In my Kitchen – March 2015

First of all, I want to thank everyone who welcomed me during my first IMK post. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Now, for the post this month –

In my kitchen…

…is a new pressure cooker. 😀 I have an issue with regards to cooking beef or any other food for a long time. I love beef and I’d love to cook a lot of beef recipes, so I was very much delighted when my friend gave me this beautiful pressure cooker. As my way of saying thank you, I cooked one of her favorite dishes called Nilagang Baka in the Philippines or literally translated as Boiled Beef (photo below). Selma is right – the result will be amazing!

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (11)

NilagangBaka-thenotsocreativecook3In my kitchen…

…is a pizza cutter. Before I made my first pizza, I felt that I needed to have a pizza cutter, so I got myself one. I told my self ‘No pizza cutter, no pizza.’ I know – it’s crazy. 😀 Also, my friend gave me the other one which is a can opener. Isn’t she really an angel?

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (10)In my kitchen…

…is this amazing grater with container. I can now grate and use the same container to keep the remaining inside the fridge. This comes with small and large grater.

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (9)For my IMK post for this month, I am also going to share the stuffs I usually have in my kitchen… oh, I mean the edible ones – Filipino. 😉

In my kitchen…

…is a pack of dried fish. I don’t know what kind of fish is this or how this is made; I just take this from the market. Filipinos love different kinds of dried fish and this usually pairs fried rice or just plain rice during breakfast. 😀

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (7)In my kitchen…

…is a spiced vinegar. We use to make this as a dipping sauce for our fried fish (or anything fried) or we mix this with chopped tomatoes and onions.

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (6)In my kitchen…

…is a chocolate drink called Milo. This is my favorite since I was a kid. But take this note – we don’t always use this as a drink. Hmm, what do you think we do other than drinking or mix this with baked goods? Okay, I will tell you – we get a small plate, drop tablespoons of Milo and then get pieces of white bread – make it as a spread or mop the Milo with the bread. 😛 I do that until now – I think all Filipinos do. 😀 Also, in my kitchen is a pack of iced tea which is Calamansi flavor. I love the lemon flavor more, but this is what I found. I could drink about two liters of iced tea in a day. When I was on an unhealthy diet, I used to drink 1 liter of iced tea with three pieces slightly salted biscuits and that’s twice or thrice a day – no food other than that. By doing so, I did lose about 10 pounds in a month.

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (2)In my kitchen…

…are salted duck eggs. These are cured for too long inside a jar with water and salt. No, I did not make this – I don’t have that enough patient to wait. 😀 These go well with the spiced vinegar or mixed with tomatoes.

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (8)In my kitchen…

…is a Milkfish. Do you have like this in your country? Or have you tried this? This is delicious when grilled or when stuffed. I am lazy when it comes to grilling and I am not yet ready for the stuffed one, so the only thing I do with this is fry (haha) and make it as soup.

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (1)

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (4)

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (5)In my kitchen…

…is one Filipino meal using Milkfish and fried eggplants, chopped onions and tomatoes with soy sauce and vinegar. We can have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner – we really don’t care about the time. 😀

IMK Mar 2015-thenotsocreativecook (3)That’s all I have for now. I hope you enjoy my IMK post and stop by Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to peek at others’ kitchen. Come on, I know you’d love to. 😉

 I hope you join us before 10th of March. Thank you, Celia, for this wonderful place to share what’s in our kitchen.

Have a wonderful week to everyone!


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36 thoughts on “In my Kitchen – March 2015

  1. oh such interesting things in your kitchen. well as an aussie, Milo is what we all grew up with so Milo sandwiches were all the rage as kids. Yes indeed pile Milo on white bread and make a sandwich! love your kitchen things especially the milkfish. looks great!

  2. Jhuls, hats off to you for using a pressure cooker!! They scare me!! no joke, I think growing up as a little tacker and seeing a large hissing scary pot on the stove did it for me. Especially when mum and dad would say ‘don’t touch it!’ probably added to its scariness. I am told they do an awesome job though… I may change my mind! Your milkfish meal looks great, so fresh and colourful. Cheers, Kirsty xx

    1. Using pressure cooker scared me, too, but not that much as I’ve already witnessed how to use it since I was a child. I could not remember my Mom telling me to stay away or not to touch it. But it’s been a very long time since the last time I have seen a person using pressure cooker that I forgot how to use it. Then I thought I could study the manual, so my friend saw me very determined to use a pressure cooker and she bought me one. 😀 I’d love to know if you change your mind about using it. Thanks a lot for stopping by. xx

  3. What a fantastic post, and I’m pretty sure most of those things are NOT in my kitchen. Well, I do use a seasoned rice vinegar but not that kind. The pressure cooker I DO have and use it a LOT! I especially use it for dried beans and grains, and stocks. I LOVE it! And Suzanne, the newer models usually don’t explode, especially if you don’t fill past the little mark on the inside. What a shame that happened to you. I can’t imagine the mess.

    1. Hmm, I didn’t know about that mark inside pressure cookers. I have to take a look at mine. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the info as well. xx

  4. This looks great!….very impressed with the pressure cooker! (the beef looks good)…my mother used to use one all the time but I’ve not yet had the courage! Also love the colour of the duck eggs!

  5. What a tempting assortment of new-to-me foods in your kitchen – the pickled duck eggs look especially appealing. I have the twin to your cheese grater, purchased from IKEA I think. It’s such a handy, practical item.

    1. I usually hated grating cheese (for me, it’s a boring stuff to do), but when I got this, I’ve finally loved to bond with my cheese. 😀 Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  6. Wow, you really have all the fun ingredients to play with. Am intrigued by the spiced vinegar.
    I have a confession – we have a pressure cooker which I won in a competition, but I’ve still never used it – I have an irrational fear! Must get over it and give it a go!
    Kavey (my turn to be the first timer in IMK this month!)

    1. Hmm, let me know how you find using pressure cooker. 😀
      Yay! It’s just my second time. Nice to meet you and see you kitchen as well.

  7. Nice post Jhuls! Pressure cookers are great time savers, and so good at tenderizing. The beef dish looks tasty! I love the taste of Calamansi, we only get them here every once in a while. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. What great new additions to your kitchen Jhuls, the meal you prepared looks amazing, definitely something I would enjoy, thanks for sharing:)

    1. There are Milo from different countries, too, like Indonesia and Malaysia. But I love the one from Philippines more. 😀
      Thank you for stopping by. Have a fun day! xx

  9. Nice collection of food and kitchen equipment. One day I may try a pressure cooker again, they scare me after an explosion in my kitchen years ago I haven’t used one since. I have never heard of milkfish and all those little dried fish, it may be available in chinatown. I really enjoy the “In your kitchen” posts.

    1. Ohh, why the explosion?
      The problem with the Milkfish is that is has so many little bones (?) but when I fry, I marinate it with vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic for 4-5 days and the bones will be like a thread. 😉 But when you make it with soup, you’ll have to encounter those little bones. So I love this more by frying because I also love its fat (the black in the belly). Thanks a lot, Suzanne. xx

  10. Oh wow, so many new things to me! What an interesting collection! And I love your little pressure cooker – it looks so much cuter than the huge thing my mum used to have!!! Happy IMK, Jhuls, lovely to see into your world xx

    1. This pressure is only 6L, Elaine, so I think this is indeed a cute one. 😀
      Thanks, Elaine. I will head over to your kitchen in a short while. Have a lovely week ahead. xx

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