Meet New Bloggers #40

Hi, All!

No, I did not disappear from the earth. And not from this series. I know, I know. Life has been very complicated that my little time management talent has been messed up. Hmm, I am currently on a short time management course where I am the only student and I am the teacher as well. Let’s see how that works. 😀 I’ve been putting schedules on everything – begin a post, but never done. Oh well! You know I am trying guys, right? 🙂

For now, I am so very much happy to say that I am bringing you these set of bloggers for you to visit and show them some love. New blogging friends are fun to have. 😉

Becky Bakes and Bakes 

“My main reason for wanting to start a baking blog was to share my recipes with the world, to document my development as a baker and most importantly to HAVE FUN! There is something so unique in blogging a recipe and then having someone you don’t know from across the globe take the time to read about your creation.”

That is indeed a lovely feeling, Becky! Becky also bakes from princess fairy cakes to an elegant croquembouch. She has so many inspirations like YouTube videos, her Mom’s cookbooks and a lot more. Just look at this beautifully made and tempting Chocolate Meringue Cake. Oh yum!

From Michelle’s Kitchen

“I loved the thrill of cooking and the high pressure of a nightly service. Those years taught me a love and respect for food; the more I cooked, the more I learnt and the more I learnt the more enamoured of cooking I became.”

Michelle had worked as an apprentice chef and been writing recipes for an Australian celebrity magazine. She has mouthwatering photographs as well. I don’t know about you, buy I just wanna take these Smoked Trout and Dill Croquettes from the screen.

Buttercup Baking 

“I’m Kristin, an amateur baker on the hunt to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I grew up baking with my mom and ever since then have had a love hate relationship with sugar.”

Kristin tries to balance health and fitness, and her love for sweets. And please tell me if anyone can resist these Layered Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Can you? They just look so pretty and so yummy!

Aberdeen’s Kitchen

“All about creative, comfort foods and easy recipes, Aberdeen’s Kitchen helps you find those perfect meals you’ll be proud to share with family and friends.”

Aberdeen, having a huge love and passion for baking, asked for a Kitchen Aid mixer when she was 16 instead of a car. (Hmm, I would have asked for the same thing.) And during that age, she can do stuffs in the kitchen without the assistance of her Mom or Dad. Very gifted one. Aberdeen not only has a talent in the kitchen, but I can see that she loves photography as well. (Right, Aberdeen?) Her food photos just make me want to lick the screen. At of this moment, I am dreaming of her Double Chocolate Chewy Brownies

Frankly Franki

“I want to help people understand baking and pastry with tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. Because when you understand how and why things work, kitchen endeavours become much less intimidating.”

Franki learned how to cook/bake thru blogs, videos, cookbooks and a lot of hard work. Her passion for the love of food and feeding the family is in their blood. And wow – this Smore’s Pie is to die for! Why I couldn’t enjoy it like right now?? I guess I have to make this myself.

 I hope you do follow these blogs. Thank you so much for spending time with me today. I hope to be back next Monday for another set of bloggers. Cross fingers. 😀

Cook and bake till you drop,

xx Jhuls


16 thoughts on “Meet New Bloggers #40

  1. Nice to have you back Jhuls. I know sometimes there are too many things to handle. At these times prioritising works best for me. My poor blog needs to sit back and wait patiently for its turn. I guess it’s quite okay sometimes 😀

        1. Thank you, Lynz. Been doing this for quite a while now, but been very busy at work and had to set aside some of my series from my blog. It made me upset, but I am happy that I am slowly getting back on track now. I hope I can keep up. 🙂

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