In My Kitchen – February 2015

Eons back, I was invited by Selma @ Selma’s Table to join In My Kitchen hosted by Celia @  Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. I told Selma that there’s nothing interesting in my kitchen. It came to my realization that it’s not something about interesting stuff, but it’s about sharing – letting your blogging buddies peek into your kitchen or what’s new in your kitchen.

So, I am staring today to share what’s in my [little] kitchen –

In my kitchen…

…are these beautiful plates. I just love plates – I can still remember when I was with my Mom in the kitchen, I always choose the plates that we should use especially when there’s gatherings. Sometimes, she let’s me choose. Most of times, of course, a BIG NO. 😀 Since I started blogging, I think I should collect more plates. Even if they go in singles, I don’t care too much, as long as they are different in colors. 😉

InMyKitchen, January2015  4In my kitchen…

…are stylish teacups, sugar and cream bowl. Since I started drinking tea, I always get starstruck with all the beautiful teacups. I don’t have much as I don’t want my shelf to explode… that’s not good. But once in a while, I buy teacups. And that’s when I really can’t help it. 😀

InMyKitchen, January2015  2-2In my kitchen…

…are silicone bundlette pans. I’ve always wanted to have my own bundlette pan. I believe that they are so cute and they are similar to donut pan. Whenever I see bundlette cakes, I always tell myself that one day, I will buy myself one. And yahoo, I did. 😀

InMyKitchen, January2015  3And I was so excited that I used these bundlette pan immediately:

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
The recipe post will be posted on the blog really soon. 😉

In my kitchen…

…are these chopsticks. Ahh, chopsticks! Who wouldn’t love adorable chopsticks? The thing is, I don’t know how to use it. Yep! These are just for props. Maybe one day, I’ll sit down and practice. 😉

InMyKitchen, January2015  2In my kitchen…

…are these pretty teacups. These were my Mom’s. I saw these when I went to our old home and these were sitting lonely. Some were already chipped. I wanted to take every tea sets she had, but I was not lucky enough as the cupboards were  locked and nobody knows where the key can be found. 😦 At least, I saved these two. 😀

InMyKitchen, Feb 2015 5Now, for the edible ones:

In my kitchen…

…is a saffron. Trivia – I am afraid to use spices those are foreign to me.

InMyKitchen, Feb 2015 2However, I really wanted to try a Chicken Mandi recipe, so I took the risk of buying one. I was surprised how expensive this saffron is considering that this is only 10 g. :/

In my kitchen…

…is a spice called Palapa (some call this Sakurab). This in not widely famous in the Philippines, as this is a Muslim spice.

InMyKitchen, Feb 2015 3Some are saying that this is only planted in provinces and I don’t even know why. This is made with three ingredients: Lansuna or Sakurab, ginger and red chilies. They are cut and crushed together using a food processor or mortar and pestle. If you click on Lansuna, you will see that these are like spring onions, but the difference is the white and green part. In Lansuna, the white part is more than the green. This spice is quite special to me as my Aunt made this for me.

In my kitchen…

…is also something that made by another Aunt. This is called Tiyolo, which is made with fresh grated coconut and the above spice. Cooked until brown.

InMyKitchen, Feb 2015 4This is a great accompaniment with stews and some other dishes with coconut milk. Also, this can be great with fried fish and rice. Really, the use is limitless, just like the above spice.

Last but not the least, in my kitchen…

…are these something like a solid coffee. My friend gave these to me last week – she knows how I love coffee.

InMyKitchen, Feb 2015I know that a machine is needed, but I think I’ll figure something out. 😉 Hmm, she should have included the machine, too. 😀

Whew! I made it to IMK post. 😀 I hope you all enjoy my post. Please do check Celia’s post for IMK. I hope you join IMK before 10th of this month.

Before I finally end this post, I want to thank Selma for the assistance on how to do this IMK post. ❤

How about you? Wanna share what’s in your kitchen? We’d love to take a peek. 😉

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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30 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – February 2015

  1. Jhuls, I’m not very handy with chopsticks either (yet!), but half the fun is in trying and yours look FUN. (Welcome to IMK, too!) I agree with you… IMK is about sharing (and aren’t we blessed to have such a wonderful place to share, thanks to Celia?) What a wonder it is to see what everyone offers for us to ogle from month to month! It’s a “treat” to read those posts — and I’m glad to see you treated yourself to a bundlette pan. Sometimes you have to do that for the sheer JOY of it! Bet those lil’ cakes tasted terrific with your coffee — or tea. Lovely post!

    1. Kim, thank you so much for stopping by and I really appreciate it. I ‘heard’ what happened to you and my prayers are with you.
      Back to my first IMK post, I am glad that you liked this and I am happy that I joined. I am very much happy to meet you as well.
      I followed your blog and I am very excited to read your posts soon. I’ll be on the run in a few minutes, but I promise to visit your blog tomorrow. 😉 Take care, Kim, and be safe always. Hugs! ❤

  2. Hi Jhuls, welcome to IMK! Lovely first post, those teacups are precious. I’m curious about the Palapa it looks just like the garlic ginger paste I make at home. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Hi, Emily. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. ❤
      I haven't tried garlic-ginger paste, but it sounds really good, too. I love to know about it. Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by. xx

    1. Hi, Tania. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. ❤
      I've also read somewhere that cake batters don't stick to silicone pans. This is my first time to use them and some cakes broke apart and some stayed intact. Do you think spraying with non-stick spray would help?

      I love the Tiyolo – I usually eat it with rice and fried fish. We, Filipinos, love fried fish a lot. 😀 The Tiyolo is also good for stews with coconut milk, especially beef. I might whip up one recipe and share it. 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by – I really appreciate it. 🙂

  3. SUCH lovely things in your kitchen, Jhuls! Your mum’s teacups are so pretty – I am so glad you were able to save them. Your plates and tea set are very sleek – I also buy one or two plates if I have photos in mind. Your bundlette cakes turned out brilliantly and of course I chuckled to think that you have those chopsticks as props but can’t use them! Those spice pastes are very unusual – I can’t wait to see what you make with them. Lovely first IMK post – thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha! About the chopsticks, that’s one of my secrets that I just spilled out. 😛
      I will make something out of this spice paste and share them here. If not, I will share how do I usually use them. 😉
      Thank you so much, Selma, for inviting me. ❤

  4. Welcome to IMK! It is so fun to see what everyone has in their kitchens. You’re right, it isn’t about exciting things happening in the kitchen, it is about everyday life, new foods, new props, or simply what you threw together with what you had in the house. I love you little teacups, they are adorable. The cream and sugar set is also lovely and I can’t wait to see how you use your new spices.

    1. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. 😀
      I just love teacups. They make me happy whenever I see them. ❤ Hmm, I have used the spice paste countless times, but I don't think I've share them in the blog. You inspire me to do so. 😉 Thank you so much for being here.

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