EGGS BENEDICT…WITH LOVE FROM MEXICO by Radhika @ My Tryst with Baking (a guest post)

If there’s one thing I could eat everyday, that should be EGGS. I remember one day, I have eaten four eggs – 2 sunny side up eggs and 2 scrambled eggs. I think that was the time I ran out of recipes to try… or maybe lazy to cook something. So when that day comes, eggs are the answer to an instant meal. And ohhh… soft boiled eggs on a salad? I would kill for it. 😀

So when Radhika asked me to choose among those recipes she’s love to bring to my blog as a guest blogger, I chose eggs. EGGS FOR THE WIN!! Wohooo!! 😀

Apart from Radhika shares amazing recipes, I also love her plating skills. ❤

Thank you for some of you who thinks I am a creative cook, but there are some things (relating to food presentation) that I am not creative at. One of them is plating. That’s why I was so amazed by her talent – such creative gal.

It’s better to stop my envious talk and let me tag along Radhika here at Fiesta Friday. 😉

Eggs Benedict…With Love From Mexico

Jhuls from thenotsocreativecook, her blog name I feel is a total misnomer friends! It’s pretty evident that the lovely Jhuls does not need any introduction as you would definitely be a fan of her blog as I am. Her posts will surely put a smile on your face and her recipes are so much fun. I love the variety of recipes on her blog and the fact that she loves nutella as much as any of us might.. 😀

When Jhuls was looking for volunteers for guest post, I promptly raised my hand. Did I deliver with such punctuality, ummm. That’s debatable I’d say.. 😉 Without further ado, I would like to share with you a dish that has been inspired by Eggs Benedict! It has all the elements of an eggs benedict, the muffins, the poached eggs, the meat, the sauce. It is simply with a twist. 🙂

I love Mexican food, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say I cook a lot of Mexican food at home. I simply don’t but I use a lot of ingredients as they are super tasty and healthy as well. This recipe has been inspired from Cole and it’s quite tasty and refreshing. eggs1

Eggs Benedict…With Love From Mexico

Ingredients :

  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 lime, juiced and zest
  • 1 1/2 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped
  • 1 spring onion, finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp White Vinegar
  • 4 large Coles Brand Free Range Eggs
  • 4 chorizo/ chicken bacon, sliced
  • 1 avocado, peeled, pitted, and mashed roughly
  • 4 English Muffins, split and toasted, Readymade or homemade
  • Salt and black pepper, to taste
  • Mint leaves, for garnishing
  • Spring onion leaves, for garnishing eggs2

Instructions :

English Muffins :

I have used Bonnie’s recipe for english muffins and they turned out to be super delicious! My hubby loved them, I had to ensure there were some left for this recipe.. 😉

Please click here for the recipe. I just made normal size instead of the mini ones. 🙂

Coriander-Lime sauce:
In a medium bowl, combine the lime zest, lime juice, chopped coriander, spring onion.
In a saucepan, heat oil over medium-low heat. Add the lime-herb mixture to the warm oil keeping 1 tbsp aside and remove the pan from the heat.

Poaching the Eggs:
In a large deep saucepan, combine the vinegar and 2 litres of water and bring to a boil over high heat.
Reduce the heat to medium so that the water is just simmering. Crack one egg into a coffee cup and then gently transfer the egg to the simmering water. Repeat with remaining eggs. Allow the eggs to poach about 3 minutes.
Gently remove the eggs from the simmering water and place them in the warm olive oil-lime sauce (off the heat) until ready to serve.

Meanwhile, heat a medium heavy frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the bacon and cook until the edges of the bacon begin to crisp, about 1-2 minutes per side. Drain the cooked bacon on paper towels.
Gently fold the avocado chunks into the reserved 1 tablespoon of lime-herb mixture to coat. Season with salt and pepper.

To serve :
Top each toasted English muffin half with a piece of bacon. Place the avocado on top, and carefully place the poched egg on top of the avocado. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle some of the sauce and garnish with mint and spring onion leaves. Serve immediately.

Bon Apetit!
Bon Apetit!

Wow! I haven’t encountered Eggs Benedict with a touch of Mexico. Amazing recipe, Radhika. I love this so much – thank you so much. ❤ I am so glad to have you today and I am sure the FF crowd will love this. 😀

For more of Radhika, kindly visit her amazing blog at My Tryst with Baking. And ohhh, check these lovely, lovely macarons. 😀


Happy FF#39!


Thank you to the ever kind, Angie, and to our co-hosts.


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39 thoughts on “EGGS BENEDICT…WITH LOVE FROM MEXICO by Radhika @ My Tryst with Baking (a guest post)

  1. Wow, thanks for the link! Love eggs anytime of the day, but Eggs Benedict for breakfast is perfection! Any day would be a amazing with a start off like this. Love! 🙂

  2. Oh man now I want eggs!!!! This looks SOOO good, yummmmmmmmm…. thanks for this recipe, I can’t wait to try it!

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