Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #20

I slept exhausted on Thursday night.

Woke up as early as 6 AM on Friday – I was expecting a headache. Before I started thinking what to prepare for breakfast, I opened the email and I found this:

New Picture

Sweet, isn’t it? ❤ And this made my day. I couldn’t help but smile. 😀 I replied to her, telling how I am struggling (I will not deny) to do both series I have on my blog due to the so many things going on. But those things wont make me stop from doing what I love – and that’s bringing more bloggers to be friends with. 😀 I am so over-the-top pleased that this sweet little girl, Sarah, took some of her time to help me. Blogging buddies are not only friends, but a part of your family, too. ❤ Thanks a lot, Sarah. I hope I’d be able to help you someday as well. 😉



Gal On A Mission  This gal on a mission is named Chelsea. I love how active she is at social media 😀 One of my favourite recipes of her are this Butterfinger Fudge and her Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes which are even gluten and sugar free!

The Taylor House  Meet Chrissy! “Chrissy  is an experienced brand ambassadorproduct enthusiast and event participant who has worked with a variety of businesses to enthusiastically promote and endorse their brands!” I can tell that girl knows business! She’s a full-time blogger who will give you 5 posts a week, it’s a promise! I’m not going to select favourite recipes because if you just look at this recipe index of desserts, you’ll know that’s nearly impossible! and you know how much I love desserts… Chrissy gives us way more than “just” food! She shares crafts and travel as well.

Savory Experiments  Meet Jessica! I just LOVE this particular sentence on her about me page: “I am a psychotherapist by day and a mad scientist in the kitchen by night.” She has a wonderful man who eats everything she makes. Don’t they all do that? We all know a man’s love goes through his stomach, right? 😉 I love supportive men 🙂 Jessica makes me want to eat things I’ve never eaten before. Such as this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! I just can’t imagine me eating cookie dough, but those pictures…

Written Reality  Meet Mitzi! “Clinging to visions of the picture-perfect home filled with gourmet meals and tons of family fun, I resigned from my full-time teaching position to take on my new role as a stay-at-home mom.”

If you could touch and eat things you find online, this delicious Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie wouldn’t be known by anyone! Because I would have eaten it right away! 

Pink Recipe Box  Say hello to Nicola! “I am completely, utterly, head-over-heels in love with food. I plan my days around it, I plan my vacations around it, I plan my entire life around it. You could say food has become a bit of an obsession with me. And I could reply that that is a bit of an understatement.” This part of her about me page made me love her already! I mean, isn’t this the purpose of life? 😀

Another part I really really liked: “My first baking memories are of me standing in my grandma’s kitchen, barely tall enough to see over the table, scraping the large wooden spoon along the bright orange mixing bowl and licking the chocolate cupcake batter off. Even though it was so long ago, I can still remember the taste and to this day I have been unable to recreate her gorgeous recipe!” Awwww!
If I were a fancy little girl, I’d now say “Oh my God, we have so much in common!” We even made the same pie! => Banoffee Pie (one of my all-time favourites!) 

I love all these bloggers, Sarah. Those foods you picked – WOW! I couldn’t thank you enough – you are such an angel. ❤

For the other bloggers, stay tuned next Monday. 😉 Oh, and if you have some more bloggers on your mind, please let me know. You can also bring yourself if you like. 😉

Lots of Love,


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