Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #43

Hello, lovely friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend like I did. Well, I baked cupcakes. I also cooked main dish, soup and made fried rice. 😀 Like I said in my tagline “Cook and bake ’till you drop“. And yeah, it was tiring, but so much fun!

Meanwhile, why don’t you say hello to these five great bloggers…

Biscuit Bases

Becky loves cheesecake a lot.

Since, graduating from university and having full access to my mother’s kitchen again, I have built up a repertoire of cheesecake recipes.

Hmm, thus the blog name ‘Biscuit Bases’, yeah? Yay! I love cheesecakes, too! But Becky’s Oreo Plant Pot Mini Cheesecakes? They are not only delicious, but she has presented it in a creative and cute way. 😉

Emily Cooks Vegan

Emily has been vegan for nine years now.

This blog is not only dedicated to helping you guys make healthy and insanely delicious food easily and cheaply, but it’s also my own personal way of falling in love with food again after I started my recovery from anorexia three years ago, a challenge that I have keenly accepted and smashed out of the park.

And these Baked Avocados look so tasty to me. Mind sending me some, Emily? 😀

The Baking Laboratory

The Baking Laboratory. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Let me explain why I picked this name and how this relates to me: In a nutshell, I love baking and I love experimenting.

Yes, I definitely love the blog name! 🙂 And these After Eight Cupcakes are definitely scrumptious. Take note – they are gluten-free, too.

Food on My Plates by Sheenam 

I think Sheenam always thinks about food every single second in everyday. 😀

I am fully and soul-ly connected with food the entire day. From trying new restaurants to cooking at home, I make sure that I spend my time around food in some or the other way!

She is also creative as making these Pizza pancakes (Cheesy olive bread-discs) was a good idea. They look delish, too!

Plate It Up

Gloria’s parents have influenced her world of flavours at a very tender age.

Growing up in a family associated in the hotel industry for generations and brilliant home-cooks, I am passionate over food, cooking and love to fuse different flavours and aromas in my cooking style.

What I love about Indian cuisine is they create food with so much flavor and they always look appetizing. They always create amazing sauce that you could almost imagine the taste – oh yum! Like this Mutton Baby Potato Curry – I can almost smell it from here. 😀

Thank you for spending time with me today… I’d be pleased if you hop on these blogs. ❤ Have a fab week to all!


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13 thoughts on “Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #43

  1. Hey Jhuls! That you so much for mentioning my baking blog! It was so cool reading about it. I am glad you enjoyed the After Eight Cupcakes- it’s one of my all time fav! Stay tuned for some christmas baking coming up 🙂

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