Tricky Tuesday #7: Contributions

I just can’t go on without posting something for Tricky Tuesdays. I’ve thought of posting something with an ‘extra’ effort from me, but my body and brain are still not up to doing something.

 So for today’s Tricky Tuesday, I will bring you something from our dear friends, Mac @ Gluten Free Treats and Afra @ Afra Cooking.

From Mac’s words:

When working with glace cherries/sweet fruits, wash them first and then dry or flour coat.

Cakes browning – 3/4 way through, check and if necessary cover with greaseproof paper with a small hole about 1″

Oven anxiety – try and not peek until 3/4 of way through cooking time. (I know, I know, it is so tempting!)

Oven temps – get a thermometer and check your temps against your settings. The older ovens get, the more they vary. And allow the 20 degree rule for fan ovens.

Mise on place (everything ready beforehand) is great until the kids help out and the chocolate / cream / mix mysteriously evaporates 🙂 Make allowances by having some small bowls for them to test/ sample.

And here is the one from Afra:

When squeezing excess moisture out of grated zucchini or similar do not use a cloth (all that picking off bits) but use your potato ricer instead.

Thank you, Uncle Mac and Afra. I really appreciate these tips/tricks. ❤


Would you like to contribute some? Or just want to chat? Please leave your comments below.


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