Tricky Tuesday #16: Selma’s Tips & Tricks

When I started my blog, Tips & Tricks is one of  the pages that I want to have. But due to the billions of useful info/stuffs, I don’t know how to choose the best of the best. I may give you so many points and I am not sure if you’ll keep on reading once you’re tired. 😀 So I decided to make a post instead during Tuesdays.

Selma @ Selma’s Table told me that I can use her Tips & Tricks found on her blog and I was so happy. I know someday I will share them to you. If you know Selma, you might have already checked those things out. If not, then I’ll give you some of my favorites. She has so many info to share – from citrus to water, butter to baking, and also about knives.

As I said, I will give you some points:

  1. To get more juice out of lime halves that you have started squeezing , dunk them in and out of a bowl of water and give them a final squeeze. This is a trick used in professional kitchens according to Raymond Blanc.
  2. Slicing a lemon or lime vertically from stem end to nose also makes it easier to juice.
  3. Weighing liquid like water or milk is more accurate than measuring the volume. So if you need a 100ml of milk or water, pop your container on the scales, reset to zero and weigh out 100g.
  4. When folding beaten egg whites into a batter, use a large stainless steel spatula/spoon to do so. A rubber spatula deflates the mixture as it drags through the bubbles whereas the steel glides through preserving the bubbles that you have worked so hard to whip up.
  5. Keep used/empty butter wrappers in the freezer and use to prepare baking tins.
  6. Use cocoa powder rather than flour to prepare a tin when making chocolate cake.
  7. There is no need to sift flour and baking powder etc. Place the ingredients in a bowl and whisk well with a hand whisk to aerate and blend. The only time I sift, is when the ingredients like cocoa or icing sugar are lumpy.
  8. Store tomatoes, stem end down if they are off the vine. This stops moisture loss and bacteria entry and extends their shelf life too. Don’t store them in the fridge – the cold turns their starched mealy.
  9. Wooden chopping boards are kindest to knives. Plastic too. Don’t use anything really hard to chop on, like glass, tiles or steel as this will blunt the blade.
  10. Acid also blunts the blade, so if you have sliced tomatoes or lemons, give it a quick rinse.

See? Her tips and tricks are amazing. And there are more.Please hop on to Selma’s Tips & Tricks page.

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4 thoughts on “Tricky Tuesday #16: Selma’s Tips & Tricks

  1. Oh wow Jhuls – I’m on Tricky Tuesday!! *happy dance* Thank you so much for featuring my Tips and Tricks page this week!! I think that you picked some really good ones – quite a lot of them for baking – haha!! A really important one is NOT to put your lovely sharpened knives in the dishwasher as the detergents will blunt the blades! Thanks again xxx

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