Dear New Bloggers, I am happy to find all of you. If I am not mistaken, you just started your blog recently and I know you’d like to meet new friends. I love new friends. Do you? 😀 If your answer is YES, I am inviting you to join Fiesta Friday. If you have not heard of it, Fiesta Friday is a virtual party happening during Fridays (of course!) hosted by the amazing Angie @ The Novice Gardener. Also, we have different co-hosts every now and then. 😀 So what do you get when you join the party? Amazing friends and drool-licious treats (recipes) …and much more. 😀 I promise you – you’ll never feel left-behind – Fiesta Friday people are so welcoming and so entertaining. 😉 But if your answer is NO (what on earth?!), your answer is still YES!! 😛 Okay, enough chatting and here are the new bloggers for today: sayhello Will Run For Food – Alex is a lover of food and workouts. In her blog, not only you would enjoy those drooling healthy recipes, but also her workout ideas.

I do put in some extra mileage for food. This is actually a great way to trick yourself into doing a longer run; two of my longer runs this year resulted from this strategy and I barely even noticed! It is also a great way to break up the monotony that running or working out everyday can sometimes bring.”

And I would definitely run to get these Mint Brownies. 😀   Liliterati –

“Hi, my name is Lili. I don’t really like school. I like to bake cupcakes, and vanilla candles. I have weird taste in music. If I was rich, I’d only buy hardcover books. I like to pretend that I am a good photographer. I speak 3 languages fluently.”

Haha! Yes, I copied everything from her ‘About’ page. 😀 I loved Lili’s blog instantly the moment I stumbled upon her. We have something in common – cupcakes, candles and books. 😀 Lili not only shares sweet stuffs, but also savory ones – check this Healthy Vegetarian Curry. 😉   Sugar Smile Baking – Just the blog names make me smile – sugar, smile and baking? Now, who wouldn’t love that? 😀

This blog is simply about my love for all things baking. Treat yourself to one of my simple recipes!

Hmm, most of the time, all we need is a simple recipe. 😉 And this, my friends, are making me drool – Easy Baked Cheesecake.   Baking with Zombies

I like to bake and while doing so, I listen to an obscene amount of audio books (most of them being apocalyptic in nature).  Some people may call me a nerd but I say I’m, well…. maybe I am a nerd.

That answers your questions, my friends, if you have been curious about the blog name like me. 😀 And baking while listening to an audiobook seems inspiring as this Blackberry Kiwi Pavlova looks absolutely made in heaven. ❤   Simply Annie Lee

My blog will mostly consist of my everyday life, things I enjoy, living our Alaskan dream, more about myself and my family, and whatever else may come up.

Annie loves lots of things – hiking, DIY, health/fitness, hunting/fishing, baking, coffee and more. I think simplicity a theme on her blog (as the blog names says) and also these Coconut Macaroons – they are so simple, yet so divine.

I hope you visit these blogs and add them to your new friends. 😉 If you have new bloggers that you wanted me to include in the list, drop me an email and tell me why you love them.  Have a fab week.


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