Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #21

Yay! I couldn’t believe I am already in #21 in the Introducing new bloggers series. Introduced 100 bloggers already? Wow. I feel so proud. 😀 But I admit that I had help from some of the amazing blogging buddies (you know who you are) and this time, Sarah, is doing it again.

Five out of seven already made it to last week’s episode. And now, Sarah will bring you the remaining bloggers she has emailed me:

sayhelloMy Adventures in Dinnertime  Meet Amanda! She’s a mom of 2 and a loving wife. She makes amazing things! Take a look at this Chicken Caprese or these beautiful Vanilla Cupcakes. I expect great future posts from her 🙂

Belle of the Kitchen – Aah, meet Belle! When you visit her blog, you’re instant happy! Her blog is colorful and just full of joy!

Her about page starts really good:

That’s me, channeling my inner 5 year old, when I met Belle last summer at Disney World! I was beyond excited. My husband thought I was the world’s biggest nerd for forcing us to wait in line amongst real 5 year olds to meet her, take pictures, and get her autograph! But I didn’t care. You’re never too old to meet your favorite princess.”

Haha that could have been me!

To share a little about myself, I’m an army wife and mom of two. Well, three, if you count the big, lazy bulldog who meanders through my house.”

Love it!

Here are some of my favourite recipes: 1st Birthday Smash Cake, Pumpkin Spice Coffee & Oreo White Chocolate Chip Cookies.

(Sarah said that I could find a photo of her and Belle, but I could not access some website (saying that there’s a site error) for how many days and it makes me sad not to see some amazing sites. But, I will make sure to visit again and check.)

I have stumbled these two blogs as well and I loved them in an instant. Good choices, Sarah. Again, thank you so much. ❤

To complete, check out the other three  bloggers:

Violets & Vanilla – Violets & Vanilla’s Cake are super duper amazing. One of the things that makes me WOW is the decoration of the cake. I am bad at decorating cakes (or anything related to decoration) so when I saw this blog, I thought ‘Oh, cake!’ She loves sweets as much as she loves spices, so we could expect sweet & spicy stuffs from her. Now, I am so jealous of the beauty of this Naked Wedding Cake. I should be taught on how to decorate.

She Loves Eating

Going vegan was the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t even tell you how glad I am that this happened.

She Loves Eating grew up in a vegetarian family… though, at some point, she has eaten meats as well. I was very inspired by her story on how she became vegan. Well, I don’t think I’ll turn vegan anytime soon, but I just love stories about how people became vegan – about how they can resist the meat and anything unvegan (new word?). And this is what I call happy pancakes – Coconut Pancakes with Chocolate Puree. 😀

Salted and Sweet

I’m Carly, a girl with a passion for making messes in her kitchen and a dream to move to Paris and start a bakery.”

I instantly love Carly’s blog. Not only because of the yummy foods, but I love her stories that go along with the recipes as well. I love stories about making a mess. 😀 I admit that nothing could beat the classics, so do these Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I hope you take time to visit these blogs, I tell you – they are amazing.

Lots of Love,


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