{Guest Post @ Creating Beauty in the Kitchen} Mustard Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa

The first guest post I did for Sonal @ Simply Vegetarian 777 made my mind busy. Considering the fact that doing full vegetarian dishes is not that difficult because you can choose any veggies you prefer – no difficult requirements, I still did worry that things will not turn out well. I was beyond happy that it did and eating something vegan is not that bad. I did feel proud of myself. It almost made me fainted, but I made it.  😀

I was not expecting another invitation in the midst of a crazy week… and if I did, I thought I’d say ‘No’. 😐

When Lori invited me to do a guest post, I was in the middle of super crazy week. If I could remember it correctly, that was Wednesday (last week) and she needed the guest post entry to be emailed to her latest by Sunday. One thing you should know about me during Ramadan is I don’t cook new stuffs as I would not be able to taste it completely. I bake, yes. But not cooking, as cooking needs adjustments, especially when you are cooking something new. Before this guest post, I have cooked a new dish and it turned out good. But cooking a new dish with a ‘special requirement’ seems scary challenging.

Lori was so supportive that she even sent me which ingredients are on the naughty side and the nice ones. As expected, most of the things I consume are on the naughty side. 😀 So that really made me think [a lot]. I am so glad that my senses came back and checked recipes from Lori’s blog instead of asking my BFF, Google.

Please check my guest post for Lori and you’ll find out what I did with the two recipes I found. 😉


My heart was racing (I am not kidding) when I was making this. I always do when I get out of my comfort zone and cook something new and ‘unusual’. I am so happy that this turned out well and I couldn’t believe it that I made something low-glycemic! 😀 Um, not ready yet for the ‘no refined sugars’, Lori. One day.


Thank you so much for the invitation, Lori. Even though my hands were shaking and my heart was racing when I made this, I had fun. You made me more proud of myself and made me realize that I could make a dish minus all the ‘naughtiness’. 😀 I know you are having fun now. We await for your stories and we surely do miss you already.

If you have not bumped in into Lori yet, please do. Lori is so funny, supportive, bubbly, amazing… Um, do I have to say again that she loves making mess in the kitchen? 😀 For more low-glycemic, no refined sugars and mostly gluten-free recipes, please visit Lori @ Creating Beauty in the Kitchen.

PS: When the tummy is empty, the brain is empty… I’ll get back to responding your comments on my previous posts soon. Thank you dear friends! ❤

36 thoughts on “{Guest Post @ Creating Beauty in the Kitchen} Mustard Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa

  1. Love this dish! Sometimes I forget about using lime instead of lemon and I happen to LOVE lime! Thanks for posting and reminding me 😉

          1. Nothing much – maybe just meet some friends and buy some chocolates and book(s). 😀 Well, after the Eid prayer and breakfast. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Fae! You never fail to leave heart-warming comments. ❤

      I am supposed to be joining a virtual Eid Party, but haven't received an update on my email yet. I will post something that we always have for Eid and other gatherings. 🙂

    1. I am happy with both of you took advantage of me. 😀 And I am happier that I have proved something to myself that I can do vegetarian and low-glycemic. Who knows? I might do vegetarian and low-glycemic party one day? 😉

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