Meet ‘New Bloggers’ #50

Meet New Friends 4

The Fare Sage

Lis loved food since she was young. She studied patisserie and general catering. Her passion for food was never gone and developed over time. She also believes that good food doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming (in which I also agree with her).

I am glad that Lis stopped by my blog that led me to finding her and these delicious Triple Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Muffins.

Travelling Twin Bakers

Georgia and Ashley are fraternal twins who love baking and travelling. They started this blog to share their bakes and travels and also to inspire us and for us to inspire them in return. They love cookies, too, (like me!) that if you give them cookies, it’s a sure thing that you’d make the twin very much happy. 😀 And since we are cookie monsters, it is time for me to try this Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Oh! Sweet Citrus

Bhavita was greatly influenced by her mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. Her biggest critics are her husband and her little boy. She moved from place to place and loves travelling which contributed a lot of knowledge about food. She admits that clothes shopping gives her headache, but not food. 😀 Not only she shares amazing recipes, but mouth-watering photos, too. Look at these Potato, Pea & Mint Fritters with Quail Eggs. Those quail eggs are so cute. 😀

planty mcplantface

Katie spends most of her time thinking about food. She loved everything in the food group. What made her move to foods based on grains, starches, fruits and veggies is the environmental impact of some foods we put into our body. She is not only sharing delicious recipes, but also money-saving hacks like this 5 Money-Saving Vegan Hacks. And you know I will not go without checking out her recipes. 😀 Check this Nourishing store-cupboard sweet potato curry – I am drooling!

Emily Entertains

Emily was also influenced by her grandmothers (just like some us 🙂 ) and she has learned so many things from them. She has always loved her time in the kitchen and a long time spent in the kitchen is definitely something Emily enjoys. Emily just started her blog this month, but I was instantly impressed with her pretty Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake.

I hope you say hello to these bloggers. Give them a wave by liking their posts or shake their hands by commenting on some of their posts. But you can also show you love to them by following their blogs. You follow their blogs = you gain new friends and a bonus of lifetime free delicious recipes! What do you say about that? 😀

And to my new found bloggers and friends, I am inviting you to join this wonderful virtual party (if you have not yet joined us) called Fiesta Friday with so much lovely, gorgeous people. In this party, we don’t just drop our sweets and savouries, we have lots of chitchats and lots of fun! I hope you could join us! You can find the rules and guidelines in the Fiesta Friday link. See you there!

Wishing you a week full of smiles and awesomeness! 😀 😀 😀


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Meet ‘New Bloggers’ #49

I can’t believe I haven’t done this series for a very, very long time and I feel awful. I know there are many new and good blogs out there, but I don’t know why I can’t find some to share every week. Maybe I am not looking harder?

Anyway, I am back with new set of friends for you to meet and say ‘hi’. 🙂

Meet New Friends 4

Lazy Mom Cooking

Although she calls herself lazy mom, our new friend here is also willing to do some difficult recipes as well to put a smile on her loved ones. She also cooks from scratch and doesn’t approve instant mixes/ingredients. And I am happy that she doesn’t because homemade peanut sauce is more delicious than store-bought. I really love peanut sauce and I am drooling over this.

Blissful Bites

Although I am a sweet tooth, I’d love to read about healthy lifestyles and recipes. Good thing, Haley is here to help me/us.

Haley loves athletics and she was inspired to create healthy recipes in order for her to cater her active lifestyle. And as I said, healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Just look at this Sweet Potato Noodles & Creamy Cashew Sauce. I think it’s time for me to get a new spiralizer.

Rou’s Sweet Corner

Rou proves that you don’t have to be coming from a family who loves to bake to love or start baking. And I agree with her. In her blog, you will find something for everyone – sweet tooth or not. 😉 She shares recipes depending on her cravings and mood. I am glad that she shared this 10-Minute Glazed Doughnut Holes as everything quick is one of the bests.

Tolley Bakes

Hannah has always loved cookbooks as well as her Mom’s typewritten recipes. Now, it is her turn to write recipe not only to share with her loved ones, but also to us. She also loves photography, thus, her photos will make us crave for more. 😛 Cardamom Chocolate Brioche Rolls with my cup of coffee.

Burgers and Brownies

Just the blog name alone makes me want to take them from the screen and eat! 😀 Like Nyeree & Marlon, I am also forever in search of the best burger and brownies. Nyeree & Marlon finally started their blog and I am happy that they did. And it’s really hot outside and I could use a glass of this Peppermint Iced Latte.

I hope you say hello to these bloggers. Give them a wave by liking their posts or shake their hands by commenting on some of their posts. But you can also show you love to them by following their blogs. You follow their blogs = you gain new friends and a bonus of lifetime free delicious recipes! What do you say about that? 😀

And to my new found bloggers and friends, I am inviting you to join this wonderful virtual party (if you have not yet joined us) called Fiesta Friday with so much lovely, gorgeous people. In this party, we don’t just drop our sweets and savouries, we have lots of chitchats and lots of fun! I hope you could join us! You can find the rules and guidelines in the Fiesta Friday link. See you there!

Wishing you a week full of smiles and awesomeness! 😀 😀 😀


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Meet ‘New Bloggers’ #48

Howdy, friends!

Seriously, I don’t know where time has gone! Time is running so fast that it also makes me run and I am so tired of chasing and finding time! There’s so much to do, but so little time.

What kept you busy for the past weeks? I spent time mostly at work and when at home, I barely sit down when it’s day time. I really can’t sit for long. I’d die of boredom! And hey, I love multi-tasking! If only I can survive with my hands baking while my feet are mopping the floor, I will. 😀

Okay, enough of the chitchat.

Meet New Friends 4

Almost A Cake

Leah both love eating healthy and indulging in food once in a while. She is cooking and eating healthy foods, but not an exclusive vegetarian. She loves to bake, too, but as she said, she  barely sticks to a recipe.

“It doesn’t always turn out the way it was meant to be, as I am barely able to stick to a recipe, but often enough I am left with a somewhat quite eatable mess. And sometimes even with something real nice”

I noticed that she have several sourdough recipes and this is Sourdough Emmer Bread is just one of them. I admire people who can so this kind of bread. Amazing, Leah!

Vegan Rescue 

Jessica’s husband was a vegetarian long before they met. Along the way, they became vegan together.

“In 2010, I transitioned to a vegetarian diet to mirror my future hubby. However, 2011 was a pivotal year for me. I married, Seth, the love of my life and best friend; then we (as a family) also became vegan that autumn. Seth was vegetarian years before we even met and on/off his entire life. “

Although I am not vegan or vegetarian, I always love reading journeys about how people turn. And of course, I love seeing beautiful vegan recipes like this Hearty Tortilla Soup. Yum! 😀

Distinctively Delicious

“I’m Daniela, and I’m addicted to all things culinary. The kitchen is my playground, and when I’m lucky, I am able to get my husband David (a.k.a. Mr. Photographer) to join me in my creative endeavors.”

Daniela always turn into baking/cooking whatever mood she has. I must add that she has so much talent and creativity within. Also, the photos will make you say ‘I wish I was there’. Just look at this Spiced Pear Chocolate Caramel Cake.

Treats and Cheats

I am very much happy to find a blogger who started a blog recently because we all know how it feels starting from zero. Our new blogger loves food a lot, but she always try to eat healthier.

“I’m fighting a never-ending war. I want to be fit, healthy and look great… my interpretation of great anyway as this notion is completely subjective (or it should be). But I love food and my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach.”

I definitely love her posts and I love how she manages to find a healthy substitute like when she used quark when she mad this delicious Chocolate Cheesecake.

 My Yummy Spatula

Another new blogger is named Rajeshwari. She started being in the kitchen with her Mom when she was little. Her Mom let her attend baking classes when she was 12. Although she loves baking, she doesn’t have a very sweet tooth.

“It’s quite surprising that even though I love baking and making yummy things, I don’t have a very sweet tooth. I love feeding people whatever I make, except for myself.”

And I am of those people Rajeshwari needs to feed. This Flourless Chocolate Cloud Cake is something I have to try very soon.

I hope you say hello to these bloggers. Give them a wave by liking their posts or shake their hands by commenting on some of their posts. But you can also show you love to them by following their blogs. You follow their blogs = you gain new friends and a bonus of lifetime free delicious recipes! What do you say about that? 😀

And to my new found bloggers and friends, I am inviting you to join this wonderful virtual party (if you have not yet joined us) called Fiesta Friday with so much lovely, gorgeous people. In this party, we don’t just drop our sweets and savouries, we have lots of chitchats and lots of fun! I hope you could join us! You can find the rules and guidelines in the Fiesta Friday link. See you there!

Wishing you a week full of smiles and awesomeness! 😀 😀 😀


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Meet ‘New Bloggers’ #46

Hello, new bloggers, old bloggers and all bloggers! 😀 Sorry, I am this hyper girl again. I am just so thrilled to have been able to finally complete this list of bloggers to share them with you today.

But first, I want to tell you something.

My boss announced additional five hours of work every week. It started this year and IT IS REALLY DISAPPOINTING. Sorry for shouting! I just can’t believe that I can’t spend that much of time with my love (a.k.a. the Kitchen). Less cooking, less baking and less blogging time. Can’t he understand that even without the additional five hours, I still can’t keep up with my blog? So I am struggling finding time with my blog, specifically this series.

I was planning to stop the series completely but my lovely cousin said ‘No’.

Me: You know what? I don’t know if I can keep up with the bloggers & the ‘Tricky Tuesdays’ series anymore. You know, it needs a lot of time and I cannot find even five bloggers a week to introduce or interesting topics to discuss. Given this additional working hours, I don’t know how will I be able to find time. I think I’ll have to announce it to my blogging friends that I will stop it completely. *sad face*

Cousin: You don’t have to stop it and you don’t have to post every single Monday or Tuesday of the month. You can still help/inspire/cheer up other ‘new’ bloggers by continuing what you do. Or you can still share those tips and tricks. You can post them anytime you are available.

That made me think and I said ‘Okay, because it’s difficult to abandon such series where I can make someone smile.’

So I am still here, and I hope you’ll still hang in there and continue to support this series (most especially our new friends).

Bringing you my first set of new found bloggers this year of 2016,

Meet New Friends 4

Veggielicious Moments

Meet Svenja. She loved eating veggies since childhood. She rarely eat meat and fish. She uses plant-based and whole foods in her ingredients. No refined sugars and other naughty ingredients. 😀

“As a child, I already rarely consumed meat and fish, just because I disgusted the taste and its consistency. With the years, I automatically turned to be vegetarian.”

I know she loves food photography, too. Her photos are so enticing that makes me want to make this Sweet Potato Mango Coconut Spread and Dip. Yeah, you heard that right. I know you also want to check out the recipe, so go ahead and click that link. 😉

Healthy with Anja

Anja is a Food Science and Nutrition student. She created her blog to share her healthy recipes to us. She is very passionate in preparing healthy and nutritious foods. Other than that, she also loves working out and inspiring others with her healthy, new creations.

“One day, I would love to inspire others and help them change their lifestyles so they can become healthier, stronger and happier.”

And at first glance, you will think that this Protein Roulade with Blueberry Filling is made of naughty ingredients. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they sound more on the nice side for me and they look incredibly divine! Oh, I want a slice now… or two… or three? 😀

Aromatic Essence

Freda started her blog after joining a food group where she was inspired and motivated by a number of food bloggers. She learnt cooking from her mom and her mother-in-law.

“This blog is also an effort to document all the recipes I’ve learnt and that have been passed on to me by my Mom & Mom-in-law who are amazing Home chef’s , Goan cuisine being their forté, I will also be sharing some recipes inspired from the web along with a few of my experiments.”

I am really glad that Freda started her food blog so I can discover these adorable Milk Cream (Milk Toffee). When you look at them, they may seem difficult to make, but the recipe is super easy. Hmm, I wonder how many of these could I stuff in my mouth in one time? 😀

One Hand in a Cookie Jar

Charlotte believes that when a food doesn’t come from scratch, something must have got missed along that way. And though she loves healthy foods, she has that sweet tooth, too. 😀

“I have a deep love of cooking which can only be rivalled with my love of the gym. This is probably no bad thing as whilst I love eating healthy fresh foods, I also have a very sweet tooth which can’t be denied.”

And her take on carrot ‘cake’ is too awesome with these Coconut Carrot ‘Cake’ Protein Energy Balls. They look so cute and sounds so healthy and delicious.

Food Blog Envy

This blog is by two lovely ladies named Claire and Sophia. They started the blog late last year. They love baking/cooking (obviously) and they love food photography as well. One of the things I love about this blog is it has very entertaining story/letter with a recipe. I mean, who doesn’t want a recipe along with a funny chitchat, right? 😀

“I love to eat but everything I eat instantaneously metabolizes and is assimilated into the swath of padding around my midsection. I am a well-cushioned young lady.” -Claire

And here’s what Sophie said about her Dad’s DSLR:

“Well, technically he purchased it for himself but…mi casa es su casa, right? So for all intents and purposes, it’s mine.” -Sophie

And because I love Speculoos and cheesecake, why don’t you see this Speculoos Cheesecake? Ohh, so divinely delicious!


And to my new found bloggers and friends, I am inviting you to join this wonderful virtual party called Fiesta Friday with so much lovely, gorgeous people. In this party, we don’t just drop our sweets and savouries, we have lots of chitchats and lots of fun! I hope you could join us! You can find the rules and guidelines in the Fiesta Friday link. See you there!

Wishing you a week full of smiles and awesomeness! 😀 😀 😀


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Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #45

So, weekend just flew away in just a snap! Oh how I wish weekends are longer than weekdays! What do you say about that? That means more baking, cooking, photo shoot and enjoying the fruit of your labor. Agree? I know you do. 😀

…but the last weekend was not good to me! Well, I think it was in some point. I was supposed to make salted caramel syrup, but I forgot to get myself some whipping cream. So I told myself to forget about it and make the other one instead. I was about to stick the printed recipe near my workplace, but I found out that I ran out of flour! Booooo! I was not used to it so I never thought of getting flour when at the grocery store. Sigh! But I did make something and they are no-bake bars! Oh yeah! This girl gotta do something about weekends! 😛

Anyway, enough of the weekends and please say hello to these lovely people!

Love the Little Bakery

Hannah started the blog to share her love for sweet things. Baking is one of her passions, particularly in cake decorating.

It may not come as a surprise to you, but I am also a lover of anything sweet, give me a churro dipped in cinnamon sugar and a chocolate dip any day! (Or every day!) And yes, unfortunately, I am that girl that takes pictures of her food before consuming it.

And did I say she loves cake decorating? Check these Stiletto Cupcakes. Oh such pretty, pretty cupcakes!

Cooking at Sabrina’s

Sabrina considers her grandmother as her first teacher. She grew up being an assistant in the kitchen and grew up with healthy eating.

While working as a dietitian, I created new recipes for the hospital’s cafeteria and performed cooking demos for our health and wellness program, which I’m still involved with today. My cooking demos helped inspire me to share my recipes with a wider audience, hence the creation of! Some of my recipes might not seem so dietitian-friendly, but I believe moderation is key. Food should be fresh and delicious above anything else.

Her latest post as of this moment, Honey-Ginger Glazed Carrots with Brown Butter, just makes me want to leave my workplace and make it now! Ugh! My mouth is watering! 😀

Spatula in My Pocket

We all have something we consider our favorite kitchen tools. Noor considers spatula as her magical kitchen tool. (If you may ask, ice cream scoop is mine for my even muffins and cupcakes.) Noor think that the ‘real’ interest in the kitchen kicked in when she was in 10th grade:

But the real love, I think, really kicked in after 10th grade, when we were given of about five months’ worth of holidays. That’s when I started watching this cooking show, Masala Mornings, every morning at 11. I’d sit on the sofa, notebook and pen perched on my lap, ready for the show to begin. The first notebook started getting filled up with recipes. Then another. Then another.

So… you know me – I have every love for brownies. So I would never turn down these bars of Dulce De Leche Brownies! 😀

Smidgen of Savory

Katya prefers healthy choices when it comes to food. But she also believes in sweet confection in moderation.

Oh, and I love food—especially healthy food, fresh produce, and the occasional sugary confection (I do my best to ignore the cravings, but sometimes a girl just needs some melty chocolate with a heaping scoop of peanut butter!).

And Chocolate Cups with Chickpea Cookie Dough? Wow! So interesting and they look delish, too!

Feed the Baker

I’m the type of person who’s always thinking about what they’re going to eat next. Even if I’m already stuffing my face full of tacos, I’m thinking about how great a hot fudge brownie would be. I’m always hungry and (almost) always baking.

Ha! We have something in common here. 😀 And as a macaron-obsessed, Feed the Baker made these such cute Fruity Pebble Macaron.

Wishing you a day full of smiles! 😀 😀 😀


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Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #44

Hello, my lovely friends! I hope you are all having a good start of this week. My Monday was okay – I am just about to do my night night routine after I do this post which is watching YouTube videos. 🙂

Meanwhile, I brought some ‘new’ friends today. I hope you say ‘Hello’ to them? x

Bees Knees Recipes

Like all of us, Natalie encountered victory and disappointments from her kitchen experiments.

I’m constantly trying recipes, maybe 3-4 a day, in what sometimes feels like a small-scale test kitchen. I’ve had some great successes and disappointments from both simple and exotic ingredients.

Wow! 3-4 times a day? I hope I have this time, too. 😀 Going through her blog, I found out that she always manages to find time to make something sweet. Her latest share, Cranberry Coconut Macaroons, sound very good to me. I haven’t tried the combination of cranberries and coconut together, but I bet they are delicious.

The Fresh Princess

A princess like me who loves to cook and bake… and eat sweets, too. 😀

I’m a foodie with culinary ambitions. If only cooking and eating delicious food paid the rent for my tiny apartment, my life would be complete.

And yeah, she’s funny, too. 😀 And I love that! The Fresh Princess has this interesting popcorn on her blog – Buffalo Wing Popcorn. I hope she could send me some so I could try it, too. 😀

Bryony Cooks

Bryony is a culinary school graduate (how amazing) and baking is her passion. But she loves cooking, too… and having fun! 🙂

I love throwing ingredients together and seeing what happens and I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve probably had more failures than successes but that’s part of the fun, right?!

Yes, it is the fun part. And I am sure she had fun making these Quick Puff Pastry Chocolate Hazelnut Rolls. Oh yum! 😀

Knead to Dough

Lauren loves tea, coffee and cake… a lot! 😀 Hmm, we have something in common.

Could I really call myself a baker if I can’t happily bake a loaf of bread?

So here comes my journey, mixing yeast and strong flour with a dash of salt and excitement as I learn what I need to know… Bread making! There’ll be plenty of cakes and other creations along the way too…

Bread-making is fun! But right now, I’d love to enjoy with a slice of this Orange Meringue Cake. 😀

A Cupcake for Love

Parvathy only started cooking after she found out that her husband is a complete foodie like her.

Food was never just about the way it tastes, but it encompasses every aspect of the world we live in today. Color, texture, aroma, quality, nutrition and the very experience of not just creating but also enjoying the feeling of sharing such a delightful journey is what food means to me.

The couple not only loves food, but they also love to travel and photography as well. No wonder this Home Style Butter Chicken look so absolutely mouth-watering to me. 😀

Wishing you a day full of smiles! 😀 😀 😀


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Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #43

Hello, lovely friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend like I did. Well, I baked cupcakes. I also cooked main dish, soup and made fried rice. 😀 Like I said in my tagline “Cook and bake ’till you drop“. And yeah, it was tiring, but so much fun!

Meanwhile, why don’t you say hello to these five great bloggers…

Biscuit Bases

Becky loves cheesecake a lot.

Since, graduating from university and having full access to my mother’s kitchen again, I have built up a repertoire of cheesecake recipes.

Hmm, thus the blog name ‘Biscuit Bases’, yeah? Yay! I love cheesecakes, too! But Becky’s Oreo Plant Pot Mini Cheesecakes? They are not only delicious, but she has presented it in a creative and cute way. 😉

Emily Cooks Vegan

Emily has been vegan for nine years now.

This blog is not only dedicated to helping you guys make healthy and insanely delicious food easily and cheaply, but it’s also my own personal way of falling in love with food again after I started my recovery from anorexia three years ago, a challenge that I have keenly accepted and smashed out of the park.

And these Baked Avocados look so tasty to me. Mind sending me some, Emily? 😀

The Baking Laboratory

The Baking Laboratory. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Let me explain why I picked this name and how this relates to me: In a nutshell, I love baking and I love experimenting.

Yes, I definitely love the blog name! 🙂 And these After Eight Cupcakes are definitely scrumptious. Take note – they are gluten-free, too.

Food on My Plates by Sheenam 

I think Sheenam always thinks about food every single second in everyday. 😀

I am fully and soul-ly connected with food the entire day. From trying new restaurants to cooking at home, I make sure that I spend my time around food in some or the other way!

She is also creative as making these Pizza pancakes (Cheesy olive bread-discs) was a good idea. They look delish, too!

Plate It Up

Gloria’s parents have influenced her world of flavours at a very tender age.

Growing up in a family associated in the hotel industry for generations and brilliant home-cooks, I am passionate over food, cooking and love to fuse different flavours and aromas in my cooking style.

What I love about Indian cuisine is they create food with so much flavor and they always look appetizing. They always create amazing sauce that you could almost imagine the taste – oh yum! Like this Mutton Baby Potato Curry – I can almost smell it from here. 😀

Thank you for spending time with me today… I’d be pleased if you hop on these blogs. ❤ Have a fab week to all!


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Meet ‘New’ Bloggers #42

Yay! I am so excited to be back… well, after two weeks of missing this series. (Again? Seriously?)

Anyway, the good thing is I am back and I am happy to bring you new friends… If you have not met them, it’s time to get to know these bloggers who have really great blog. 😉

The Wholesome Dime

For me, eating healthy and staying healthy is expensive. Well, maybe because I really haven’t really tried budgeting on healthy foods. I am glad that these two have an awesome blog:

Trouble is, eating well and staying healthy can be expensive, and we’re not made of money! That’s why we created The Wholesome Dime. A place to share our ideas for awesome food and wellbeing which won’t break the bank.

Healthy and not expensive? Count me in. 😉 Sugar-Free Brownie Cakes? You should definitely count me in.

The Baking Hermit

It is really lovely to read wonderful stories on how one was inspired by others – in baking or cooking (or some other things).

Baking is a hobby I have been wanting to pick up for years, but had somehow always found reasons to procrastinate. Until one fateful evening, when I was out celebrating my birthday with a few friends, and one friend showed me a picture of a beautiful rainbow cake covered in torched meringue, baked by his very talented (then) 12-year-old nephew! That very night, I came home and bought the oven I had been eyeing for years.

Like The Baking Hermit, I just started baking few years ago. And I am very impressed with this beautiful Garlic and Spring Onions Challah Bread.

A Bag of Flour

Flour is one of most essential ingredients in Anne’s kitchen because she loved baked goodies and she makes her own bread. How amazing!

I get ridiculously excited about making kitchen staples at home, whether it’s homemade butter, yogurt, cheese, vinegar, extracts, or pasta, you name it. I believe in good and honest food and I try to use as much seasonal and local produce as I can. When you make things from scratch, you know exactly what you are getting, and there is just something very special about enjoying a slice of freshly baked bread with your own homemade butter and jam.

Cheers to homemade foods! 😀 And that is why I am happy to see Anne’s Vegetable Stock.

Marisa’s Italian Kitchen

Marisa not only shares Italian recipes, but also others as well. She has something for all those sweet tooth of yours and some savory, too.

With her gone, so too are all her recipes. This blog will be a journey of re-creating meals that trigger memories from childhood.  A fusion of two cultures, Italian and Canadian. It will also serve as an archive of my most requested recipes. From comfort food to soul nourishing meals to sweet baked delights, I hope to inspire new beginners to believe in what they can achieve, in their own kitchen.

Well, you know I am a sweet tooth, but right now I’ll take this Turkey Meatball Soup. Oh so delicious that I wish I have a bowl of this soup in front of me right now.

Emily’s Kitchen

Emily is a talented and creative baker. She makes beautiful and awesome cakes. 😀

I love food, both creating and eating it! I am a home baker and a vegetarian. I love all things creative and this blog combines my love of creating, baking and photography.

She also makes ice creams like this No Churn Ice Cream – Made with Homemade Honeycomb and Caramel Sauce.

Thank you for spending time with me today… I really hope you’d have time to visit them. Have an amazing week to all of you! 🙂


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Meet New Bloggers #41

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I hope everyone is doing good. I just came back last week from my month-long away from work and shall I mention the month-long with a very slow internet connection? Oh, I just did. 😀

Now, back to work. Translation: back to crazy, crazy work schedule and overloaded paper works. On the brighter note, internet connection is better – so I may have the chance to chitchat more. 😉

On to the introducing new friends to you –

Something Sweet, Something Savoury

Some experiments were a triumph, some were a total disaster. My cookbook collection grew vastly over the years. I ran out of space on my groaning bookshelves a long time ago so any new additions to my collection sit on my kitchen table or if they are very new, beside my bedside table.

Nicola started her interest in food at a very young age. She used to stay at the kitchen with her grandma and with her grandma’s cookbooks which she used to put a tick mark when she likes something. She does the same thing up to now. I bet everyone in her family loved these bars of Fudgy Brownies with Raspberries and White Chocolate – I really love to have some, too. 🙂

Salted Butter

I love food. A lot. A lot a lot. I think food is the most important part of life and human existence and I like to embrace that. Being in the kitchen makes me happy and cooking and baking can immediately blow the blues away. Food is probably my greatest passion. I mean, what is life without food!?

I couldn’t agree more, Zoe. 😀 Yeah, people??

Zoe has a special bond with broccoli, ice cream, cookies and pizza. Hmm, sounds like me and Zoe have something in common. 😀 That is why my heart stopped beating when I saw these delicious bars of Nuttela Swirl Brownies.

Super Sweet Tooth

Erin has such an amazing story about her experience in cooking and baking:

Up until 5 years ago, I didn’t know squat about cooking.  I remember reading the back of a cake mix box, saw where it said, “Grease and flour pan” and I yelled, “Say whaaaat?” and threw it back in the pantry.  Most of the meals I made were the frozen meals you cook in a skillet, Hamburger Helper, and Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese.

She was then attended a culinary class and graduated. Now, I am sure she’s can rock the kitchen with her more improved cooking and baking skills. Uh, can you please pass some of these Boston Creme Mini Tarts?? 😀

Sweet Samsations

Sam has been blogging from 2011, but I don’t know why I haven’t bumped into her yet – she has an amazing blog and (ehem) recipes.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sam who disliked food. When she was little, she would rebelliously run around during meal times, defying any food on her plate.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. She was forced to cook and feed herself since she moved to Vancouver. There she started loving food and started baking and cooking. And can you tell me that these can be taken in one sitting? – Toblerone Fudge Brownies.

Anita Cuisine

I started to love cooking mostly because home cooked food is fresher, better and healthier and it seems that nowadays it has become a luxury few can afford and also because now I cook for 2, not just for myself and this is more fun.

Anita loved sweets and mostly prepared them. She can’t imagine life without sweets. Although she makes savoury things, too, like these Grilled Honey Hot Wings. 😀

I hope you do check these blogs and show them some love. 😉


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