Meet ‘New Bloggers’ #48

Howdy, friends!

Seriously, I don’t know where time has gone! Time is running so fast that it also makes me run and I am so tired of chasing and finding time! There’s so much to do, but so little time.

What kept you busy for the past weeks? I spent time mostly at work and when at home, I barely sit down when it’s day time. I really can’t sit for long. I’d die of boredom! And hey, I love multi-tasking! If only I can survive with my hands baking while my feet are mopping the floor, I will. 😀

Okay, enough of the chitchat.

Meet New Friends 4

Almost A Cake

Leah both love eating healthy and indulging in food once in a while. She is cooking and eating healthy foods, but not an exclusive vegetarian. She loves to bake, too, but as she said, she  barely sticks to a recipe.

“It doesn’t always turn out the way it was meant to be, as I am barely able to stick to a recipe, but often enough I am left with a somewhat quite eatable mess. And sometimes even with something real nice”

I noticed that she have several sourdough recipes and this is Sourdough Emmer Bread is just one of them. I admire people who can so this kind of bread. Amazing, Leah!

Vegan Rescue 

Jessica’s husband was a vegetarian long before they met. Along the way, they became vegan together.

“In 2010, I transitioned to a vegetarian diet to mirror my future hubby. However, 2011 was a pivotal year for me. I married, Seth, the love of my life and best friend; then we (as a family) also became vegan that autumn. Seth was vegetarian years before we even met and on/off his entire life. “

Although I am not vegan or vegetarian, I always love reading journeys about how people turn. And of course, I love seeing beautiful vegan recipes like this Hearty Tortilla Soup. Yum! 😀

Distinctively Delicious

“I’m Daniela, and I’m addicted to all things culinary. The kitchen is my playground, and when I’m lucky, I am able to get my husband David (a.k.a. Mr. Photographer) to join me in my creative endeavors.”

Daniela always turn into baking/cooking whatever mood she has. I must add that she has so much talent and creativity within. Also, the photos will make you say ‘I wish I was there’. Just look at this Spiced Pear Chocolate Caramel Cake.

Treats and Cheats

I am very much happy to find a blogger who started a blog recently because we all know how it feels starting from zero. Our new blogger loves food a lot, but she always try to eat healthier.

“I’m fighting a never-ending war. I want to be fit, healthy and look great… my interpretation of great anyway as this notion is completely subjective (or it should be). But I love food and my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach.”

I definitely love her posts and I love how she manages to find a healthy substitute like when she used quark when she mad this delicious Chocolate Cheesecake.

 My Yummy Spatula

Another new blogger is named Rajeshwari. She started being in the kitchen with her Mom when she was little. Her Mom let her attend baking classes when she was 12. Although she loves baking, she doesn’t have a very sweet tooth.

“It’s quite surprising that even though I love baking and making yummy things, I don’t have a very sweet tooth. I love feeding people whatever I make, except for myself.”

And I am of those people Rajeshwari needs to feed. This Flourless Chocolate Cloud Cake is something I have to try very soon.

I hope you say hello to these bloggers. Give them a wave by liking their posts or shake their hands by commenting on some of their posts. But you can also show you love to them by following their blogs. You follow their blogs = you gain new friends and a bonus of lifetime free delicious recipes! What do you say about that? 😀

And to my new found bloggers and friends, I am inviting you to join this wonderful virtual party (if you have not yet joined us) called Fiesta Friday with so much lovely, gorgeous people. In this party, we don’t just drop our sweets and savouries, we have lots of chitchats and lots of fun! I hope you could join us! You can find the rules and guidelines in the Fiesta Friday link. See you there!

Wishing you a week full of smiles and awesomeness! 😀 😀 😀


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Tricky Tuesday #24: Making Time For Your Blog

You might ask yourself ‘Seriously? A post about tips on making time for your blog from a blogger who has been MIA for months?’ And my answer is a big fat YES! 😀

I was on my way from work yesterday, the minions inside my brain were debating with each other on what to post after long months of being MIA for the Tricky Tuesdays series. One genius minion came up with this one. And the others were like ‘Seriously’?

See – I want to share something different than my usual shares before in which the post could also be a reminder for me more than anyone else… and this is what my genius minion suggested. Good one, I think. 🙂

For me, there are bloggers who blogs whenever they can and there are bloggers who badly wants to blog even if they have tight schedule. Count me on the latter. Making time for your blog may be difficult at times. But I believe that it’s all about priorities. So as I go on with the tips, I will share you my own, uh can I call it experiences? Okay, let’s do this…

Making Time for Your Blog - TNSCC

Make a Schedule 

Some of us are full-time workers and some of us are not. Either way, we are all busy with something. Making a schedule for your blog might help. As for me, I didn’t have one until recently. I was using office’s laptop and I didn’t (and still don’t) have my own. So I could say that I am blogging from work or only during the weekends when I take the laptop with me. But weekends means laundry, relaxing and lots of stuffs… so good luck with the blogging time. Few months back, my cousin got her own laptop which I must admit that I am the one who mostly use it because of my blog. So resting a little after work, I try to open my blog and do my thing.

Time Yourself

So here comes time management.

I could say that I was very good when it comes to time management. I mostly time everything I do – 2 hours for laundry, 1 hour for ironing clothes, 2 hours organizing/cleaning kitchen stuffs – you name it. And I stick to that time. Until one day, I can’t do it anymore that if I am in a class, I must have probably dropped it. A good friend told me that it is helpful that you time yourself.  And I told myself ‘You can do that! You were good at it.’ What I am saying is you divide your time. You can blog an hour or two in a day, depending on how tight your day is. At least make time… and by doing so, you check off some of your ‘to-blog’ list.

Prioritize Your Posts

Why did I start blogging? The answer is because I wanted to share my recipes and my versions of recipes… and somehow to inspire others. Then blogging buddies came – you learn things and your see how you can inspire and encourage others. Here comes the idea of me having a series called ‘Meet New Bloggers‘. And I thought that ‘Tricky Tuesdays‘ would be somehow useful, so I added it to my blog. Then ‘Versions & Verdicts‘ came… ‘In My Kitchen‘ came… and maybe something else will come. I don’t know. So it is important to know your priorities or let me rephrase that – know what you can do for the day, which doesn’t take that much of your time? or which doesn’t need a lot of thinking? Well, things like that. In my case, my first thing is recipe posts. Why? Because it doesn’t need ‘searching’ like what I do in the ‘Meet New Bloggers‘ series and ‘Tricky Tuesdays‘. Also, in recipe posts, I can do ‘mental blogging’ which I’d discuss in a bit. I also cook/bake during the weekends and all I have to do is take photos, write/edit the recipe and you’re done.

Mental Blogging 

Who does this? 😀 So when I am cooking or baking, I mentally write on what to blah blah blah when I publish the recipe. I do this whenever I can – before going to sleep, while walking from work to home, on the bus and even while I am taking a shower. Whatever I do, mental blogging is always there. Good thing that when my boss asks me, I don’t answer him anything about the blog. 😀 So, you know what I mean, yeah?

Plan Ahead

Another thing where I am good at – planning!

You can have a small notebook or you can write what do you want to cook/bake/post anywhere you want. You can also write topics you want to discuss. As for me, I always plan what I want to cook/bake during the weekends. When I am done cooking/baking, I write down the recipe posts/titles and put them on schedule. So I could tell you that I have few drafts in my mind (yeah, mental blogging) that I need to actually put on the WordPress drafts soon. 😀 So after that, you can make a new plan/schedule. 😉


I hope you find this post helpful. How about you? What are you doing to make time for your blog? I’d really love to know. I hope you could share them to us. Leave your comments below. 🙂

Thank you for spending time with me today. Remember –

Blogging should be fun and not a burden. Like cooking/baking (or whatever you enjoy doing), blogging should be done with passion.


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Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong (Day 1 of 2)

I am so excited today as I am co-hosting Fiesta Friday #93 with the lovely Kaila @ GF Life 24/7 for the second time around. Right, Kaila? 😀 I think the guests are expecting something delicious from me today, yes? Hmm, something sweet, maybe? Savoury? Ha! Sorry, but I am not bringing food today! Oppsss! Don’t look at me like that! I have another thing – a story… which hopefully you’ll not get bored with! I am sharing you the first ever travel post on my blog. Yihee! 😀 While listening to me, link up and join the fun by clicking the badge below:


Once upon a time, there was a Princess who really loves to go to Hong Kong. All was planned and ready. She prepared a scrapbook to document all the photos and write the experiences. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances happened that she had to pull out everything. The Princess got very depressed and forgot all the dreams she had related to Hong Kong.

Years after, a plan was made again. This time, the dream of going to Hong Kong finally came true.

Join me as I share with you my first time in Hong Kong… or you can just scroll down to see the photos. 😉


Upon arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport, a representative from Asian Links Holiday greeted us (the tourists) and handed over our itinerary for the whole tour. From the airport, we were dropped at the hotel, the Rambler Garden Hotel. The hotel is about 30-minutes-by-car-far. It is located in Tsing Yi which is an island in the urban area of Hong Kong. The hotel was okay – mainly to accommodate guests, but the room is very small and the ceiling is very high. The view from the window? This.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (1)

They are like huge legos. The view from the hallway looks more nice:

HKG 2015, TNSCC 2

But we are on the 30th floor and it’s crazy to stay at the hallway.

Residential building
Residential building

There are shops and a restaurant at the basement level of the hotel.

HKG 2015, TNSCC 7
Various shops at the basement area where you can buy something to eat or drink, Chinese medicines, clothes and bags
And Watson's, too. :)
And Watson’s, too. 🙂

The restaurant at the basement area is called Cafe de Coral.

HKG 2015, TNSCC 6
Restaurant at the basement area
HKG 2015, TNSCC 3
Something like roasted chicken thigh with some sort of peanut sauce/gravy
Green tea
I ordered for green tea and they gave me a cold one
HKG 2015, TNSCC 12
Fried Fish Fillet
HKG 2015, TNSCC 13
HKG 2015, TNSCC 11
Puerh Tea – hot this time


Enough for the introduction…

First day was supposed to be a free day, but we decided to go to Ocean Park. When the representative said there will be Pandas, there’s no reason for me to say ‘No, I want to take a rest.’ See you, Panda!

Day 1: Ocean Park

HKG 2015, TNSCC (31)

Ocean Park is a huge theme park and according to the tour guide, it’s thrice the size of Hong Kong Disneyland. There are rides (which I am scared of), shops, animals and restaurants. I don’t know how I could manage being a tourist and a photographer at the same time. :/ So, I have not taken much photos and have not went to all the attractions which I feel so sorry about. Anyway, let me share what I got. 🙂

HKG 2015, TNSCC (2)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (4)

We went inside The Grand Aquarium, but I have not taken good photos… which was a little okay because I am not really a fan.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (3)

There is a transportation called Ocean Express where it would take you from the other side to another side of the park.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (6)
People waiting for the ‘train’
HKG 2015, TNSCC (7)
‘Train’ has arrived

From the inside of the ‘train’, you cannot see the outside world. There were animated drawings of different kinds of fishes and water on the ceiling of the ‘train’ which it make you feel that you are travelling underwater with matching sounds. It was so cute. (So busy watching that I forgot to take a photo)

During my stay at Ocean Park, I hear people screaming. I think the screams came all the way from here. Maybe this is not the worst ride I have seen, but still, THIS. IS. CRAZY.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (14)
Roller coaster ride called Hair Raiser
HKG 2015, TNSCC (19)
Another crazy ride

This is the ride I love, Ferris Wheel. Ha! No challenge, eh? 😀 As I said, Ocean Park is a huge area, so I couldn’t find the way to here. Forget the maps – I don’t even know how to use them.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (22)

This is something where you ride some kind of a round boat and people from the top will ‘water-gun’ you… plus you will be wet from the running water.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (11)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (12)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (13)
Bananas!!! But no, they are not real If they are, maybe I’ve jumped already.

One of the things I loved at Ocean Park – seeing these beautiful birds…

HKG 2015, TNSCC (10)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (21)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (20)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (17)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (16)

And snake?? Am I happy to see this? Well, yeah! Plus, it’s beautiful… and scary!

HKG 2015, TNSCC (15)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (5)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (27)

And hello, Panda! We went to an attraction where there were two Pandas, but they were hiding or maybe sleeping. So we did not have the chance to see them at first. Luckily, we went inside another attraction and saw this so cute Panda.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (23)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (24)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (25)

Well, after eating… you get full and you sleep… with your back facing your audience. Huh!

HKG 2015, TNSCC (26)

Here’s a short video I have taken:

We also went inside a place where there are fishes – unlucky me that I have not taken nice photos. 😦

HKG 2015, TNSCC (30)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (29)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (28)

Stunning aquariums with gold fishes:

 I hope you enjoy my photos and my story. See you on the second day! 😉


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In My Kitchen – July 2015

Welcome to my kitchen once again…

I thought I’d miss IMK July post as I have not been out for sometime now, except when passing by a grocery store on my way home from work to buy something to cook for Iftar (time to break the fast). I tried my best to capture photos of our meals during Iftar, but I did not get good results.

Anyways, I am happy that I get to welcome you once again in my kitchen…

In my kitchen…

…is a jar of Durian jam. This jam is staple during Ramadan in our home. I am not a Durian fruit eater, but I love this jam a lot.

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 4

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 3

I am a lover of tea and I really want to fill my pantry with all flavors I could find, but I don’t think I’d be able to live a day with tea alone. Well, I drink about 7 cups of tea a day… but not this Ramadan.

In my kitchen…

…is a TWG Silver Moon Tea (a gift from my cousin).

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 2

This is a blend of green teas accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet, with a hint of spice. The smell alone is just beyond amazing.

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 1

Few days ago, I was invited for an Iftar by an amazing friend. She prepare a feast for us and everything  is superb! Unfortunately, I haven’t tried the homemade ice cream as we were picked up from her home  a little earlier. I super duper enjoyed the food, the conversation and everything that night. It was one of the most amazing nights. She is awesome that I got to take home these:

Almond Cigars –

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 7

I think this is Apricot Tart –

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 6

Chorba with (I think) Semolina Bread – I am saddened by the incident that the soup spilled inside the car. 😦

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 9

Bourek – I am just crazy about these.

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 5

And the most famous my Brioche Crown 😛

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 10

The most beautiful crown. 😀 And I just love those sugar bits on top.

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 11

And while we were chatting, I have mentioned that I love Harissa. She gladly took this from her pantry and gave it to me – yay for me. 😀 😀 😀

IMK - The Not So Creative Cook 8

There’s still the dish called Chicken Tajine (I think), but it’s all gone – I haven’t taken a photo. I devoured them like a beast for Suhoor (early morning meal for one who is observing Ramadan).

I hope you enjoyed peeking. Thanks to Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, the mind behind In My Kitchen. Please join us before 10th of July and make sure to link it back to Celia.

Have a fabulous day to everyone. 😉


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Meet New Bloggers #38

Hello! Hello! How is everyone doing? I hope you are all okay and you had a lovely weekend.

Please forgive me for not being able to do the this last weekend as I was a little ill. More of that story on other post. In the meantime, I bring you another set of bloggers you could add to your friends. 😉


The Dairy Free Baker

“A lot of people who give up milk for any reason see it is as unavoidable that they will have to give up treats and favourite foods. I hope with this blog I can show people that it doesn’t have to be that way, and that things can be made dairy free and be just as tasty.”

I love the idea of having a blog with dairy-free recipes because it is great for lactose intolerant people or for those who doesn’t want to consume dairy products. I found this Lemon, Blueberry and Mint Loaf Cake so mouth-watering.

Cozy Eats 

“I am a lover of: tea, cats, lipstick, bulldogs, and food in general. You will find a lot of cozy, feel-good, seasonal, and fresh recipes here on my blog.”

Megan and I have something in common – the love for tea. And these bars of Gluten-Free Brownies with Raspberries and Walnuts are just perfect with tea.

Arugula and Amore

“This blog represents an initiative to be more artistic, to slow down, to share good food with friends and family and to learn Italian–all things I’ve said I’d like to do. So, I’m doing them. Arugula and Amore represents a year of taking more chances, taking more time and tasting more food…and wine.”

Mostly, you will see gluten-free recipes because of the husband. One of the gluten-free recipes she has is this Ultimate Fudgy Gluten Free Brownies.

Fock That’s Good

 “I am not an expert in food (who is?), but I do enjoy playing with flavours and creating exciting eats especially in this place we live, where certain ingredients are not always available.  I also love the amazing local market produce, and the way in which the food is cooked intrigues me.”

Jacqueline Fock also loves the comfort her kitchen gives her. She love her gadgets, too. Who doesn’t? 😀 I also love this Coconut, lentil & veg soup with turmeric & ginger chicken stock.

Beyond Fit Recipes

“I have always adored food, in every conceivable sense. Dinner parties at the cottage are one of my favourite things. There’s something miraculous about sharing a meal and time with friends. There’s something even more awe-inspiring that comes with being able to introduce them to heavenly dishes which are as medicinal as they are mouthwatering. I cherish being able share health and happiness, to demonstrate that the elimination of meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, processed foods, chemicals, flavourings and additives does not mean compromising on creation and flavour.”

Hanna’s story is very inspiring that you have to check it out yourself. You also have to check this Root Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts. 😉


I hope you have time to visit these amazing blogs. Enjoy the week. 😉

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Meet New Bloggers # 37

Last week was my friend’s birthday and this series completely slipped my mind – oooppps! 😐 Well, I did not do much for the friend except baking a cake. I was so happy with the results and my happiness got in the way and forgot that it’s Monday and Monday means it’s the bloggers’ day!

Well, I am here now with a new set of bloggers. Smile now. 😀

meetOh My Goodness Vegan

“Having been vegan for around 7 years, I set up this blog to share ideas, recipes, supermarket and high street finds as well as sneaky vegan ‘life hacks’ that I have accumulated!”

Franca claims no expertise in being vegan, but she tries her best to share anything vegan. Raw Chocolate and Walnut Energy Brownies? I’d definitely go for it. 😉

Kay’s Kitchen

“I created this blog, simply, because I love food, I love to eat, and I love to feed others too (grandma in the makings). You’ll find recipes for what I’ve been making in my kitchen lately, everything from indulgent desserts and cakes to quick and easy healthy, weekday meals.”

She does varieties of dishes, so everything you need is in Kay’s Kitchen. 😉 How about Cuban Inspired Lamb Sandwich?

The Sweet & Savory Side of Me

While browsing Ms. K’s blog, I guessed that she’s also a Filipina and that excites me to find her. Er, she found me first and that led me to finding her. J I love that she shares variety of Filipino recipes as I am not super familiar with all Filipino dishes. But this Creamy Shrimp Chopseuy is the one my tummy wants at this very moment. 😀

Feeding You Appetite

“There is nothing that I do not love about food; well almost nothing (besides having to hit the gym harder after a memorable meal). From reading about food and watching food shows, to shopping for fresh meats and produce, to cooking up new variations of my favorite recipes, to travelling around the world and tasting local favorites – I love it all.”

I just love how inspiring and beautiful Neha’s ‘About Page’. Cook for someone you love as she says. J And I am sure that her loved ones really loved this Sweet and Tangy Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt and Herbs.

Tried and Twisted

“Mom and two lovely, talented daughters cooking up a storm while putting unique flavors, ingredients, and wholesome goodness into the mix.”

How lovely it is to blog with your Mom or daughters? ❤ And aren’t these Coconut Cupcakes look like heaven?

And last but not the least…

Shani Milan in the Kitchen

Yes, I have six bloggers for you today and not five. Why? Because this 6th blogger is very new to blogging world and she needs a welcoming committee and that includes me and you, my friends.

I have been following Shani on Instagram and it really made me happy when I found out that she finally created a food blog. Shani is a talented cook and baker. She loves taking food photos, too, and I tell you – she’s creative and funny. 😀 Other than that, Shani is Filipina, too. And that gives me another reason to be excited. Her first post is this tasty Fish in Marinade which she calls as an ‘upgrade to fried fish’. 😀

I hope you show some love to these bloggers. Wishing everyone a fab week… 🙂

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A Post for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. I was having second thoughts on writing about the topic because I didn’t know how to start. Being a lover of anything sweet and fried, I am not sure if I am able to write a word about eating healthy or anything of that sort. This is not a compensated post and all you will read below is hundred percent written by me.
Regardless of my busy life I have nowadays, I still would like to help spread the word about my thoughts about the topic. Here goes my views –
As far as science and human medicine is concerned, Nutrition is an intake of food or it is an interaction of nutrients and other substance to our bodies. Many of us doesn’t really care about what food we intake as long as we are happy about what we eat. In the end, we regret our actions and it leads us to being overweight or unhealthy. We discover these things when we get older or when we feel some physical pains. Thus, it is very important to make sure of our daily intake of food. It doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy what we eat if we eat healthy things – we just have to find the right substitute. Also, balanced diet is really important.
Let me share my experience:
If you know me well, you know very well how I behave when eating. I eat a lot. I sometimes make a joke that my digestion works very fast that after eating a very heavy meal, I could eat the same thing over again after 30 minutes. Being a full-time employee, the only time I can eat is at breakfast and dinner. Meaning, I skip lunch and I mostly eat heavy meals during dinner. With the same behavior most of the time, I never knew that I am gaining weight. Last time I checked, I need to lose 10 pounds as I am already overweight.
Hitting the gym is not an option for me with the busy schedule I have. These days, physical fitness applications are everywhere and can be downloaded to our phones. Not only that, you can also download several applications which will help you about eating healthy or know more about balanced diet. With the millions of websites or blogs nowadays, there is no excuse about not being knowledgeable enough on what healthy/balanced diet is. Health insurance companies and others are even using technology to help provide their members with better information to stay healthy. Oscar Insurance provides health insurance in New York and New Jersey and offers their members a free fitness tracker and an app to help them get in exercise every day and keep track of other important health information.
Are you saying that you don’t have enough time even for workout at home? Guess what? Recently, my friend sent me a link which directed me to Cosmo PH’s The Tamad Girl’s Workout. (Tamad is a Filipino word means Lazy). With the given workouts, I don’t think there’s  room for excuses.
In addition, having a blog means having blogging buddies who promote healthy eating and encourage readers to start watching out the foods they intake. These bloggers also provide healthy substitute which is very good for those who are starting to change their eating habits.
Before I finally end this post, let me just say what I recently realized when it comes to eating healthy – “Always focus on starting a healthy diet which will lead to healthy lifestyle rather than only focusing on losing weight. Think that losing weight is just a bonus, and the most important thing is to have a balanced, healthy diet.”
Remember, “There’s nothing wrong with eating everything you want, as long as you eat moderately.”
I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what are your thoughts and what are you doing to keep you healthy and fit.

Life vs. Blogging

Hi, dear friends and readers!

If you are following this blog for some time now, you are aware that I have Introducing ‘new’ bloggers and Tricky Tuesdays series. The reason of this post is to inform you that I will not be able to do the two series for maybe three weeks or so… Don’t think that I got tired or something close to that. I am not as I am enjoying giving you new set of friends and sharing new kitchen tricks. However, I am fully loaded with paper works and there are things I need to finish in a given time.

I wish I could be like –

i_dont_have_time_to_be_this_busyAhh – we gotta work to earn and we gotta earn to eat. 😀

Weekends also mean running errands and my time be with my favorite place – the kitchen. On a brighter note, I’d still be blogging and continue to share new, delicious recipes as I have more time to cook/bake than blog. And some of my to-be-shared recipes are almost ready to be published. 😉

Anyway, that’s all for now. Rest assured that I will be back in business once I get my work done and make everything at work in proper order.

As always, I am grateful to all of you who are always stopping by especially when I post those two series.

Lots of love and hugs,


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I am very happy that I am able to make drafts for my blog posts since the last two weeks and I think I will keep doing it. What I do is whenever I have my free time, I make draft for the two series I have on this blog. I cannot finish them in one time, so I come back  and edit or finish the draft and schedule the post. Oh, I really hope to be back on track. 😐

Anyway, for today’s new bloggers:


My Gastro Adventure

Quite simply, it is a site through which I will document my adventures in the kitchen.  I will be sharing pictures, recipes, tips and advice for a wide variety of recipes.  To start with, I will be embarking on a year long challenge trying out 52 recipes chosen by my wonderful friends and family.  To find out more about Challenge 52 click here.

Like me, Vanessa was also inspired by the film Julie & Julia to start a blog. I really love how this film inspired so many bloggers. If you click the link, Vanessa is into a challenge and one of them is this delicious Shepherd’s Pie.

Stephy Sweet Bakes

“Hi there, the one thing you should know about me is my passion for baking. I am a house wife and a mother of two beautiful girls. I love in a small town of Louisiana called Oak Grove. There’s not much to do around these parts as it is mainly farm land. So this is what I do and enjoy…… baking, lol.”

How lovely that must be – baking mostly all day? 😀 No wonder I really want to take a slice of this Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread Loaf with Cream Cheese Filling… like now!!

The Swirling Spoon

” I regularly buy extra bananas when I go shopping so that I’ll have an excuse to bake banana bread at the end of the week. I’m probably addicted to coffee but I enjoy it too much to give it up. I am also addicted to drinking green smoothies every morning, so I figure they balance each other out.”

You are not alone with the bananas, Hannah. 😀 Also, I hope you don’t mind if I want to take all these Cucumber Hummus Rolls with me.

The Ruby Kitchen

“There is a strong connection between food and memories. The smells, textures, tastes – they all evoke memories in each of us. I grew up in the kitchen, so cooking and baking have always come natural to me. The first thing I remember trying to make was gingerbread cookies. They were the approximate weight and density of rocks, but my mom and dad smiled and forced them down. I was 9 years old, how sweet they spared my delicate feelings.”

I agree with you, Jolena. And like here, my first cookies was hard as rocks. 😀 It is so fun to go back to those time and laugh at them. Well, look at you now – you have made this Retro Cake so beautifully.

Sweet Cupcake Emporium

 “I bake, I frost, I decorate. These are a few of my favorite things. Born and raised on the sweet island of Trinidad & Tobago, I was brought up with the sense that anyone could cook and anyone could bake given the basic knowledge .”

Hmm, I hope she’d teach me how to decorate. 😀 But I don’t think I need to be taught on how to enjoy these M & M Blondie Brownies.

I hope you take time to visit these blogs. Happy Monday! 😉


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