Guest Post @ FoodBod: Spicy Baked Beans and Eggs

It is really amazing how this food blogging thing lets you get out from your comfort zone or think out of the box. For those who have been my blogging buddy for long, you already know that I love meaty dishes and sweets. I love veggies, too, but I don’t make them frequently. If you are staying in a place where you are the cook and your companions don’t eat that much of veggies, it is difficult to make just for one. By saying that, it means that I don’t Google vegetarian or vegan recipes at all. I even interchange the two, thinking that they are completely the same.

I have been invited to do a guest post multiple times, but the restrictions are few.

When Elaine invited me to do a guest post for her ‘What would you feed me?’  I got very excited. Excited to explore and make something I usually don’t.

Elaine is an amazing friend. She is very supportive. She is very encouraging and patiently assists me in whatever I needed to know. Really, I cannot put every word to it. She is an awesome person. I love chatting with her, too. 😀

The moment she told me about it, I already knew what to make… only to find out that she already has it on her blog. She said that it is completely fine saying that it is my version. Still, I want to make something else for her. With all the vegetarian dishes I have found, I was amazed by how many are they and how many I am able to make. But I have to stick to one.

Spicy Baked Beans & Eggs 3

I thought of making this Spicy Baked Beans and Eggs because I love spicy foods, beans, tomato-based dishes and of course, I love eggs. So it is just right to put them in one dish. Apart from that, this dish is very easy to make. Please visit Elaine @ Food Bod to get the recipe. 😉

I also want to thank Selma for helping me out on my guest post. ❤ And I am really happy and proud that Elaine loved this, too. 😉

I hope you enjoy and visit Elaine’s blog. Have a fab day!

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18 thoughts on “Guest Post @ FoodBod: Spicy Baked Beans and Eggs

  1. Yay, Jhuls – you did it! I am so impressed at how organised you were – I did my guest post for Elaine, literally at the very last minute so I am learning from you too – to be more organised! I’m going over to check your your delicious sounding dish now…x

    1. Hmm, I don’t think organized is the best term for that. I’d rather say I am a little good at thinking for alternatives. You know, Plan A, B, C up to Z. 😀 But thank you for thinking that I am one. Maybe at some point I am. I’ll reflect on that. 😛 Thanks, Selma. xx

  2. Aw, thank you so much for your lovely words 😍😍😍 I’m so glad you enjoyed creating this post, you did a great job, you VERY creative cook 😀😀😀 have a great day too x x x

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, too. 😀 I am on the side of making people happy and I am glad to know that I did a good job on that. 😉 xx

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