Tricky Tuesday #21: Uses of Citrus Peels

Ways to Use Citrus Peels

It is not surprising to me that there are many uses of citrus peels. One of the things I know is you can make them as air freshener. For other uses, I didn’t know about it.

Here are some of them:

Infuse in Tea

I love citrus fruits and I sometimes add a thin slice of lemon or lime in my green tea when I am in the mood. But guess what? You can also add some citrus peels to your tea to give your tea a nice citrus flavor.

Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

As we all know, vinegar has so many uses like a natural cleaner. Well, I knew about that long time back, but I don’t use it as one because of the smell. If you don’t like to clean with the smell of the vinegar alone, you can add some citrus peels to it and you will have a good natural cleaner. Here’s a tutorial on how to make Citrus Vinegar Natural Cleaner.

Destink Garbage Bins & Trash Can Freshener

Who loves the smell of garbage bins? No one. Why not throw some citrus peels to it to regularly to keep it smelling fresh and kill the odor?

Ant Deterrent

Along with mint-flavored tea (used tea bag), lemon peels are also good as ant or other pests deterrent. It is suggested to place lemon peels where ants and other pests enter. Also, it also keeps the roaches and fleas away.

Chrome & Stainless Steel Polish

When you sprinkle some sea salt over metal and scrub it using a lemon peel, the shine can be brought back.

Did you also know that citrus peels are good as microwave cleaner, coffee cup stain remover and can be mixed with other dried herbs as potpourri? Find other uses of citrus peels here.

I hope you enjoy this post and please let me know how you use your citrus peels.

Happy Tuesday!


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