“JOY” by Jodi @ Life in Between (a guest post)

Aside from cooking and baking, I also love other things – sewing, crafting/DIYs and cross stitch. Um, those are before the busy days – long moons ago. 😀 But I have to confess that I can’t create my own style, which makes me so uncreative.

I feel so amazed by the people who could create such beauty; that’s why I got hooked with Jodi’s cards. Just check one of the cards… AH-MAH-ZING!!

I was surprised when Jodi emailed me, telling me that she’d love to do a guest post for me. She asked me what do I want and I was not shy to say that DIY would be great. She loves cooking and baking as well, so her blog is really wonderful to visit.

So for today’s FF, I want you to meet a new friend with such great talents.

Friends, I bring you Jodi –

Hi All –

My name is Jodi McKinney.  I am a relatively new blogger who blogs at lifeinbetween.me.  I have come to “know” Jhuls through the wonderful recipes and posts she writes at TheNotSoCreativeCook. 

I don’t know a lot about Jhuls, but I do know:

  1. She is a more creative cook than her blog title gives her credit for 🙂
  2. She was one of the first bloggers that made me feel welcomed into the blogging world, and is a continuous source of encouragement and kindness
  3. When she wrote a post in early August that she was needing to take time off from her blog in September and asked for volunteer guest posts, I knew I wanted to help.

I know this blog is typically filled with great recipes (and I do love to cook and bake and share recipes), but Jhuls asked if I would share a “DIY” post, as that is another passion of mine.

So for my guest post, I want to share a card I made.  This card is dedicated to Jhuls, because though I do not know the reason for her need to be off for a month, I want her to know the joy she brings to her readers and wish her continued joy in her life.

best of butterflies

The card I am sharing was an early card in my stamping/card-making hobby days, but is still one of my all-time favorites, and one I still have saved and have not sent to anyone yet.  I think I love it more because my son, Nick, who is one of my best critics, told me it is one of his favorites.  🙂

For the card, I used a patterned embossing folder to create the pattern on the orange card stock as well as the embossed part of the top white layer.  I then stamped the butterflies with black ink, colored them in using markers and a water brush to create a watercolor look.  I then used some glitter glue to embellish, cut them out, and used dimensional foam pieces to adhere them to the card and raise them up a bit from the card stock.  I then stamped the “JOY” sentiment and added some rhinestone jewels to add a pop of embellishment.

butterfly joy 1

In this day and age of computers, tablets, smart phones, and all the other various technology we love and use to communicate with quickly and instantly, there is a real joy in receiving a handwritten (and even more so in a handmade) card or letter that someone had to take the time to write/make, address, and place postage on (or hand deliver) that can be kept and cherished and show the recipient how much they mean to the sender.

I hope Jhuls, as well as all of her blog readers, feels the “Joy” I hope to convey through this handmade card.   

butterfly joy 2

Take good care, Jhuls, and we will all look forward to welcoming you back in October.

Cheers & Hugs,



You are right, Jodi. There is a joy in receiving actual card – it means a lot to the receiver. It is made with love.

Thank you so much for making this and I must say that your message really made my day. ❤ I hope to return the favor to you.

Thank you to the ever kind, Angie, and to our co-hosts.

Happy FF#34!

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Enjoy the weekend and enjoy the party!!


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37 thoughts on ““JOY” by Jodi @ Life in Between (a guest post)

  1. Lovely post. I have so many beautiful hand-made cards from my artistic friends and family, and I cannot bear to throw one out, even though some of them are very old. So I understand your hanging onto that one beauty.

  2. Very sweet of you to share you “favorite” for Jhuls. I love handmade cards, they show the true love put into the sentiment. I miss Jhuls but am happy you are hear to step in to help her.

  3. Hi Jhuls and Jodi – what a lovely post! Jodi, it is really lovely of you to help Jhuls out and your cards are so pretty that I can see why she asked you to feature one! Really lovely work – I love your handwriting too! Thank you for bringing this gorgeous card to the party Ladies – Happy Fiesta Friday!!

    1. Selma, you always leave happy and encouraging comments. I am so blessed to have you as my blogging buddy. I hope to get in touch with you soon. I missed you! ❤

  4. Happy Fiesta Friday Jodi and Juhls! I love this card! I would love to see others that you have made… there is most definitely a personal touch that gives the giver the satisfaction and happiness… and the receiver of a hand crafted card the joy in knowing that someone cared enough to take the time and love to put into that gorgeous card. I love making cards, there is a peacefulness to it… yet I haven’t made one in over 10 years! Thank you for sharing…and reminding me just how important and beautiful a hand crafted card truly is… LOVE this post. ❤

    1. Prudy!! I missed you! ❤

      Thank you for leaving this sweet comment while I was away. You could find more cards at Jodi's blog. And I am sure you already looked at them?

      Enjoy the rest of your week, Prudy. ❤

    1. I have tried making lots of cards when I was young, Andrea. When these electronic stuffs came into our world and you know that there are many of them, you can find few people making these kind of cards. I am lucky that Jodi shared one of them. ❤

  5. I love these cards! While I’m not quite as creative as either of you, I ALWAYS send postcards to my friends. (Seriously, I have a list of almost 20 people I sent postcards to when I travel now, including my old academic advisor who is awesome.) While most 20-somethings don’t know that snail mail exists, they LOVE to receive postcards, and I even get a bunch in return. Maybe some day, I’ll become as fancy with my cards as y’all. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend, and happy FF. 😀

  6. Lovely post Jodi and Jhuls! Jodi- beautiful card! I have only had a chance to make my own cards once, but I absolutely loved it! Wonderful card, and I love what you said about Jhuls! So true! I made sure to hop over to your blog and am going to enjoy following it. I love DIY! 🙂

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