From Selma’s Table: Gorgeous Tiny Cheese Muffins

Selma @ Selma’s Table was one of my first blogging buddies. I found her full of encouraging and supportive words. Selma not only shared her recipes, but she shared lots of love and support to each and every one of us. Her passing is such a difficult thing for us to take. I don’t even know if we’ll get used to it. It’s just too much to take. I didn’t know that you’d terribly miss someone you didn’t even met or didn’t even talked to (verbally). I didn’t know that you’d spend lots of tears for the same person.


It’s been a long time since I wanted to make something from her recipes, but for one reason or another, it kept on delaying. Just few weeks ago, I was planning to make two of her recipes for my Versions & Verdicts series and I was so much excited for her to see it and know what she thinks. This only made me regret for not making them sooner.

For my first version from Selma’s Table (or should I also call her recipes ‘The Best of Selma’s Table), I made her Gorgeous Tiny Cheese Muffins – they are very cute and very easy to make.

Gorgeous Tiny Cheese Muffins - The Not So Creative Cook

Other than that, they are very good for lunch boxes and they are delicious. I just got very excited with Parmigiano, so I overtopped them with it, forgetting how salty it is. Nonetheless, they are a hit inside my tummy. Thank you, Selma.

Gorgeous Tiny Cheese Muffins - The Not So Creative Cook 2

This can also be chopped and added to omelet with veggies. Also, this can be slightly toasted and added to soups – tomato soup will be the best.

Since, I did not change anything apart from using spring onions instead of parsley and completely forgot that I needed parmesan instead of parmigiano cheese, I am directing you to Selma’s post.



To join in Selma’s Tribute, there are no strict rules, but it will be nice to note the following:

  • You can post anything – letter, poem, stories RELATING TO SELMA.
  • Your version of Selma’s recipes.
  • A recipe SPECIALLY MADE FOR SELMA, or with SELMA IN MIND. For instance, I know Selma loves sourdough bread – I will make a sourdough bread because it reminds me of her.
  • It can also be an ingredient(s) that reminds you of Selma – sourdough starter? Yeah, something like that.
  • All posts must be linked back to Selma’s Table.

You can link up your posts on Angie’s Fiesta Friday, Elaine’s Food Bod, Sue’s Birgerbird and here on The Not So Creative Cook (link below).

Aside from re-creating Selma’s recipes, I have also created a page for my letters to Selma, you might want to take a look.

Letters to Selma

I have also created a badge that can be found in my sidebar which directs readers to Selma’s Table. You can grab it and place it on your sidebar or anywhere you want to place it, if you desire to.

The best of Selma's Table

Thank you so much for spending time with me today.

PS: Whether you know Selma or not, I am asking for at least one minute of your time to offer a prayer for her and for her loved ones she left behind.




30 thoughts on “From Selma’s Table: Gorgeous Tiny Cheese Muffins

  1. I love this tribute and your muffins looks so good! I love the thought of using them slightly toasted with soup as well. Just gorgeous 🙂 x

  2. Just a beautiful tribute to our dear Selma, Jhuls. Your badge and post is just beautiful. I know how much you cared about her and loved her, it’s nice to read it via this forum. Thanks for bringing us all together in the spirit of Selma, thank you for co-hosting and allowing us all to grieve yet celebrate a wonderful life that was Selma. God Bless.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Loretta. I know how much you loved her, too. You are very much alike. 🙂 It’s my pleasure to be a part of this and I am happy that you are, too. xx

  3. A lovely post, Jhuls, and the muffins look lovely as well. I am sure they are delicious – added to my list of things to try at some point. Selma will be missed, but the Selma Fiesta and everything else help her stay with us in such a lovely way. I didn’t know her as well as others like you, but think she’d really like it.

  4. A lovely tribute to Selma, Jhuls. She will be missed by so many but a small part of her will be with me every time I use my sourdough starter Rosebud, a daughter of Twinkle, Selma’s sourdough starter. If you have time check out my post on Sourdough Carrot Cake in her honor. Food is a way of holding onto memories…

    1. Hi, Aunt Juju. Thanks for stopping by. I have seen your post, but have not done reading it as I am on a holiday for few days. I will make sure to check it out soon. xx I am glad you like my post for Selma.

  5. Your tiny muffins are adorable, just like you are, Jhuls. And since it’s a Selma recipe, I know they must taste absolutely awesome. The best!! XOXO

  6. Jhuls, this is a lovely post, written with so much heart, and your badges and sections for Selmas blog and your letters look perfect. I am sending you so much love and the biggest hug at this sad, hard time xxxx look after yourself, lovely Jhuls xxx

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