Meet ‘New Bloggers’ #47

When you are in doubt, don’t bake it!

I think I would keep that in my kitchen for me to remind me.

I was badly craving for something and did not study the recipe very well. I replaced one ingredient, but I was still in doubt. The result was like ‘Uh, okay! These muffins can be eaten still.‘ They were coffee cake muffins with coffee in it. But I can’t taste the coffee. Oh well, there’s another chance to make them.

For now, there’s no time for me dwell on what happened.

For now, it’s a new day and time to meet new friends.

Meet New Friends 4

Healthy Jon

Jon started enjoying health and fitness lifestyle since 2012… and like others, it did not happen in a snap of a finger, but it happened gradually. I know Jon will inspire so many readers through his blog with regards to eating healthy and being physically fit.

When it comes to my nutritional regime and training I believe that if you eat clean, train hard, acquire as much knowledge as possible and implement what you learn, the results will come.

And now ladies, drool over this delicious Raw Raspberry and Coconut Cheesecake. 😛


Meet Galatia – her grandfather was a chef and she shares the same passion for cooking/baking with her Mom and sister. She was a graphic designer and used her talent in making gorgeous, gorgeous cakes for her part-time profession. And this is what she has to say after she quit her job when she gave birth to twins:

I still love to create so I started decorating cakes for fun, which eventually turned into a part time profession. So I started “Cloud 9 Cakes”

And hey guys, have you heard about Tahini Cinnamon Rolls? If not, here’s Galatia’s Tahini Cinnamon Rolls that will make you say ‘Wow!’. 😀

My Culinary Saga

Trupti and I have been following each other’s blogs and we got along so well. I know some of you already knows her, but for those who are not, let me say a little something about her –

She loves painting, writing poetry and cooking. Her cooking has began after she got married. She loves baking, too, and like me, baking is where her heart lies. She also loves food photography.

I am fascinated with food photography – though I have a long way to go. I’m not a professional chef, but when I’m not working, I’m in the kitchen cooking up something hearty.  I love to entertain and have friends over.

She has so many amazing recipes, but since I saw these Kulkul’s, I knew I had to make them. Or I will just sit in one corner or drool over them while I look at the screen. 😛

Maison Travers

Having a French mother who loved to cook, Nadia developed her love for cooking at an early age. She has also taught private cooking lessons and looking forward to more experimenting new recipes.

Loving nothing more than trying out new recipes, experimenting in the kitchen and of course, eating. I have taught small group and private cooking lessons for 20 years now and as we embark on a new life in France in July 2015, I am so excited about the experieces awaiting us.

Right now, I am really interested in this Oxtail Potjie. It looks really good and comforting. It is also nice to have discovered some traditional way of cooking from different countries like this.

Cooking with Archi

Archi used to spend her time at the kitchen with her Mom. She has then confessed that she did nothing but to stand and observe her. But for me, I think that will all start in that scene. 😀 Her interest in cooking eventually came and she felt satisfied whenever she received an appreciation. She also started baking recently and baking a lot lately, too.

Baking is something I wanted to learn since long, but was never able to find enough time for it. So when I got some, this was the first thing on my list. It’s just been few months since I had learned baking, so you might end up finding lots of related posts in ‘Baking’ section of the blog.

I love her Archi’s bakes, but I am going into some Paneer Jalfrezi this time. 😉

I hope you say hello to these bloggers. Give them a wave by liking their posts or shake their hands by commenting on some of their posts. But you can also show you love to them by following their blogs. You follow their blogs = you gain new friends and a bonus of lifetime free delicious recipes! What do you say about that? 😀

And to my new found bloggers and friends, I am inviting you to join this wonderful virtual party (if you have not yet joined us) called Fiesta Friday with so much lovely, gorgeous people. In this party, we don’t just drop our sweets and savouries, we have lots of chitchats and lots of fun! I hope you could join us! You can find the rules and guidelines in the Fiesta Friday link. See you there!

Wishing you a week full of smiles and awesomeness! 😀 😀 😀


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16 thoughts on “Meet ‘New Bloggers’ #47

  1. Trupti is amazing! The others don’t seem to be familiar, which is a good thing cause I would like to follow more and more amazing new blogs

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