Meet New Bloggers # 37

Last week was my friend’s birthday and this series completely slipped my mind – oooppps! 😐 Well, I did not do much for the friend except baking a cake. I was so happy with the results and my happiness got in the way and forgot that it’s Monday and Monday means it’s the bloggers’ day!

Well, I am here now with a new set of bloggers. Smile now. 😀

meetOh My Goodness Vegan

“Having been vegan for around 7 years, I set up this blog to share ideas, recipes, supermarket and high street finds as well as sneaky vegan ‘life hacks’ that I have accumulated!”

Franca claims no expertise in being vegan, but she tries her best to share anything vegan. Raw Chocolate and Walnut Energy Brownies? I’d definitely go for it. 😉

Kay’s Kitchen

“I created this blog, simply, because I love food, I love to eat, and I love to feed others too (grandma in the makings). You’ll find recipes for what I’ve been making in my kitchen lately, everything from indulgent desserts and cakes to quick and easy healthy, weekday meals.”

She does varieties of dishes, so everything you need is in Kay’s Kitchen. 😉 How about Cuban Inspired Lamb Sandwich?

The Sweet & Savory Side of Me

While browsing Ms. K’s blog, I guessed that she’s also a Filipina and that excites me to find her. Er, she found me first and that led me to finding her. J I love that she shares variety of Filipino recipes as I am not super familiar with all Filipino dishes. But this Creamy Shrimp Chopseuy is the one my tummy wants at this very moment. 😀

Feeding You Appetite

“There is nothing that I do not love about food; well almost nothing (besides having to hit the gym harder after a memorable meal). From reading about food and watching food shows, to shopping for fresh meats and produce, to cooking up new variations of my favorite recipes, to travelling around the world and tasting local favorites – I love it all.”

I just love how inspiring and beautiful Neha’s ‘About Page’. Cook for someone you love as she says. J And I am sure that her loved ones really loved this Sweet and Tangy Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt and Herbs.

Tried and Twisted

“Mom and two lovely, talented daughters cooking up a storm while putting unique flavors, ingredients, and wholesome goodness into the mix.”

How lovely it is to blog with your Mom or daughters? ❤ And aren’t these Coconut Cupcakes look like heaven?

And last but not the least…

Shani Milan in the Kitchen

Yes, I have six bloggers for you today and not five. Why? Because this 6th blogger is very new to blogging world and she needs a welcoming committee and that includes me and you, my friends.

I have been following Shani on Instagram and it really made me happy when I found out that she finally created a food blog. Shani is a talented cook and baker. She loves taking food photos, too, and I tell you – she’s creative and funny. 😀 Other than that, Shani is Filipina, too. And that gives me another reason to be excited. Her first post is this tasty Fish in Marinade which she calls as an ‘upgrade to fried fish’. 😀

I hope you show some love to these bloggers. Wishing everyone a fab week… 🙂

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