Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #42

Yay! I am so excited to be back… well, after two weeks of missing this series. (Again? Seriously?)

Anyway, the good thing is I am back and I am happy to bring you new friends… If you have not met them, it’s time to get to know these bloggers who have really great blog. 😉

The Wholesome Dime

For me, eating healthy and staying healthy is expensive. Well, maybe because I really haven’t really tried budgeting on healthy foods. I am glad that these two have an awesome blog:

Trouble is, eating well and staying healthy can be expensive, and we’re not made of money! That’s why we created The Wholesome Dime. A place to share our ideas for awesome food and wellbeing which won’t break the bank.

Healthy and not expensive? Count me in. 😉 Sugar-Free Brownie Cakes? You should definitely count me in.

The Baking Hermit

It is really lovely to read wonderful stories on how one was inspired by others – in baking or cooking (or some other things).

Baking is a hobby I have been wanting to pick up for years, but had somehow always found reasons to procrastinate. Until one fateful evening, when I was out celebrating my birthday with a few friends, and one friend showed me a picture of a beautiful rainbow cake covered in torched meringue, baked by his very talented (then) 12-year-old nephew! That very night, I came home and bought the oven I had been eyeing for years.

Like The Baking Hermit, I just started baking few years ago. And I am very impressed with this beautiful Garlic and Spring Onions Challah Bread.

A Bag of Flour

Flour is one of most essential ingredients in Anne’s kitchen because she loved baked goodies and she makes her own bread. How amazing!

I get ridiculously excited about making kitchen staples at home, whether it’s homemade butter, yogurt, cheese, vinegar, extracts, or pasta, you name it. I believe in good and honest food and I try to use as much seasonal and local produce as I can. When you make things from scratch, you know exactly what you are getting, and there is just something very special about enjoying a slice of freshly baked bread with your own homemade butter and jam.

Cheers to homemade foods! 😀 And that is why I am happy to see Anne’s Vegetable Stock.

Marisa’s Italian Kitchen

Marisa not only shares Italian recipes, but also others as well. She has something for all those sweet tooth of yours and some savory, too.

With her gone, so too are all her recipes. This blog will be a journey of re-creating meals that trigger memories from childhood.  A fusion of two cultures, Italian and Canadian. It will also serve as an archive of my most requested recipes. From comfort food to soul nourishing meals to sweet baked delights, I hope to inspire new beginners to believe in what they can achieve, in their own kitchen.

Well, you know I am a sweet tooth, but right now I’ll take this Turkey Meatball Soup. Oh so delicious that I wish I have a bowl of this soup in front of me right now.

Emily’s Kitchen

Emily is a talented and creative baker. She makes beautiful and awesome cakes. 😀

I love food, both creating and eating it! I am a home baker and a vegetarian. I love all things creative and this blog combines my love of creating, baking and photography.

She also makes ice creams like this No Churn Ice Cream – Made with Homemade Honeycomb and Caramel Sauce.

Thank you for spending time with me today… I really hope you’d have time to visit them. Have an amazing week to all of you! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #42

  1. Thank you for featuring ‘a bag of flour’. I am very excited to join this talented community of food bloggers. And if you love making things from scratch, stop by again, I just published a recipe for the most amazing homemade baguettes.
    Keep up the good work, I am sure it’s greatly appreciated by everyone.

    1. Indeed – there are really so many amazing blogs and I am hunting. 😀 Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. It means a lot. 🙂 xx

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