -Her about page tells us that she’s very international. She is American but has lived internationally for the last 30 years! How amazing!
Rosemary’s latest post is about Magret de Canard (one of my absolute favourite dishes!!!) You should definitely check out those photographs! Oh god, so tasty and beautiful! Rosemary is also very funny. Her post about ‘What Mr. Parret Likes‘ is quite entertaining! (look at the photographs, again!) She has so many wonderful recipes! I guess Rosemary likes the French cuisine very much (so do I) and she’s not such a sweet tooth as I am since most of her recipes aren’t sweets. But that doesn’t stop me from loving her blog!

 Well, Sarah, you did a very good job and I really appreciate you helping me with this series.

Just a quick something about Sarah – she found me first. When she liked some of my posts, I didn’t have any idea that she was already following me. When I came to visit her back [and of course, followed back], I was thrilled to know what aside from we love sweets, we also love Laura Vitale. 😀 Since then, we start liking and commenting each on other’s post. I love Sarah’s sweets, but I could not imagine myself doing those pretty decorative things on her cupcakes. Her latest dessert she has brought on FF table was amazingly delicious – Raspberry Cheesecake. I always say that cheesecakes are not so friendly with my migraine… but if I would make a cheesecake, I’d definitely try this. And one day, I will. Um, a mini version would do… right, Sarah? 😀

Thanks again, Sarah! Sending you hugs… ❤

xx Jhuls


16 thoughts on “Introducing ‘new’ Bloggers #9

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Sugar Coated on this page What a wonderful way to connect people and discover new blogs. You are doing a wonderful job and I am very excited to be following you. All that best, – Lyne.

    1. It’s my pleasure, Lyne. You have such an amazing blog and I couldn’t just pass by without noticing your awesome recipes. ❤ Thank you so much for following my blog and for liking my Facebook page. 🙂

  2. This is such an awesome idea Jhuls! I’m so beyond flattered you mentioned my blog and from your kind words. You’re too sweet, thank you so much and certainly keep in touch ❤

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