Meet New Bloggers #36

Wow! It’s seven weeks since the last time I brought new friends for you to meet. I did not expect that it would take me that long. Why time is running too fast?? 😥

If you could remember, I mentioned that the reason of me taking a break from this series is that I have to finish something at work. Well, I could not say that everything is in the right place now, but at least I just need few things to do.

Enough with the chitchat and let me do one of the things I love about this blog – letting you meet new friends:



“My nutrition philosophy embraces moderation and quality without deprivation.  You will find that my recipes and nutrition advice centre around sustainable and enjoyable healthy eating.”

Tori is a Dietitian and inspires us with her amazing healthy recipes and good food. And these bars of gluten-free Coconut Black Bean Brownies sound so divine.

Jolly Crumbs

“I started Jolly Crumbs with hopes to share healthy recipes that make me happy. I’ve struggled with the roller coaster of losing and gaining weight for a large chunk of my adult life. For several months I have been working on healthy recipes for Samuel and me. I try to keep my recipes low calorie and full of flavor.”

It is very inspiring to read stories like this. As I said before, I really admire people who have the determination to eat healthy. Chelsea is one of the people I admire. Come and take a look at these Ranch Oyster Crackers – they sound perfect for munching. 😀

Kitchen Headquarters

“I love to cook & I love to eat. I remember my high school French teacher telling us that the French “live to eat” and not “eat to live” meaning that food is something more than just fuel. I am definitely a person who lives to eat, because food for me is a lifestyle that brings happiness amongst family and friends.”

I live to eat, too. 😀 Now, check this very interesting Smoked Salmon Pizza. 😉

Neni’s Kitchen

“I can spend hours every day just thinking about which flavors and textures would taste nicely together and I love to try new things. Also, it relaxes me to spend time in the kitchen preparing food and eating it afterwards, obviously. Using fresh ingredients is very important for me and I’ll try to keep it as natural as possible.”

I could do the same thing as well. 😀 Not only shares amazing recipes, but also amazing photos. I am sure this Chocolate Glazed Triple Dark Chocolate Brownie Cake will give you a heart attack as well.

Real Simple Food 

“As much as I like tried and tested recipes for classics like blueberry muffins or chocolate brownies, I am much more interested in developing recipes using unusual ingredients, recipes or techniques – albeit in an accessible way.”

Ahh, I know the feeling of wanting to tweak a classic recipe and turn it into a new one. ❤

I hope you visit them and say hello! 🙂 Let me know at the comment box below.

Wishing everyone a fab week…

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