thenotsocreativecook at 33 (A Birthday Post)

I usually get excited before my birthday comes; I count days. And not only days, sometimes I say ‘It’s three months before my birthday.’ (Is it crazy?) What makes me so excited? Maybe the gift I’ll get for myself? Or maybe the foods I’ll cook and bake? Maybe both; I can’t tell. Or maybe… it’s the feeling that you get to pamper yourself with anything you can manage. 😀

This year, my excitement went down. I even forgot that my birthday is near until a friend sent me a message saying ’11 days more to go.’ And it got me thinking and counting… and I was like ‘Oh yeah… my birthday is near.’

My birthday was last weekend (October 18). And you know, I could never let it pass without having a present myself – I got myself books. 😀

I was already planning for a dinner – my sister posted a burger steak on her Facebook page and drooled over it. Of course, the recipe came from me. 😉

Sharing with you, I had these on my birthday:

A delicious burger steak (the patties had a little problem and we did not get along when I wanted some for the photoshoot)


…with my homemade creamy mashed potatoes


…along with these purple stuffs 😀


 (and sorry for the blurry photo – the birthday girl slash the migraine girl was exhausted)

Since I started baking, traditionally, my birthday is not complete without Mocha Cake. I was planning to bake one, but one thing has made me changed my mind.


The rest of the story will be told on Friday at (where else?) – Fiesta Friday. 😉

Meanwhile, enjoy these… ❤

thenotsocreativecook-BD3(I apologize again for the blurry photo)



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56 thoughts on “thenotsocreativecook at 33 (A Birthday Post)

  1. Darling, Darling Jhuls, Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are so~ young. You are in the best time of your life, and your womanhood gets better and better as you age. Make sure you enjoy every bit of your youth! You are so~ lovable! 🙂
    Yum, your birthday meal is so inviting. Yum! 😛

    1. Ada!!! It’s so nice to hear from you, and I really missed you. How’s things are going? 😀

      Thank you, Ada. I hope you are okay. Happy Wednesday.

  2. Wow such an over the top birthday feast! But maybe you should treat yourself and have someone else cook on your birthday? Unless your life me and a complete perfectionist lol, cant wait to see the recipe for your purple birthday cake 🙂

    1. Ahh, I wish someone would have done that for my birthday – but my birthday, I cook. Everyone else’s birthday, I cook as well. 😀 And on the perfectionist thing – I may admit one day that I am one when it comes to cooking or baking. Sssshh! 😀

  3. A big Happy Birthday to you my sweet friend! I love that our birthdays are so close together! I am exactly like you with birthdays….but I felt the same way this year…where it just kind of snuck up on me.
    That cake….gorgeous! Can I have a slice please?! 🙂 ❤

    1. Hello, dear friend. It’s really nice to hear from you. I have learned that you are now a busy gal – I missed you. 😦

      I’d be pleased to give you a slice and it’s my birthday so maybe you could eat something naughty for one day? 😀

  4. Belated birthday wishes dear Jhuls😊😀!! It’s so good to see how you keep yourself happy and Fun!! I hope this birthday was so good!! Loved everything you prepared..So we too share the same birthday month-October..❤️🍰🎂

  5. A birthday burger! That’s what I’d have for sure! I hope you post the recipe because it looks so delicious! Happy belated birthday, so funny, my mom (Jean Huls) her birthday is Oct. 17!!!

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