{Guest Post @ BB&B} Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies (Mallow Cookies)

Who loves Monday? Raise your forks!

Hello? Is anybody here? Ugh! I guess I have to convince you to love Mondays.


How about I tell you that Prudy @ Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs is having this Just Another Cookie Monday series? Now, you will change you mind about Mondays… just like I did. 😀 Prudy just made my day brighter when I knew about that. Who doesn’t love cookies? 😛

Prudy is an amazing person. I could not really enumerate all the reasons why she is an amazing person. I don’t think it can be counted by my fingers. But to give you a little introduction for those who doesn’t know her – Prudy is a very generous person. She has a good heart. She is always there to lift your spirit and always believes in you. If you need sunshine on your day, Prudy will give some to you. 😉

On to my guest post –


(Click here to get the recipe. I have not provided Prudy all the messy shots (in-the-making shots) due to the reason that I don’t want her blog/post to be messy. 😛 )

I feel so honored to be a guest at Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs. And I feel more than happy that she loved what I had for her. ❤ (Prudy, I am so happy about our chat yesterday. Let’s chat again?) 😀


Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies or Mallows are my favorites since I knew how to eat. 😀 I remember how my Mom kept those Mallows boxes as they were always devoured very fast. But I guess I wanted to be a detective when I was a child as I always find out those boxes. And the next thing my Mom finds out is an empty box of Mallows. 😛 Well, one box contains only six, so you’d not expect me to leave something behind. 😀

Making these babies was a challenge for me. If you know me well, you know that I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again for hours. But I promised myself that 2015 will be full of challenging bakes for me. So when Prudy invited me before the end of 2014, I just had to look for something where I could start that challenge.

As I have said in my guest post, I had encounters few problems:

(1) I had thin and thick biscuits:


(2) My meringue did not reach the stiff peak stage. I know when your meringue reaches the stiff peak stage, but let’s say I was too eager to see those little kisses on top of the biscuits. My friend was helping and she was the one beating the egg whites when I told her to stop, giving me an “are you sure?” look. I confidently said Yes. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm did not let that happen. Do you know that feeling when you are imagining how your cookies would look like and at the end, you messed it up? See how my meringue looked like. 😐



I should have listened to her. 😦 The meringue could have given that beautiful kisses look.

(3) The melting of the chocolate – butter and chocolate alone did not work for me. I mean, I did something like that before, but I don’t know what happened. I suspect I overcooked the chocolate. What do you think? I had to add warm cream to thin it. At the end, it worked.




After all those encounters, still, these Mallows are perfect. Nobody… and I say NOBODY could ever resist these babies. 😀


I hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to head over to Prudy’s place for more amazing recipes. Believe me, this girl is worth keeping. So what are you waiting for? 😀

See you next time.


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55 thoughts on “{Guest Post @ BB&B} Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies (Mallow Cookies)

  1. Ooh these look amazing – You are right that no-one could possibly resist them! I have to admit to quite liking a monday – Its the anticipation of what could happen during the week ahead. Thanks loads for joining in with #Bakeoftheweek New linky up later x

  2. Those look so good, I love these kind of biscuits. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!! Laura@Baking in Pyjamas

    1. Nice to have you here, Sarah. I am glad to know that this is a firm favorite at your place. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hmm, what’s with the hubbies and these Mallow cookies? I’ve read from other comments that the hubby with love this, too. 😀 Thanks a lot for stopping by. xx

  3. These look mighty tasty, Jhuls! They sort of remind me of the wagon wheels I ate as a kid (without the second biscuit, of course!) And I love the sprinkles on top! I I’m not sure if your end chocolate result was supposed to be thick, but I usually don’t use butter in chocolate coatings. Just a mixture of icing sugar, cocoa powder, and boiling water. I find it works really well because you can get it as thick or thin as you like by using less or adding more water. I’m sure your buttery-chocolate version tastes delicious though!

    1. I haven’t tried chocolate glaze/coating with water in it – I might give that a try some other time; thank you, Amanda.
      Also, I am happy to remind you something from your childhood. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  4. Wow, these are seriously impressive and totally drool-worthy!! I’m heading over to Prudy’s site now to check out the recipe. Mondays really aren’t my thing, but I’m sure a couple of these cookies could change my mind…!

  5. Love this Jhuls! I am definitely going to give this a go! I can’t imagine that the “non stiff peak meringue” would’ve done ANY damage to the taste of it… maybe even made it softer?? 😀

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