Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #18

Another weekend has passed, but a new week is here for us to enjoy…

And Monday means meeting new friends –


Born to Bake Forever – “My life long dream is to become famous for my baked goods and have a cooking show of my own.” Yeah, we all have our dreams. Mine is to have a café-library or restaurant of my own. Megan’s passion is baking. She has more time to bake for her large family of ten as she is home-schooled. I really enjoy browsing her recipes and as a lover of sweet and salty, these coconut chips really caught my eye. ❤ Wow – they look so yummy!

Food Bound – Another amazing blogger named Sonal and she just found her new love named ‘Cooking’. Sonal, I think you are going to be together for life. 😀 “This Blog is dedicated to the glass of water that spilled over my recipe notebook, hence motivating me to find a permanent solution.” There’s something writing a recipe down and compiling it on your old folders (or something like that). Sonal shares “Khandani” which, btw, I don’t think I am aware of that. (Somebody enlighten me, please.) One of the awesome recipes I have found from her blog is Egg in a Hash Brown Nest. I mean, c’mon – sunny side up eggs and hash brown nest? Lovely, lovely treat for breakfast. 😀

Yin and Yolk – Yin and Yolk is a new, awesome blog by Leili and Wei. “We each have different approaches to food and we wanted this space to reflect the balance we provide each other. Our collective recipes will be a balance between natural, fresh meals and those that will stretch your waist-band.” I love the balance. I made my way through this Corn and Black Bean Salad which is for me, good for the grilled chicken I will be making today. 😀 Bad thing is, I don’t know if I can find black beans. Anyway, I think I’ll just have this Mushroom and Pepper Omelet for breakfast. 😉 Ahh, there are so many to choose from .

Missives from the Pantry – I stumbled upon Daniel’s blog while looking for more ‘new’ bloggers to introduce… I instantly loved his blog – the recipes are absolutely tempting. This Rocky Road Ice Cream are to die for. And I must say that he has awesome collection of ice creams and sorbets. 😀

Kimberly Dioszeghy – Ahh, I just love Kimberly’s blog – I love her stories (it’s fun to read and it will definitely put a smile on your face or even laugh) and her recipes and photos are astounding! You would definitely love these Vegan Cinnamon Buns and yes, VEGAN! ❤ Well, not only that – check this beautiful Shepherd’s Pie. ❤

 That’s all for now…

See you again next Monday for another set of awesome bloggers. Thank you for being with me today.

Have a fun and drooli-cious day!



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18 thoughts on “Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #18

  1. Thank you Jhuls, for making me a part of your lovely world 🙂 . “Khandaan” means family in Urdu, and “Khandani Recipe” are the ones, passed down by my Grandmother, that have evolved over a period of time 🙂 . Family treasures 😉 Hope this helps …

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