Tricky Tuesday #22: Random Kitchen Hacks

It’s Tricky Tuesday time once again. Below are some of the amazing kitchen tricks I have found for you and me. 😉

 (1) Do you still remember when I said that you can extend the life of your bananas by wrapping the stem-end with a plastic wrap? You can extend them longer by separating them and wrap each stem-end with plastic wrap. 😉

(2) I love slightly green bananas and sometimes, I find it hard to peel them. The trick is you have to peel them from the bottom up – yes, just the way my monkey friends do it. 😀

(3) Medium-sized ice cream scoop is not only for ice cream or for filling your mini muffin pans. It can also be used to remove seeds from the gourds – the easier way, I must say.

(4) Do you love herb flavors in your soup or pasta but you don’t want to ‘feel’ them in your food? You can put your herbs in a tea ball and hang it on the side of the pot. When done cooking, you can pull it out and tada – you have a meal full of flavors, but without the unwanted texture.

(5) There are times when you buy fresh herbs, but you can’t use all of them. What do you do? Wrap them again and put them inside the fridge? You can do another thing and this is what I do with my fresh herbs. I buy a whole bundle of parsley and use how much I want to use. I trim the bottom end and put them in a glass with water (not touching any leaves), cover with plastic and keep inside the fridge. My herbs last for two weeks. Take note – you have to replace the water every after 2 days.

(6) Did you ever notice that there are times that your ice cream is forming ice crust? You can prevent this by putting wax paper over the top of the container just before you close the lid.

(7) It’s so divine when you open a jar of Nutella for the first time – it’s so runny and oh so delicious. After that, it will be exposed to air and will not be that soft and runny. The trick (and what I do) is to put a plastic wrap and put back the lid tightly. By doing so, the smoothness of your Nutella will last longer.

(8) To soften a ‘brick’ of sugar, pop it inside the microwave for few seconds with a glass of water next to it. It will draw up moisture and loosen up the sugar. Also, the same trick can be applied when heating pizza – put a glass of water next to it – it will prevent the crust from becoming soggy.

To know more of these amazing tricks, please visit Homemade Home Ideas.

 Thank you for being with me today and happy Tuesday!

Have you tried any of these? Please let me know, I want to know your thoughts. 😉


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