A Post for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. I was having second thoughts on writing about the topic because I didn’t know how to start. Being a lover of anything sweet and fried, I am not sure if I am able to write a word about eating healthy or anything of that sort. This is not a compensated post and all you will read below is hundred percent written by me.
Regardless of my busy life I have nowadays, I still would like to help spread the word about my thoughts about the topic. Here goes my views –
As far as science and human medicine is concerned, Nutrition is an intake of food or it is an interaction of nutrients and other substance to our bodies. Many of us doesn’t really care about what food we intake as long as we are happy about what we eat. In the end, we regret our actions and it leads us to being overweight or unhealthy. We discover these things when we get older or when we feel some physical pains. Thus, it is very important to make sure of our daily intake of food. It doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy what we eat if we eat healthy things – we just have to find the right substitute. Also, balanced diet is really important.
Let me share my experience:
If you know me well, you know very well how I behave when eating. I eat a lot. I sometimes make a joke that my digestion works very fast that after eating a very heavy meal, I could eat the same thing over again after 30 minutes. Being a full-time employee, the only time I can eat is at breakfast and dinner. Meaning, I skip lunch and I mostly eat heavy meals during dinner. With the same behavior most of the time, I never knew that I am gaining weight. Last time I checked, I need to lose 10 pounds as I am already overweight.
Hitting the gym is not an option for me with the busy schedule I have. These days, physical fitness applications are everywhere and can be downloaded to our phones. Not only that, you can also download several applications which will help you about eating healthy or know more about balanced diet. With the millions of websites or blogs nowadays, there is no excuse about not being knowledgeable enough on what healthy/balanced diet is. Health insurance companies and others are even using technology to help provide their members with better information to stay healthy. Oscar Insurance provides health insurance in New York and New Jersey and offers their members a free fitness tracker and an app to help them get in exercise every day and keep track of other important health information.
Are you saying that you don’t have enough time even for workout at home? Guess what? Recently, my friend sent me a link which directed me to Cosmo PH’s The Tamad Girl’s Workout. (Tamad is a Filipino word means Lazy). With the given workouts, I don’t think there’s  room for excuses.
In addition, having a blog means having blogging buddies who promote healthy eating and encourage readers to start watching out the foods they intake. These bloggers also provide healthy substitute which is very good for those who are starting to change their eating habits.
Before I finally end this post, let me just say what I recently realized when it comes to eating healthy – “Always focus on starting a healthy diet which will lead to healthy lifestyle rather than only focusing on losing weight. Think that losing weight is just a bonus, and the most important thing is to have a balanced, healthy diet.”
Remember, “There’s nothing wrong with eating everything you want, as long as you eat moderately.”
I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what are your thoughts and what are you doing to keep you healthy and fit.

15 thoughts on “A Post for National Nutrition Month

  1. Like you I have a huge appetite – my personal trick has always been to follow an 80/20 rule – sometimes it slips to 70/30 and I have to rein myself in but overall it seems to work….

  2. Absolutely agree with everything you said Jhuls. Moderation is the key. Strict diets and starving seldom work. As in my case a few years ago I foolishly went on a diet , literally starved myself and landed in the hospital with an oxygen mask. I still remember the fear on my family’s faces. Ever since I got a little bit wiser and try to count my calories and do half an hour of work out daily. There are some cheat days too but as you said healthy eating is more important than constantly trying to lose weight.

    1. I almost fainted how many times due to not eating because I was starving myself as I wanted to lose weight. Now, losing weight is not my focus but to try having a balanced diet. Thanks for your comment, skd! xx

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