In My Kitchen – April 2015

Hello, dear friends. Again, welcome to my kitchen where you could see new stuffs I bought/given to me.

Once again, thank you to Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting In My Kitchen every month. This month, she has so many lovely stuffs in her kitchen. Come and visit her blog to see those. 😉

Now, let me bring you to mine…

In my kitchen is a food processor…

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (1)

Years back, my friend bought a DSLR camera with free food processor. She asked me if I want to take the food processor and I said ‘No’ and I told her to give it to her Mom. I was not baking that time and my blog doesn’t exist yet. But my first reason of not taking it was I didn’t know what to do with it. My desire to buy a food processor did not arrive until I started a blog.

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (2)

Wanna know what’s the first thing I made with it? Elaine’s Red Pepper Hummus. 😀 I really loved it with salted crackers. Yum! (Elaine, I think mine is too watery. Is it because I used capsicum??)

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (3)

In my kitchen is a timer…

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (10)

I mostly use my phone as a timer when I bake. My friend told me to buy a timer, and I told her I am satisfied with my phone, that I don’t want it. Recently, I finally gave up and bought a timer. It’s cute, yes?

In my kitchen are these beautiful spatulas…

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (4)

I have two spatulas already, both having the same color – grey and white. When I saw these, I just couldn’t help myself but to take them home. I told myself that I sometimes ‘need’ separate spatulas while baking multiple recipes. I guess having a blog really gives you reason to buy more stuffs for your props. 😀

In my kitchen…

Whisker. Infuser.

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (6)

The whisker is a gift from my friend.

The infuser is a set of two. I am using the other one when I drink my tea and I am putting mint leaves so I don’t have to remove them using a teaspoon.

In my kitchen is a flour sifter. How easy it is to sift flour now? 😀

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (5)

Now, let’s go to the edible ones:

In my kitchen is a bottle of sliced olives…

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (9)

When I made my first pizza, I bought fresh olives, expecting that those were pitted olives. Later on, a friend suggested keeping a bottle of sliced olives so anytime I want to make pizza or use them in something else, I have it on hand.

In my kitchen is a pack of ladyfingers…

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (11)

What am I going to do with these? Hmm, are you thinking of Tiramisu? Not quite. I have something very divine for you, but you will have to wait until I make them. 😀

In my kitchen is Angel Flake Sweetened Coconut…

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (7)

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Impossible Coconut Flan… Yes, please!! I have made it before (recipe here), but I want to make it again… or maybe I will try another recipe as there are so many amazing recipes with coconut. Ooohhh, I am so excited.

In my kitchen is Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange…

IMK The Not So Creative Cook (8)

I saw this multiple times, virtually – the chocolate alone, with cakes and cupcakes. I love chocolate orange since I was a kid and I have thought of getting one for me. When I saw one, I did not take it – it’s expensive for me. But when I got home, I can’t sleep. The next weekend, I got one. 😀

I hope you enjoy the little peek. 😀 Join us before the 10th of April and let us take a peek inside your kitchen.

Have a wonderful week to everyone!


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51 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – April 2015

    1. Thank you so much! The timer is really adorable and the whisk. 😀
      I may have an answer to the watery hummus and I am planning to give it a try. I will notify you once I have posted it on my blog. 🙂 Have a wonderful week! xx

    1. The only think I can think of is make Impossible Coconut Pie again. 😀 But I will see if I can find other good recipes. 😉 Thanks for stopping by. xx

  1. Love the humus. Funny to read your thoughts on food processor as they seem to be exactly like mine – only I have not bought one yet! Thanks for sharing IMK

    1. I did not go anywhere, Charming. I just had to leave the bloggers series and the tricky tuesday as they they too much time and I can’t make it with my super busy life these days. 😥 I have already made drafts/schedule some of my food posts, so no much work was needed. 😀 Thanks for stopping by and for peeking. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  2. Very handy sized processor, the hummus sounds lovely. I recently bought a timer but can’t remember where I’ve put it! Back to using the phone 🙂 Waiting patiently to see what you create with those ladyfingers!

  3. It all looks fantastic. Have fun with the food processor, I use mine all the time! The timer is adorable. I use the timer on the oven or my phone, but my boys recently saw a timer at somebody’s house and now they think we have to get one! I almost put timers in their Easter baskets!

  4. So many lovely things, Jhuls! I love your food processor and I think you will get so much use out of it, once you get going. It’s a really good size too – not too big – so you will use it a lot. It’s great for making pastry too! xx

    1. Thanks, Arl. I have seen so many cute timers before, but I was not lucky to find those when I came back to get myself one. 😐 Anyway, I still love this. Thanks a lot for stopping by. xx

    1. Thank you, Liz. I have used the food processor twice. One with this hummus and the second one with garlic sauce, but it was not quite successful. 😐 Have a fun week, Liz. Thanks for stopping by. xx

    1. A little too hot for me, I added a bit of Sriracha. I forgot to get myself cayenne pepper. 😐 I loved it, Elaine, especially with the salted crackers. ❤ ❤ I think I finished one packet of crackers with one sitting. Oooopps!!!

      What to do to make it thicker?? 🙂

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