Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #17

It’s Monday again… and you know why I am here – to bring you another set of ‘new’ bloggers. ❤


Dash Dot Drizzle – Chloe is such a cute and amazing girl. I just love how we share the same obsession with YouTube, with movies and of course – in baking. “Bake. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.” (Haha! Good one, Chloe!) I just love the way she smiles and I love her blog, too. These Red Velvet Cupcakes make me want to bake some again – these are just too beautiful with the Italian Meringue frosting.

Domestic Gothess – I just met Hanna at Fiesta Friday (Again, thanks to Angie!) and I fell in love with her Halloween Two-Tone Rose Red Velvet Cupcakes. Hannah was exposed to the kitchen at an early age and she loved baking since then. “I was given free run of the kitchen to make what I liked…so of course everything was dyed bright colours, filled with marshmallows and covered in sprinkles and glitter…” If you have not met Hannah, let us join her while she uncovers some more yummy recipes.

Fanny, The Foodie – Fanny’s favorite foods are hummus, baked pumpkin and anything with eggplant. (Eggplant? Me, too!) “I haven’t got much else to say, I just love food and eating so much that I wanted to write about my thoughts and creations in my very own blog.” I am glad that Fanny found me, so that led me to her and this Not-So-Ordinary Spaghetti. Well, you have to check out the link why. I just love it.

The Barefoot Baker – “Cooking for friends and family and spending time around the dinner table is one of those great pleasures in life that my lovely mummy has taught me all about.” Tash is called The Barefoot Baker, and I think I don’t have to explain why. Like Tash, I often go around the kitchen (and anywhere at home) without any slippers – it’s fun! 😀 So while Tash is spending her time in the kitchen, let’s us enjoy these Raspberry and White Chocolate Shortbread Sandwich. I hope she doesn’t mind. 😀

My Little Moorish Cooking – As I always say, I admire people who has healthy lifestyles. Charlotte is one of the new people I admire – I just met her few days back and she has so many appetizing recipes that would suit your healthy needs: “This blog is dedicated to allergic, intolerant people, their families and friends but, also, anyone curious to learn new ways of cooking.” And this Peanut and Coconut Curry Chicken got me so excited about trying a new curry recipe.

As always, thank you for your support. I hope you check these blogs out and show them some love. 😀


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16 thoughts on “Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #17

  1. Jhuls, I love all the blogs you find. I’ve read Charlotte No Glu before and it’s right up my alley, but I’ll have to go read some more. AND, even though I can’t eat them, the triple oreo threat cupcakes by Dash Not Drizzle had my mouth watering. Happy Monday! 🙂

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