Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #16

Woohoooo! I am back with another five wonderful blogs. 😀 I hope you take some time to visit them. ❤


Antics in Cooking – “Learning how to cook one step at a time, sharing terrible photos and awesome recipes, and having fun doing it!” Dear Dave, your photos are great and for me, they are perfect because they make me drool. 😀 I love creamy dishes, so this Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Skillet sounds awesome to me. And this little kitchen helper is really worth the mention. 😀  And oh, one more thing before I proceed with the second blogger – check this delicious Beef Enchiladas. ❤

The Grilling Fanatic  – Do all guys love grilling? Well, meet another new found blogger named David and grilling makes him happy – “This is my little corner of the world where I like to post pictures of grill sessions that made me happy. There is no drama here.  No arguments about “real barbecue”.  I don’t care if you use lighter fluid.” Hmm, I think David could help people like me [who is not fond of grilling] how to love grilling and what are the basics. And I don’t mind waiting in the corner with some Fiesta Friday buddies while waiting David to finish grilling up these Classic Summer Grilled Drumsticks. And I should add these Grilled Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches  ❤

This Baking Beauty –  “Although I love sweet treats, I’m also very passionate about fitness. My goal for this blog is to inspire people to do what they love and to look and feel good doing it.” I have been following Emily on her Instagram account, but it slipped my mind that she’s also blogging. (Meaning – I need to hop on to her blog.) And now, I am punishing myself drooling over these Coffee Cake Cookies and Banana Bread Coffee Cake. Well, you can tell that I am a coffee lover. 😀 Please check the rest of her mouth-watering recipes on her blog.

Melady Cooks – “My Mom really is an excellent cook.  I collected her recipes and recipes I cut out of magazines onto little index cards and shoved them into boxes for years.  Sometimes I even made the recipes.” Audrey taught herself how to cook when she went to college at 18. She is a princess at her own castle. And oh, she owns a tiara. 😀 (Ehem, I do, too, Audrey!) Anyway, she’s living with her P.S. (Find our what’s P.S from her About page). And I didn’t know that you could enjoy green beans just like these Fried Green Bean Appetizers

The Travelling Pantry –  “Since I have been interested in food photography and styling, my seemingly pointless (but intriguing) collection now serves a great purpose in cohesion with my cooking and food styling, the animals, maybe less so. The collection will travel with me, wherever I go – there it will be – ‘The Travelling Pantry’”.Wow! Just WOW! Seriously, I am running out of words to say. This blog is one of the best blogs I have ever encountered – photos, recipes… everything!! For the meantime, enjoy these Maple Pecan Pie by Katie.

I hope you have a safe and drooli-cious week. 😉


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16 thoughts on “Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #16

  1. Thank you very much for adding me to your latest new bloggers post! Very glad you enjoy my site, even in its extreme amateurish nature! I have found many awesome blogs by reading your previous new blogger posts, and always look forward to the next. Thank you again!

    v/r Dave

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